Robert Lamoureaux | Deck covering and barn door install

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux
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Question No. 1 


I manage a property that has balconies at some units and have discovered that one homeowner has installed indoor/outdoor carpeting onto their decking surface. Is this OK to be put onto the deck? The HOA has spent considerable funds maintaining these decks so we need to keep things in good shape. Please advise, photo attached. 


Answer No. 1 


Decking systems should never have covering placed over them, such as the Astro turf. The coverings allow the water to collect beneath and not dry out properly. When the decking systems are not able to breath it promotes rot and decay to the surface, and can cause substrate failure. I would have anyone with this type of covering or other, including tile, over a decking system remove it from the decks. Hope this makes sense. 


Question No. 2 


I want to do barn doors on a wall that measures approximately 5 feet, 6 inches, so I am limited in space for the sliding feature. Do you have a recommendation on how this can be done? 

Jeff B. 

Answer No. 2 


Sure this can be done using a double-hung bracket that is designed for this purpose. They are readily available at big box stores as well as online, and most can fit a range of openings. They often come with instructions, but you may have to do a little extra research for details. YouTube is quite helpful for how-to videos. It can give you just enough visual information to help the install and function make sense. The double-hung brackets are designed so the door hanging on the outermost position has more clearance, so they hang further out than the first and the wheels still roll on the track perfectly. Note that the doors as well as the hardware can be purchased online and can be good purchases. The doors are often in need of assembly and in these cases I highly recommend the use of carpenter’s glue during assembly, at all of the connection points. This will give you the added strength that will help with stability and longevity especially in a high-use situation. Be prepared that most will need staining or painting, so this will likely be an extra step for you to take care of. Good luck.


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