Crime watch Sept. 28, 2020: from the SCV Sheriff’s Station field reports

The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station can be reached by calling 661-260-4000.

Ed. note: The following article was compiled from reports recently made available at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station. The reports are preliminary, compiled by deputies who respond to calls for service. There is no arrest information available for these reports.

He’s not loving it 

While a patrol vehicle was stopped at the intersection of Market and Main streets in Newhall, deputies observed a tan Chevy Silverado backed into a parking stall on the west side of Main Street, about 30 feet from the officers, around 10 a.m. Sept. 16.

Deputies reported the tan Silverado quickly peeled out of the parking stall and made a left turn, causing the driver to briefly lose control, as the tires spun uncontrollably. 

The driver continued “recklessly” for about 60 feet down Main Street “without any regard to the safety of other drivers or pedestrians.”

When deputies contacted the suspect, he was apparently contrite, according to the report. 

“I’m sorry, I was just leaving work and I was going to McDonald’s.”

The suspect was cited and released; however, the truck was impounded, per section 23109.2(a)(1) of the California Vehicle Code, according to the report.

Between a rock and a hard display

A victim contacted the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station regarding a business being burglarized in the early morning hours on Sept. 18 on Pico Canyon Road. 

The informant reported that he arrived at the store at approximately 7:15 a.m., and noticed the location had been broken into recently. A display case was vandalized and some costume jewelry was taken.  

Deputies made sure there was no one still in the location when they arrived on the scene, and then took the burglary report, which included video footage.

The footage includes a suspect walking into the frame around 6:14 a.m. “The suspect threw a rock at the front window, and the rock bounced off the glass. The suspect attempted a second time, and the rock again bounced off the glass. The suspect attempted a third time to break the glass with a rock, but the rock did not shatter the front-door window,” according to the report. The suspect then got on the ground and shoved his back into the window and shattered the glass.

Anyone drop a .45?

An informant called the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station on Sept. 11 to report a discovery on Sundowner Way.

The person reported finding a black .45mm semiautomatic firearm on the ground in two pieces, according to the report from the deputy on the scene. The informant believed the firearm to be real.

“I attempted to locate the firearm’s serial number, however the metal plate underneath the lower frame was blank. I contacted the California Department of Justice who issued a serial number for the ghost firearm.” The gun was then transferred into station evidence for the collection of DNA.

No, that’s still not legal

Santa Clarita Valley deputies patrolling near a hillside by the intersection of Rainbow Glen Drive and Rue Crevier in Canyon Country, which they refer to as a location “known to be a high-traffic area for narcotics users,” began a conversation that ended in a brief investigation on Sept. 16.

The deputies reported speaking with the man voluntarily, as the suspect was sitting peacefully near his open tent. 

“In the middle of the conversation, I asked the suspect if he had anything illegal on his person or inside his tent. As he stated, ‘Yes, I do,'” the suspect reached between his legs and grabbed a glass methamphetamine pipe on the ground that reportedly had white residue on it.  

The suspect stated he last smoked meth two days prior. He was arrested, cited and released. The pipe was booked at the station as evidence. 

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