2020 NFL Betting Odds: Ranking the Top 5 Most Dangerous Dogs


The unpredictable wins of many dogs in today’s NFL season make the league more exciting compared to the past editions. Last September, the NFL started its regular season, and it immediately became the talk of the town. Although the defending champs, the Kansas City Chiefs, manage to stay on top, most underdogs perform better than the favorite teams.

The NFL is heading to the Week 7 Playoffs, and the fans can now slowly distinguish which group deserves the Lombardi trophy this February. In the past, you can see favorite teams who usually win the title. But today, the storyline changes and teams who used to miss the league playoffs are dominating the tournament.

If you look into the Point Spread, Money Line, and updated NFL futures, the dogs generate the most impressive lines today. If you aim to boost your bankroll as soon as you take part in the betting games, here’s the list of the most undervalued teams who might bag the Super Bowl LV title this year.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson still plays for the Seahawks this season, and it seems he is doing a great job as the team remains undefeated in the said divisional rounds. They are on a  5-0 record, and they might continue the winning streak if they dispatch the Cardinals in the Week 7 match-up.

As one of the biggest dogs this NFL season, the Seahawks is undoubtedly one of the teams to watch out for. This team defeated many favorites in the past, and they might live up to that record in the coming weeks. Who knows, when the league playoffs come, the Seahawks can sweep the matches and head on to the Super Bowls LV finals effortlessly.

Chicago Bears

The NFC North peeps couldn’t be prouder as the Chicago Bears are one of this year’s biggest revelations. After missing the league playoffs last year, they started the regular season today with a bang. They currently have four wins and one loss. In their upcoming match, the Bears will face the Los Angeles Rams.

Usually, the NFC North is dominated by teams like the Green Bay Packer and the Minnesota Vikings. However,  it seems that this year the stars aligned to be in the Bears favor, and they have proven it since the regular season opened. The great connection between Nick Foles and David Montgomery is the one reason why the Bears are leaning towards a brighter NFL road today.

Pittsburgh Steelers

After experiencing a three-year drought in the league playoffs, the Pittsburgh Steelers are making a huge comeback in the NFL today. Not only that, but Ben Roethsliberger’s return has also made the team successful in the AFC North. They are currently undefeated in the divisional rounds garnering five wins and no loss.

They are also a step ahead of Baltimore Ravens, representing the same conference that had tallied one defeat against the Chiefs. In Week 7, the Steelers will have their toughest schedule as they will face another heightened group, the Titans. It is an exciting match as the Titans are another dangerous dog that soared high this year.

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans got Ryan Tannehill as their main quarterback who impressively performed since the 2020 NFL campaign opened. After winning the Comeback Player of the Year in 2019, Tannehill has lived-up to the promise of bringing his team to a better position this year. Fortunately, they are undefeated in the AFC South divisional rounds with a 5-0 record.

Last year, the Titans appeared in the playoffs but failed to inch into the quarterfinals. In their upcoming match, they will wrestle against the Steelers. As stated, these two teams are currently undefeated, and they will take a deciding game in the next few days to see who reigns supreme in the AFC.

Buffalo Bills

After Josh Allen got traded by the Buffalo Bills in 2018, the team has continuously shown an impressive performance in every game they played. Today, they are one of the dogs to look out for. Representing the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills currently hold four wins and two losses in the current NFL season.

Although they appeared in the 2019 playoffs, their weapons are not enough to proceed to the semis. This year, with the combination of Allen, Singletary, and Diggs, the AFC East has the reason to celebrate as this team might make it without any doubt. They will face the Jets in Week 7, which is a bit predictable game.


Whenever the dogs shine on an NFL field, the fans celebrate it most of the time. These teams have proven successfully  that although they are underrated, they can play head-to-head against the favorites. Looking through the journey of the five biggest dogs mentioned above, there is no doubt that one of them can be this year’s Super Bowl LV accomplisher.

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