Crews grade site for construction on Dockweiler project

Grading continues on the site at the corner of Dockweiler Drive and Sierra Highway in Santa Clarita on Thursday, 020421. Dan Watson/The Signal

Work to build more than 90 single-family homes across a 19-acre site in Newhall is now underway, according to city of Santa Clarita officials. 

Crews were seen Thursday afternoon continuing with the grading of the site, located at the southwest corner of Dockweiler Drive and Sierra Highway, to prepare the land for construction. 

“If you go by (the site), you’ll see that grading is now underway,” city planner Mike Ascione said Monday. 

The project consists of developing 93 detached single-family condominiums with an on-site recreation center. Although the units will be detached, technically they will be considered condominiums, in which the buyers will own the residential space but not the actual structure. 

Homes would be arranged along single- or double-loaded streets connected to Dockweiler Drive — the site’s only exit. All homes would be two stories in height, with floor areas ranging from 2,050 to 2,450 square feet. Floor plans include three or four bedrooms, plus options for additional bedrooms or lofts, dens, studies or retreat areas. Architectural styles include Spanish, craftsman and farmhouse, with decorative block walls and white vinyl fencing between units. The landscape will include manufactured slopes, an entry monument, some trees and vegetation and a 10-foot pedestrian trail/sidewalk along Sierra Highway and Dockweiler Drive, according to the project description.

Courtesy of city of Santa Clarita

Each unit will have a two-car garage, a covered front porch and a concrete driveway. Nearly 80 of the 93 units will provide driveways that can fit up to two vehicles in front of the garage. Throughout the development, 50 guest parking spaces will also be included. 

The 1,210-square-foot recreation area, located near the center of the site, is set to include a meeting room and restroom, an outdoor swimming pool and spa, an outdoor fire pit and barbecues, and a 360-square-foot building for the pool equipment and outdoor showers. 

The Interstate 14 Freeway weaves in the distance and homes on Oakleaf Canyon Drive can be seen on the right as grading continues on the Dockweiler project in Santa Clarita on Thursday, 020421. Dan Watson/The Signal

Grading that has recently been taking place is part of the overall plan to adjust nearly 430,000 cubic yards of cut, more than 430,000 cubic yards of fill and 4,600 cubic yards of on-site borrow that will come from on-site spoils, according to city officials. 

Planning commissioners approved the project in early-December 2019 after some changes over the years by the developer, Dockweiler 21 LLC, such as reducing the project size from 213 residential units across 113 acres to 93 condos. 

Developers did not return requests for comment, but city planner Ascione said vertical construction of the project is expected by summer, soon after grading is completed. 

“We haven’t received a hard date from the contractor as to when vertical construction will start other than saying that it should be within the next couple of months. So, I would anticipate summer,” he said. 

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