Sebastian Cruz Couture: The Making Of A Luxury Brand from Pocket Squares to Debonair Head-to-Toe Suits

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There is no doubt scaling a business to the heights of success is a rare skill. When it comes to the luxury fashion industry, the number of options can be overwhelming with a limited customer base. It is becoming increasingly difficult for a new brand to stand up and rise. Sebastian Cruz Couture is one such success story, and what started with just a few pieces of pocket squares is today one of the world’s most sought after designer luxury brand.

Sebastian Cruz Couture is an American luxury fashion endeavor by Cesar and Natasha Cruz, entrepreneurs and stylists by profession themselves. The brand has created hundreds of trend-setting designs and styles that are donned by celebrities globally. In their own words, “The right suit can provide the confidence our clients need, and their brand experience determines how we build a long-lasting relationship with each one of them.”

The brand offers a variety of garments, shoes, and accessories with exclusive collections made using authentic French and Italian fabrics. Their statement pieces can be seen in as many as 15 weddings all around the world every day, with many looks going viral on social media as well. Cruz explains, “The look and feel of every piece we create are made keeping our clients’ preferences in mind. Our hustle is rooted in their comfort.”

The concept started in 2013 when the couple noticed a gap in the market for high-quality pocket squares. They began with merely seven designs and a handful of clients. When the demand for suits came in, the brand welcomed it with their first launch in 2017 with a dinner jacket. What makes the brand one-of-a-kind is their passion for ensuring their loyal customers never go disappointed. The team recognizes any and every demand without compromising on the creative process, and they are firm believers of ‘quality over quantity’.

Sebastian Cruz Couture has been the birthplace of countless trend-setting designs and styles in menswear fashion and regular releases despite challenges such as the recent pandemic. They have maintained a profit margin while giving their clients what they want and have worked tirelessly to ensure that each item is handcrafted to perfection. Through their head-to-toe looks, the brand educates, inspires, and empowers people on the importance of dressing well.

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