Three of the Most Popular Types of Websites You Can Create


 Most of us do not use the internet to its full potential. While we may spread ourselves across a selection of social media accounts, it seems safe to say that the ‘average’ internet users among us manage to keep themselves to themselves online – at least for the most part.

This seems a shame, not only in light of the fact that the internet offers a near-limitless platform for anyone with even a modicum of creativity in their bones, but also when we consider quite how much so many of us have to offer the wider world, beyond our usual circle of friends, co-workers and acquaintances.

In reality, there exists a wide world of opportunity for every one of us to explore the creative freedoms allowed to those online, and to claim for ourselves a small corner of the burgeoning world wide web to celebrate our skills and abilities, make money, or simply meet and communicate with new and old friends.

With that in mind, we have put together a list of some of the best platforms you have at your disposal. It is worth mentioning that the hugely popular website builder Wix offers a far more comprehensive breakdown of the most popular types of websites their users create, based upon just a selection of the many templates they offer to individuals and businesses alike.

1.     A Digital Portfolio

These days, if they want to make money from their talents, artists have to grapple with the sometimes-tricky business of self-promotion.

Whether you call it singing your own praises, tooting your own horn, or self-aggrandizement, the truth is that, without a game plan in place, it is all too easy for the artists of the world to feel, well, a little big-headed in their pursuit of visibility.

The trouble is, it is entirely necessary, and the only way to get that all-important visibility that will single-handedly bring in enough business for them to turn their work into a reliable stream of income.

The trick lies in the artist’s ability to create a professional and high-quality platform on which they are able to showcase their work, and communicate with potential clients. By building a website around their work, they can make it far more official than, say, merely maintaining a social media page showcasing their latest pieces.

The difference is significant, and will enable the artist to pursue personal branding in a far more professional and credible way. 

2.     An E-Commerce Site

E-commerce refers to any purchases or sales made online, rather than in, say, a physical, in-person store. In all likelihood, anyone reading this article will have partaken in e-commerce many times already, and those on both sides of the fence (whether buying or selling) can all agree quite how lucrative, convenient, and beneficial it is.

Still, it remains a common misconception that e-commerce sites (that is, sites equipped to handle every stage of the order, from adding items to a digital basket to completing the checkout, processing payments, and relaying information to a packer) are only for big corporations and businesses with the means to create complex, bespoke systems.

This could not be further from the truth, and smaller operations (or even one-person shows) needn’t feel limited to the parameters (and fees) instated within a digital marketplace in order to take and fulfil orders.

Anyone with a product to sell, and the drive to handle it on their own terms, can create a unique and high quality e-commerce site for themselves.

3.     A Personal Blog

The blog has been a mainstay of the internet since the very early days, with people from around the world taking to their keyboards each and every week in order to bring interesting written content to their readers. They represent a highly lucrative side-line that enables writers to explore the topics that interest them the most – and, with enough perseverance and growth, maybe even a full time job.

Some people still feel as though you have to sign up to a blogging site, and attempt to attract readers via a pretty limited profile. These days, however, with website builders making the process of creating a unique site so simple, creating your own, independent blog and styling it according to your tastes is entirely possible.

Then, the only thing that’s left to do is write a captivating blog post – and then another, and another, and so on…

As we mentioned above, there exists a near-endless list of opportunities for you to utilise the internet to great effect. As a creative medium it offers unparalleled potential for anyone with the motivation and commitment to make a solid go of it, and the results can prove highly rewarding. Whether you want to begin your own online business selling products beyond the limitations of an online marketplace, or simply connect with likeminded people on topics that you hold dear to your heart, creating a website is always the best place to start.

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