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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It was disturbing to see photos surface of Rep. Mike Garcia in chummy conversations with (protesters) outside the Capitol on Jan. 6. And despite the violence that occurred that day and the loss of five lives including a Capitol Police officer, he still voted, after the violent siege, to not invoke the 25th Amendment or impeach a president who had no small roll in inciting this. And during the impeachment hearings, who did he consult with and spend time with inside the House chambers? None other than Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

And then there’s the most noxious action of all taken by this new congressman: voting to challenge the Nov. 3 election (Electoral College votes), implying massive voter fraud. If he truly believes this, I challenge him and the GOP who voted with him to resign their seats because many of them appeared on these same ballots and were duly elected. If Joe Biden’s election was a fraud, surely his was as well. So do the right thing and resign your seat, Mike! 

And if Mike Garcia backtracks and says he thinks the election was held fairly, then his vote proves he was trying to undermine our free democratic election, which makes him an enemy of our Constitution and the United States. 

If this is still America, we don’t provide comfort to traitors and seditionists. 

Ariel Penn

Canyon Country

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