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The greatly outstanding and unique social platform of all is Twitter, without any doubt. By its idea, it resembles communication through SMS, and that brings in mind the minimalism and coolness of the texting Epoque. By 2020, Twitter still is one of the most significant social media to become an influencer – opinion leader for many people. A bunch of prominent people from different industries have their accounts on this network, where they can share interesting thoughts and simply have some fun, exchange experience with many other users. And this is the main advantage that one can have on Twitter – a huge community and endless possibilities for growth. From this article, you will learn how to grow a big audience on Twitter.

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Create Superb Bio

This is an important step that has to be taken at the start of your blogging career. It has to be compact, informative, yet a bit witty and light. These few lines can help any occasion user to formulate a decision if he or she wants to become your follower. Also, don’t forget to add a location to your bio. This feature will help you to grab the attention of the local audience. This option will especially be helpful for business owners, who possess offline stores in a certain region.

Get Verification

This small blue tick is a symbol of status. It kinda indicates to the audience your influence. For instance, it exaggerates your status and makes you look more serious in the eyes of your potential subscribers.

Use Cross-Platform Promotion

A tremendous possibility to boost your numbers on Twitter is to gather a crowd from different platforms that you are occupying! Remind your newcomers on other networks to find you on Twitter as well, so they won’t miss any updates from you there too.

Pinned Tweets

On Twitter, you can hook new subscribers with the help of pinned tweets – the ones that would be attached to the top of your feed. Of course, you should place there one of your brightest posts that can trigger the interest of a potential follower. Don’t forget to alter your pinned tweet from time to time, to keep your feed fresh.

Tweet Consistently

The regularity and frequency of your postings plays a massive role in your growth. You want to keep your schedule of posting prolonged throughout the day. Provide gaps between your tweets, to avoid overloading your followers feeds with your presence. This can drive your audience away, instead of attracting them. Nobody likes flooding, it just looks spammy and unprofessional.

Quote Other Tweets

This is a bit modified version of the common reposting. Quoting on Twitter is basically reposting somebody’s tweet with adding your own comment to it which will appear lower. This option is perfect as an icebreaker to begin a new conversation with other people in your niche.

Make Retweets Of Your Older Posts

With that said, you can give a second breath to your most successful and productive tweets that have demonstrated big engagement results. It will assist to hook the newer audience that could have missed this discussion and might give it a new spiral. Don’t do that too often, though. Such a strategy has to be spontaneous, and rarely utilized, so you can use it as a secret weapon when you are running out of ideas.

Add Right Hashtags

Due to the limitation of symbols ( only 280 by now) you have to be wise in using hashtags on Twitter. Pick the most exact ones, that will call out to the target audience the most. Also, you can generate hashtags that would be specific for your community to have a deeper connection with them. Another interesting activity will be participating in some hashtags that are popular around the platform, like TBT or FF.

Follow Other People

The only advice that can be given here is – don’t make this process automatic. You have to follow people that are exquisite to you, with whom you will eagerly begin conversations and exchange your views. Your true intention will be visible to users, as well as your planning to manipulate the ones that you subscribe to for gaining better numbers.

The Magic Of Tagging

On Twitter, you can address your tweet to a particular person or brand, when you mention them with a “@“ symbol. Why would you desire that? Well, tagging other influencers or brands that are related to your industry, will be quite in handy to get the attention of their followers to you. And, for sure, this is a sort of activity on the platform that will help you to demonstrate your personality, which is also attractive for your target group.


Twitter is a perfect place to have a more intimate and direct dialogue with your audience. You must respond to the replies you get, notice and react to the retweets of your posts, and, of course, engage with your audience by starting discussions and asking questions. Be honest, friendly, and open-minded, so you can get in touch with anyone you wish.

Purchase Promoted Tweets

When you know for sure which tweet of yours is interesting and engaging for the major part of your crowd, you can spend some budget on promoted tweets. This is one of the options that Twitter proposes to users in order to expand their audience. This is a decent tactic to use, although you should be 100% sure that you possess just the right tweet to promote.

Add Visual Materials

Even though Twitter is based on texting, visuals are a significant and strong instrument to use. Humans are relying on their visual perception as a primary one, so you should include relevant pictures, infographics, or videos to your tweets. But don’t be too spammy with that. For your food pics, we have Stories on Instagram!

Check Twitter Analytics

This instrument will help you to comprehend what your audience wants to see and how they react to the behavior that you demonstrate on the arena. According to the data about reach, impressions, and engagement rate, you will be able to adjust your tactic quickly and effectively.

To Be Or Not To Be Witty

Twitter is a home for sarcasm, irony, and humor. Lots of hilarious profiles can be found in the depth of this network. It is for you to decide, will your account be funny or not, but you will have to remember that your style has to be constant. If you choose running a witty page, the majority of your tweets have to correspond to that. Bigger part, but not each one. The same goes for any other style that you choose.

Work On Your Writing Skills

As Twitter is a texting setting, errors in your writing are unforgivable, unless they are made on purpose, to highlight the obstacles or something like that. In any other case, check your texts twice at least, before you post them. Grammar, syntax, and spelling are your best friends now, so it is time to find your old workbooks from college.

Know When To Stop

The limit of characters on Twitter is 280. But it doesn’t imply that you must use every last one. Try to keep your tweets shorter, around 100 characters, hashtags excluded. Minimalism is one of the hot trends on Twitter. However, occasionally you can post long-reads if you want to, and here is a hack for you – add pictures with text, to break the limit of symbols.

Provide The Best Content

High-quality content is what can expand your influence and boost your rates with the best results. So it is your first task to complete – come up with your fairest ideas. Retweet only what can be considered as proven, also top quality content. Maintain your feed free from informational junk and suspicious facts. Open your eyes – the life that surrounds you is filled with ideas for content. You just have to notice it.

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