Robert Lamoureux | Electrician needed for breaker repair work

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux

Question No. 1 


My breaker popped a few days ago. After repeated attempts trying to get it to reset, it is holding. 

I went to the big box stores, and no one had the answer as to what this breaker is. Are you able to help? 

— Rick 

While it was not uncommon in the past to have two different pieces of equipment interfaced into one system, such as a Store Lock breaker panel and a Push Matic breaker, Building and Safety would not let this happen today. This probably is an easy fix, but must be done by a licensed and insured electrician, contracting expert Robert Lamoureux says. Courtesy photo

Answer No. 1 


This is a Push Matic breaker that’s been tied into the Store Lock breaker panel. 

In the day, it was not uncommon to have two different pieces of equipment interfaced into one system like this. It was either originally installed like this, or someone came along and changed this out at some point. 

Today, Building and Safety would not let this happen. All components MUST come from the same manufacturer, and this includes the breakers. 

If the only issue is that the main 100-amp breaker has failed, this will be an easy fix, but it requires a licensed and insured electrician. DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR OWN. The electrician will have to get the power company involved by unlocking the barrel lock from the meter in order to replace the main breaker. 

The Push Matics are still available; it is just a matter of finding the right one, but your contractor will do this. 

Sometimes, there will have been some alterations inside the panel wiring that may need to be redone by the installer. 

While contracting with your electrician, be sure to have him check the overall condition of the panel for safety’s sake. 

Electrical is nothing to play with — let the pros do their jobs. 

Good luck with this project.

— Robert

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