17 Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Income on the Side

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Teachers are often overworked and underappreciated. With the world currently in a panic over the pandemic, school systems, schedules, and procedures are being drastically changed. This is putting teachers under more stress than ever before, and many are having to seek out a second source of money just to keep up with the chaos of life. But fortunately, there are some easy ways for teachers to make extra income online.

Below are 17 of our favorite and most popular ways for teachers to make more money without getting completely burned out from working two different jobs!

1.  Become an Online Tutor

If you’re passionate about teaching, why not make that part of your second job, too? You can use online tutoring websites like VIPKID, which will connect you with students all over the world. You can set your own schedule and choose a rate that works best for you.

2. Find and Resell Antiques

There’s an entire industry behind “picking”, which is the process of finding old vintage treasures and antiques that could be worth a lot of money today. Become a vendor at your local antique store or find a market where you can resell your finds for some decent side cash!

3. Try Virtual Assistance

If you’re stuck at home when you aren’t teaching, then you will most likely need an online job. One of the best ways for teachers to make extra income is to become a virtual assistant online. This is just like being a secretary in an office but from the comfort of your own home.

4. Write For a Website

You are a teacher, so obviously you are highly intelligent and good with words. There are plenty of educational websites out there that will gladly accept articles or curricula you write.

5. Become a Product Tester

Do you use lots of products as a part of your morning routine? If so, you might be interested in testing some products for some side money. Sites like UserTesting can set you up with products you’ll love and you can provide feedback in exchange for money and rewards.

6. Write a Book

You can become a self-published wonder by writing your own eBook! If you enjoy writing and you have always wanted to create something of your own, why not use this opportunity to start writing for yourself. You can publish your book on Amazon or other self-publishing sites and set your own fees for a profit.

7. Become a Delivery Driver

Is your car in decent shape? If you don’t mind driving around, you can become a delivery driver and help your local community receive food and groceries. Use your car to deliver orders right to customers’ front doors. DoorDash and Postmates are a couple of popular options.

8. Sell Lesson Plans

You have probably created some pretty great lesson plans over the course of your teaching career. Even if you aren’t currently using them anymore, you can still keep them alive by selling them to other teachers. Lesson plans are the gift that keeps on giving, and sites like Teachers Pay Teachers can connect you with other teaching pros who would like to see your work.

9. Sell Unwanted Items

If you have a bit more downtime now because of the Coronavirus pandemic, why not take the time to sort through your storage and get rid of unwanted things? Not only is de-cluttering the home a cathartic experience, but you can sell all of that extra stuff and turn that clutter into cash.

10. Create and Sell Stock Photos

Have you ever been to a website like Adobe Stock, iStock, or Dreamstime? These are stock image websites where you can pay for photos to use for business or personal purposes. You can sell stock photos for others to use by picking up the camera and taking some of your own!

11. Sign Up with a Temp Agency

If you’re out of ideas for a second job, it’s okay to reach out to the professionals for help. Temp agencies will get to know all about you, your talents, and your experience, and they will use that to match you with a job opportunity that fits you well.

12. Become a Virtual Teacher

Much like tutoring online, you can also continue teaching your regular classes and lesson plans online. Teachers who want to know how to earn money at home online will often find opportunities to keep flexing their teaching skills even when outside of the classroom.

13. Go Shopping and Get Paid

No matter how busy you are as a teacher, there is always time to shop. Many websites like Instacart or Shipt will pay you to go shopping for others. There may be those in your neighborhood who can’t get to the store by themselves and will pay for you to shop for them.

14. Try Your Hand at Handywork

If you enjoy being outside and you don’t mind a little bit of physical labor, you can offer your gardening and lawn mowing services to your neighbors. Post an ad on Craigslist or get your friends to share by word of mouth that you are willing to help out around the yard for a few extra bucks.

15. Make a Profitable Website

One of the best ways for teachers to make extra income – or anyone, for that matter – is to create your own website that you can then turn into a source of passive profit. Find a niche and create a website that targets that niche. Whether that involves selling products or providing a service, there are always ways to make good money online.

16. Start a Babysitting Service

Whether or not you’ve got your own kids to take care of at home, you can take advantage of this at-home time and provide a service for all the other parents in the area. You can be a nanny or even a dog sitter and make a decent income doing it!

17. Be a Social Media Manager

Do you know your way around Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Do you like using lots of hashtags and making great graphics to go on your posts? If so, you can become a social media manager for plenty of brands and small companies out there who need someone like you to expand their presence.

Make the Money You Deserve!

Being a teacher is not an easy job. This is especially true during a global pandemic when most schools are shut down entirely. These days, your best bet at making extra money is to look online for good ways for teachers to make extra income. With some time and research, you’ll find something that gives you some side money while you wait for the school year to return back to normal. Good luck!

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