Take Precaution by Conducting Test and Tag Routine

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Electricity is a good master but a poor servant. Electricity helps us to get things done easily and conveniently. We must always take caution to avoid hazards at home or workplaces. The primary requirement for all electrical appliances is test and tag.

Do you know what test and tag mean?

This is the process of inspecting a portable electrical appliance for safety and suitability for personal use. Imagine receiving a machine from regular servicing and shortly receiving news that the same device almost caused untold damage and injuries. Such an occurrence would cause a loss in the form of repairs and worker compensation.

To avoid such hazards, every employer should conduct a regular test and tag inspection on all electrical appliances that workers operate.

Here is why you need test and tag

Every business needs to comply with the laid-out safety regulations. These regulations protect the employees from hazards and also the employer in case of an electrical-related accident.

Conducting a timely test and tag routine in the workplace gives insight into areas that need repair and servicing. Prior compliance to test and tag requirements in nz helps a business protect workers and the employer alike because the employer is liable if a faulty electrical device a worker is injured.

What are some of the appliances that require test and tag?

Almost every portable electrical appliance needs a test and tag.  The rule of thumb is if you plug it in, it qualifies for test and tag. Therefore the following appliances are candidates for test and tag: battery chargers, power tools, polishers, extension leads, floodlights and more.

Even appliances such as portable safety switches and plug-in adaptors qualify for test and tag, even though they do not come with a flexible supply lead.

Appliances with a flexible supply lead and connect to power point need to test and tag as much as they are in a fixed location.

Additionally, residual current device-RCDs, otherwise known as safety matches installed in power board or fixed locations such as switchboards need test and tag.

Who qualifies to test and tag?

Test and tag requirements need anyone who has competently undergone a test and tag training. The person should also keep updating themselves with the current changes and acceptable standards relevant in their locality.

Check the following to see if you need test and tag services

The following industries must conduct test and tag as a mandatory safety regulation: construction, mining, demolition must have their electrical appliances tested and tagged every three months. These kinds of industries continually run machines that are liable to constant tear and wear. As such, the appliances are a constant safety hazard.

Depending on the region where a business is situated, most business owners must conduct a test and tag routine to ensure workplace safety. If neglected, the employer may incur a massive loss in case of an accident.

Why wait until a hazard befalls your enterprise? Contact a test and tag qualified professional near you, and have a routine check-up on your premises.

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