Apartments in Miami: What to choose?


Miami is an excellent choice for investing in real estate. Condominiums such as One Thousand Museum are designed to maximize the benefits of the Miami lifestyle. Before you buy that luxurious waterfront condo, you should have a few things on your mind. From choosing an apartment that will match your needs to choosing a proper neighborhood that suits your lifestyle, many things will make the search more challenging. We prepared a useful guide that will help you!

Neighborhoods for different lifestyles

In Miami, you can find many different neighborhoods. All of them can be divided in different ways, so you need to pick the most convenient one. If you are looking for an artsy and trendy place, consider choosing Downtown Miami or Wynwood. The ones looking for a calm neighborhood for family life should search for homes in Kendall, Coconut Grove, and South Miami. South Beach is perfect for young people with dynamic lifestyles, as it has lots of places for going out and partying. 

Brickell is a very popular neighborhood in Miami. There are so many newly built condominiums that attract real estate investors. It offers everything you need to enjoy the luxurious Miami lifestyle. The financial district is perfect for the ones with a dynamic lifestyle, with all the shops and malls within walking distance. The Metromover mall is the ideal place for the ones that love shopping. But, the area doesn’t only offer this. You can visit the science museum, aquarium, or the contemporary art gallery. And let’s not forget that there are plenty of good restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining. Whether you prefer sushi or Italian food, you can indulge in a delicious meal. 

Brickell Heights is a favorite place for the pens that love to walk everywhere. It is graded as the most walkable neighborhood in Miami. It allows you to enjoy the European lifestyle, as you have your job within walking distance. 


Every luxurious apartment in Miami comes with its set of amenities. As a resident, you will get to enjoy their benefits at a monthly premium. As different condos offer different amenities, you should make a smart choice. Choose the amenities that will make your everyday life more convenient. From pool decks, private bar, spa, and restaurant, there are a lot of options available. However, you don’t want to overpay for something that you won’t use. Consider the range of amenities available as an influential factor when picking the right apartment for you. 


Luxurious condos in Miami are designed to maximize the benefits of living by the ocean. They have large and spacious balconies if you prefer to enjoy the ocean breeze and the lovely sight. This allows you to have your own outdoor living space. 

We know that things can get tough during the hurricane season. That’s why you should choose a condo with impact-resistant doors and windows. You won’t have to worry about putting down the shutters when the weather gets bad. The new modern condos are equipped with these hurricane proof windows to protect you, but at the same time, allow you to have a stunning view. 

Renting options

Some will purchase real estate to live in Miami. Others think of it as an excellent investment. The Miami real estate market is continuously growing, so it attracts lots of investors. If you plan to rent out your apartment, be sure to check the regulations first. You might be required to obtain a business license if you want to rent. Or, you will face tourist taxes. Before you invest, make sure that the regulations are something that you can work with.

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