A New Era of Balanced PvP

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A Manner of Perspective

Discussing the balancing of classes can be a difficult thing since there are different perspectives on the matter. For instance, squishy classes like casters argue that in the current build of the game, it is impossible to survive against certain classes that possess controlling abilities with long duration. We’re talking stuns, silences, and all that good stuff. Imagine you’re a mage in an arena. You might get silenced for 8 seconds, and before that effect wears off, you’ll get rooted too. That’ll leave you absolutely helpless. So, at this current state, no one can really say that PvP is truly balanced. However, and this is important, the developers are listening to what the community has to say, making the necessary improvements based on this feedback.

Every expansion carries a certain playstyle. Some were good and some not so good. What’s common, though, is the launching theme. When classes come out of the gates, pretty busted. So far, we see many classes that weren’t good before perform pretty well in Shadowlands. And this makes PvP today so interesting. That’s not to say that every class feels how it should. However, overall it’s a very refreshing feeling. That said, at the start of each expansion, there’s always a huge wave of nerfs. At launch, everyone’s gear was nowhere near where it is right now. The versatility was also lower, and the health pools were just smaller. The damage was going to increase, but not at the rate at which the health would increase. That’s the reason why casters scale so well towards the end of the expansion, and melee classes generally perform better towards the beginning of the expansion. So, it is only natural to want some classes to be subjected to having nerfed or buffed, but there has to be an understanding that the meta itself will naturally change with gearing. 

Fun as the Main Priority for Balancing

There are more viable classes today than there are underwhelming ones. That said, there’s really no point bringing down over-performing classes or buffing underperforming ones at such an early stage of the expansion’s life cycle. And Blizzard understands that, which is why we haven’t really since super big changes to classes in PvP. Only minor adjustments have been made to some of the less popular specializations. Ideally, every class should feel strong and fun to play. You want to feel like your abilities make an impact. The fun has to be the priority in any game for it to be successful. Admittedly, the bursting abilities are kind of over the top right now. But this doesn’t mean it would benefit the game in the long run if the devs were to listen to the many cries on the forums about the random battleground’s performance. You can’t think about WoW PvP in black and white. You’d hate to see your main being bonked by the nerf hammer because someone said: “screw it, I wish this class gets nerfed.” When you put in dozens of hours into that class, and then it just becomes worthless for the rest of the expansion, that’s not a good feeling. So, be open-minded and try to adjust to the current meta!

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