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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just read Jim Horton’s Oct. 23 rant, “The Climate Change Boogeyman,” and I must say there’s no question of where he’s coming from. But, I question a few of his statements.

  He says that the California state oversight agency finds that California’s forests suffer from neglect and mismanagement. California state oversight agency? Who is that and when did they say what? The Golden State Awareness Foundation said as early as 2014 that global warming poses a great threat to California’s forests, but of course Mr. Horton wishes to find fault elsewhere while calling global warming a “Boogeyman.”

I agree with Mr. Horton on much of what he complains about and some of his suggestions, but to fail to make the connection between climate change, “global warming,” and increased fire danger seems unreasonable.

By the way, the Golden State Awareness Foundation doesn’t exist. I made it up to make the point that misrepresentation is so very easy without fact checks.

Richard Myers

Editor’s note: Thanks for clarifying, Mr. Myers. I was just about to Google that…

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