How Can California Benefit From Sports Betting


Across the United States there has been a massive wave of pro-sports betting legalization. While it has always been allowed in some capacity in Las Vegas, 2018 was the first time many states were finally allowed to dive into this enterprise. Over the last two years, we have been able to sit back and watch the industry blossom in states like New Mexico and New Jersey, and we have to wonder if it would be beneficial to California as well.

Sports betting has proven to be a lucrative industry in states across the US, even those that don’t have professional sports teams, like Iowa where there are 8 brands to consider. Without local teams to support, these areas still enjoy betting on professional sports and the sports betting industry is doing quite well there. Now that we’ve seen how legalized sports betting can be beneficial, is it time to consider bringing this budding industry to California?

California Is Looking For New Opportunities

It has been well documented that, over the past decade, major corporations have been leaving the state for greener pastures. The list includes very well-known and recognizable names like HP, Oracle, Tesla, Palantir and many more. Reasons for this mass exodus revolve around rising taxes and other unfavorable factors.

As these jobs go, waves of young professionals are leaving as well. However, it’s easy to speculate that there is a lot of room in California for new industries to take root here and we can expect some new businesses to move in. Presumably, California will also start offering incentives to bring in more businesses.

As the sports betting industry is already heavily involved in online technology as it is, it would fit in well to the Silicon Valley district and other areas in Los Angeles and San Diego. Here there are numerous professionals that understand websites, mobile apps, and promoting new industries. On the surface this seems like a match made in heaven.

Sports Betting is a Promising New Industry

The sports betting industry is easily one of the fastest growing in the United States and globally. In the US, the total revenue for the sports betting industry in 2020 was estimated to be around $1.5 billion, although it is predicted to reach $81 billion by 2030. This is impressive growth to say the least, and with it come many new businesses and jobs in every state where it is legalized.

With all things considered, California should be welcoming any new and promising industry that has been proven to work. In theory, there does not seem to be much downside. As the rest of the country moves to adopt this new industry, it would seem that California is next in line, even if there are some legal hurdles to face first.

Progress in the state to push into legalized sports betting has been a slow affair, but there are some signs that it may finally be happening. It has been a popular topic of discussion in recent years, and the benefits are becoming undeniable. California has a population that is nearing 40 million and growing year after year. Any industry that promises stable and dependable growth to match this population explosion should be considered. When we look at the data, it’s clear that other states in the US have benefited from legalized sports betting.

Here’s How These States Benefited

In the various states across the country where sports betting is legal, we’ve seen some impressive figures behind this industry that should entice all other states that are sitting on the sidelines. Of course, states with a bigger population have seen more revenue than smaller states, but overall it has been very consistent.

Here are some examples that illustrate the possible revenue a massive state like California can expect. In January of 2020 alone, Nevada posted nearly $20 million in revenue from sports betting. New Jersey reported an impressive $53.6 million. Pennsylvania reported $31.6 million. These figures are on a recurring basis. For a state like California that is much larger than neighboring states, the potential is certainly there.

This could mean hundreds of millions of dollars annually in tax revenue for the state, as well as thousands of new jobs. Even still, there are some that oppose this new industry. While there will certainly be some resistance before measures are finally passed to legalize sports betting in California, it is unlikely that the state will hold out for long. As states like New Jersey continuously reap the benefits, it is likely that any holdout states will eventually join in to get their piece of this promising new industry.

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