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Stanstead College is a small school with a warm, family atmosphere, founded in 1872. The institution is accredited by the Association of Independent Schools of Canada (CAIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges of America (NEASC). In total, the school has 220 students, 80 are foreign students.

The school pays great attention to sports. The main sport here is ice hockey, which is played by both boys and girls. The school’s hockey team is a member of the Junior North American Hockey League. The college has its own hockey arena, and many graduates of the Stanstead College hockey school pursue professional sports careers.

Stanstead College carries out international student exchange programs with schools in countries such as Germany, Australia, South Africa, India, etc. Schoolchildren are actively involved in volunteer and charitable activities.

On weekends, there are college picnics and field trips for students. The college regularly organizes a range of cultural and recreational activities, including the annual Winter Carnival, theater and open-air shows.

Excellent conditions have been created for students to realize their creative potential. After lessons, children can attend clubs and hobby groups, including an art and theater studio, a school choir, a jazz band, a film club, a chess section, etc. On weekends, there are college picnics and field trips for the kids. The college organizes a number of cultural and recreational activities throughout the year, including the annual Winter Carnival, theatrical performances and shows. It is worth noting that students who play musical instruments are encouraged to participate in concerts given by the local Newport Area Community Orchestra. 

Study programs at Stanstead College

Stanstead College is renowned for its high academic standards and quality of instruction, delivered by 30 highly qualified and dedicated faculty members. The learning process here is based on a trimester system.

Junior and high school (Grades 7 – 12). In 7-11 years of study, students study English and French, mathematics, chemistry, physics, etc. After successfully completing 11 years of study, students receive an A Quebec Secondary School Diploma.

Advanced Placement (AP) – a program of in-depth study of subjects for admission to the university. Students can take this program at the same time as the main program, starting from the 11th year of study. Credits under the AP program are credited to the 1st year of the university, which greatly simplifies admission to the university.

Preparation for entering the university. The school has a team of teachers who help high school students to determine the direction of their careers and prepare for entering the university (preparing for the ACT or SAT exams, participating in university fairs, filling out the relevant applications, etc.).

English as a Second Language (ESL) – a program of up to 1 year for students aged 14-16 who want to improve their English language skills. ESL is especially popular with international students, who wish to increase their communication skills and overcome language barriers to make studying more comfortable.

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