National Charity League forms SCV chapter


National Charity League Inc., a mother-daughter nonprofit organization, announced the formation of the Santa Clarita Valley chapter, the 284th in the nation.

This chapter, combined with the existing chapters, brings the total number of NCL members in Southern California to more than 16,800, who since June 2020 have contributed more than 303,000 hours to their local communities, according to NCI officials.

In addition to participating in national philanthropic initiatives, the chapter’s inaugural members are expected to have the opportunity to choose which local organizations they will support through hands-on volunteer service hours.

Daughters in seventh through 12th grade, known as “Ticktockers,” and their mothers, known as “Patronesses,” are set to embark together on a core program focused on philanthropy, strengthening mother-daughter relationships, cultural experiences and leadership opportunities.

“I have wanted to join NCL with my daughter for many years, and unfortunately, until now, there wasn’t a chapter here in the Santa Clarita Valley,” Tara Meaney, chapter president, said in a prepared statement. “I am honored to be one of the founding members, and I am extremely thankful for the other women who jumped in with me to make this chapter a reality. It is very exciting to think of the impact we will make in our community. I look forward to seeing how our chapter will grow, and I have great hope that it will become a program that mothers and daughters will want to do together for many years to come.”

The SCV chapter of the NCL is open to mothers and daughters who reside in the SCV. For more information, contact the vice president of membership at [email protected] 

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