How to Become an IoT Developer?


It is expected that by 2021, 20 billion IoT devices will be produced in the world. This means that the industry of IoT is booming. Today, we can see that connected vehicles, homes, and offices are mainstream, and as a result, the demand for IoT programmers is also rapidly growing. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what an IoT developer does and provide you with some tips on how to become an expert in this niche.

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Who Is an IoT Developer?

Let’s analyze the scope of work IoT developers usually do. Firstly, you have to remember that IoT projects are usually carried by the following professionals:

  • The network experts, responsible for connectivity;
  • The data analysts;
  • The experts that are responsible for building software, hardware, platforms, etc.

IoT programmers belong to the third category. Their responsibilities usually vary depending on the niche. However, their duties may also include coding, designing, and testing.

What Should You Do to Become an IoT Programmer?

Let’s review some of the main tips that will surely help you become a professional IoT coder.

You must have a deep understanding of wireless communication

If your overriding purpose is to break into a career-building IoT devices, you have to understand how sensors and wireless communication work. It would be better if you have a background in electrical engineering and computer science. Besides, you have to be naturally curious about the sensors and the world.

You must have some key skills

IoT programmers must have interpersonal and practical skills to do their job effectively. Simply put, you must have an understanding of many software and hardware systems. You must know at least one coding language. On top of that, you should also be familiar with some data analytics practices.

IoT programmers have well-developed verbal and written communication skills and understand how to present their work in the most effective way. Besides, you should also work on building solid leadership skills.

Learn Python or JavaScript

Experts in this niche recommend learning JavaScript before beginning a career as an IoT programmer. The thing is that JavaScript is an event-driven language. Therefore, it’s a perfect solution for reacting to new data from various devices and triggering actions on these devices.

Pursue the necessary training

IoT programmers are required to have at least an undergraduate degree. This allows them to get an entry-level position. If you have a background in programming, engineering, or computer science, you can easily turn into an IoT programmer. But if you don’t have this background, you have to pursue the necessary training.

But if you want to be an expert in this niche, you have to pursue a master’s degree in cyber-physical systems. You’ll learn the specific aspect of IoT work and understand what tools are needed to build powerful IoT apps.

Learn how to use Raspberry Pi

If you don’t have a degree in computer science, but you do want to be a professional IoT developer, you have to learn how to use Raspberry Pi. It’s an inexpensive small computer that is widely used for building IoT projects. Such devices allow you to learn how to solder together circuits and link them with software.  In other words, you’ll learn how to build simple demo projects and understand how hardware ticks. Overall, it’s a superb way to show that you understand how to deal with IoT.

Find a community of like-minded people

Join the community of IoT programmers. That’s a superb tool to explore this theme inside out. Overall, you’ll see how experts in this niche work. The main goal of such communities is to support IoT developers. Experts in this area share their valuable piece of advice and you, as a newbie in IoT development, can learn the basics.

Overall, following all these tips, you’ll surely become a true expert in this area and will undoubtedly start building a career in this area! But remember that becoming an IoT coder means being obsessed with technology. You have to monitor this industry, learn the news and new trends.

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