SCV on ‘top 10’ list of safest cities

City of Santa Clarita seal. Courtesy of the City of Santa Clarita.
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Santa Clarita was ranked one of the safest cities in California in 2020, according to

Ranked No. 7 out of the top 25, Santa Clarita was deemed one of the safest cities in regards to public and financial safety by

“We narrowed down the safest cities in each state based on two primary categories. First, we evaluated public safety factors in each area to help determine the safest areas to live. We then evaluated financial and socioeconomic factors. In addition, we evaluated each state for natural disaster safety and public health safety,” according to the safest cities report.

In order to determine public safety, FBI crime reports from 2018 were gathered to collect annual numbers on property crime, violent crime, aggravated assaults, hate crimes, officer-related incidents and mass shootings.

After comparing data from previous years, gave Santa Clarita a score of 85 out of 100 for public safety.

To determine financial safety, socioeconomic data from the 2018 report of the United States Census Bureau is gathered, which includes the city’s unemployment rate, the average cost of living, poverty rate, uninsured residents and internet availability.

For financial safety, Santa Clarita scored 68 out of 100.

Public health and natural disaster reports from the 2014 Insurance Journal Risk of Damage from Natural Hazards and the 2019 America’s Health Rankings were also taken into consideration when determining the overall safety.

The 2020 Safest Cities in California list can be found at

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