7 Reasons Why Instagram Will Overtake Facebook


Facebook was a revolution in communication when it was launched. But Insta was a true revelation of how powerful social platforms can be. The possibility to share your daily life is by now extended to the max, with the huge impact that Stories caused. And even though Facebook and Instagram belong to one holding, they are different.

Instagram is one of the leading social networks, which becomes more than just an image-sharing app. It is a whole world, where you can buy and sell things, share your thoughts and receive a dose of positive emotions with the help of likes and comments.

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In this article, we have defined seven main reasons why IG will overtake Facebook. Let’s get on with it!

Orientation towards mobile devices

Instagram was designed as a mobile app. And since it’s launch, the platform remains dominant on mobiles. Everything it has is created to make users’ experience online more pleasant, and thus, it makes them stay within the app for a longer time.

The general idea of Insta is to share instant photos you take with your smartphone. And with the development of mobile technologies, the app was evolving too.

Facebook is a platform primarily for communication. It also has the possibility to add photos. But since this social network was a site, you had to have access to your computer where the photos are stored. Then you could upload them. Even though later Facebook also transformed into an app, the moment of glory was lost to Insta. After all, the whole principle of photo-sharing was different for these two platforms.


Instagram Stories are inspired by Snapchat. But this platform was the biggest push to grow this form of activity online. Since the launch of Stories in 2016, it has made a big leap, and now their integration into our daily Internet surfing is seamless. Stories on Insta have introduced us to the technology of augmented reality in all its beauty.

Facebook also has Stories, but yet again, Insta had it first. Besides, FB relies on older people, whereas IG is a perfect social media tool for youth and young adults. Younger generations prefer information in the form of “here and now”, while FB is still regarded as a place for long-reads.

Instagram is more commerce-friendly

IG has proved itself as a great marketplace. The visual key app fits perfectly to promote and sell products of different kinds. These days you can buy many things like:

  • Bakery
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Flowers, etc.

The uniqueness of Instagram is in the fact that it provides equal chances for small brands and big corporations. All you need to launch a business on IG is to have some products and a strategy written down.

In addition to that, the developers of Instagram recently introduced the built-in possibility to purchase products without leaving the platform. This makes the process of selling stuff just easy and pleasant to all parties involved.

Brands love IG

Due to constant modifications of Facebook news feed, it is incredibly hard for brands to target and reach their audience. Instagram is also changing its algorithms and specifics, but it doesn’t affect the existing mechanism of interaction between brand and user. Besides, the visual design of Insta is inviting. It allows you to form a representation of your brand that will be appealing for occasional visitors too. It’s like a lookbook and campaign at the same time.

Improved discovery

Thanks to hashtags, Insta offers a more accurate and vast search for information. On Facebook, this feature is often neglected, while on IG there are five to twenty hashtags that can be related to the post. But recently the mechanism of exploring the content was changed, due to the overloading the system with a lot of hashtags. Now, the explore page of Instagram groups similar hashtags to prevent tons of spam. Thus, the result of the search is improved and users can choose from a bunch of tags the one that is interesting to them.

Messaging within the app

Everybody knows that Facebook has a separate app for texting. It is called Messenger and exists by itself. Many people find this decision not very comfortable, especially people who have older models of devices. Instagram, on the other hand, wins all points with their Direct.

At first, there was no possibility to chat privately on IG, but with the time the necessity for this feature became obvious. As it was stated before, Instagram is now more than just photo-album online. It has created a unique system, that continues to expand. Built-in messaging is faster and more effective for businesses. Young adults, who are the primary users of Insta, are also preferring all-in-one to the separate apps. To them, switching between apps is time-consuming, that has to be eliminated.

Instagram is brighter

Hello again to young adults who are the majority of users on this social platform. Youth prefers vibrant colors, trends, activity, and the whole luna-park entourage. And here we go – only Stories are a carousel of wonders. AR filters are fun! Nothing can beat that! And since everyone can create a mask for Instagram, the joy only grows, because people connect and share positive emotions with each other.

Also, being a visual network, IG is a perfect fit for travel bloggers and artists, especially illustrators, who can share and promote their creations, and find a community for support as well. There are many tags that are made for this purpose, for example, #artistshelpartists, which help younger artists to attract the attention of the potential audience with the help of more experienced colleagues.

Instagram bloggers are often relying on freakishness to increase their rates. Facebook cannot offer that circus due to the specifics of its news feed.

And a short afterword

These are not the only reasons why Facebook slowly loses its positions on the list of social media. The world has changed, and now the mobile apps rule it. Instagram, which is faster, brighter, and more flashy, fit in there much more than a stable newspaper style of FB. IG offers more opportunities for business, making it easier and more fruitful to run. The simple mechanism of Ads also is helping to win this competition.

By 2020, you can share Stories from other apps, like GoPro or Spotify. You can create and have fun with masks. And Instagram continues its work on becoming more and more addictive to its users.

Facebook remains one of the top social platforms, but it seems that they have to make a revolution in their development to make their rating grow back up.

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