UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer inactivates COVID-19 virus in 5 minutes

A look at the UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer used to disinfect an operating room at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. PHOTO COURTESY ULTRAVIOLET DEVICES INC.
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UltraViolet Devices Inc. announced its UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer achieved greater than 99.99% inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 in five minutes at a distance of 12 feet.

Testing on the coronavirus strain was conducted by Innovative Bioanalysis, a biosafety level 3 certified laboratory in California. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has indicated that the COVID-19 disease can be spread by both surface and airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

“Building on our deep science-based evidence demonstrating the UVDI-360’s effectiveness against high-risk pathogens, including coronaviruses, we feel the health care professionals we serve globally deserve proof against the specific SARS-CoV-2 viral strain causing COVID-19,” Dr. Ashish Mathur, vice president of innovation and technology at UVDI, said in a prepared statement.

The testing parameters were selected to be indicative of rapid whole room disinfection in hospitals. 

The UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer has previously been proven to help prevent health care-associated infections and inactivate more than 35 pathogens, including human coronavirus (229E), in more than 10 peer-reviewed published clinical studies and independent laboratory testing.

“We hope this important testing can lend confidence and comfort to health care professionals working bravely and tirelessly to beat COVID-19,” UVDI CEO Peter Veloz said in the statement. “Specific to use in hospitals for whole-room disinfection, we believe that proving rapid inactivation of pathogens at distances of 8 feet and 12 feet is the best marker for in-facility performance. Independent confirmation of effectiveness against high-risk pathogens is a common-sense, yet critical step to verify disinfecting claims for UV devices.”

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