YouTube as a Marketing Tool: How to Convert Subscribers into Customers?


When you create a profile on social media like YouTube for your business there are a lot of factors that you must count in. Creating the right tactics to battle for each 1000 YouTube subscribers also has to be combined with prospecting how many of them will become your customers. This number is hard to predict accurately, but fortunately, there are ways to increase your chances in that area. Luckily, you have found this article, which will explain to you how to turn your YouTube subscribers into actual buyers.

Increase The Number Of Your Subscribers

To boost the rate of subscribers to customers, you should go for a bigger number of subs in general. This naturally increases the percentage of people who got interested in your product right away. So here are five efficient ways to gain more subscribers on YouTube:

The consistent uploading. Social media users prefer regular appearance of new content. Having a tights schedule gives you a more powerful online presence, more views and likes, hence pushing your ranking higher. The ultimate goal is to produce content twice or three times a week, but one video per week is also a fine option if you don’t have much time and resources. 

Create a trailer for your channel. Trailer is basically a video that sums up what kind of content you have here. It appears on the main page of your channel, and usually launches automatically. This is not a necessary feature, so you can change this setting to your liking. Trailer has to contain sneak peeks to the best videos you have uploaded. Yes – it is not a short presentation of your product. This is a presentation, greeting card for your channel, so make sure it isn’t too “salesy”. 

Boost your engagement. This is one of your significant activities to attract more subscribers to your channel on YouTube. Communication and interaction with your viewers increases their loyalty and interest in your product. So host contests and lotteries, play games, maintain small talk and discussions not only about your product, but at least about the industry that you occupy. The sense of all that is to bond with your audience and win their preference. In times of huge competition in most niches, bonding with your potential customers is a must to make sales.

Know your audience

Again, the competition is enormous, so you have to research well who is your target audience. And this is a deeper research than just their average age, their gender, or profession, although these basics matter a lot. To make a winning content, you have to examine what your target group likes to see on social media. What are their preferences? What trends they follow, and what influencers are attracting their attention? What memes they laugh about? Which length of the video is preferable for them? And many other similar questions. Explore the matter deeper than the YouTube Trends page, and you will get the basic formula for your content. Don’t forget to update your knowledge, as new trends come and go very quickly on social platforms. 

Think creative. Today’s competition applies the need for more efforts in promotion than just showcasing your products. To impress viewers and motivate them to subscribe, you should offer something original to them. First of all, you should widen your topic range. Take your followers behind-the-scenes, or go for unusual and artistic ideas in your content. Your goal here is to hook the attention of your viewers and make them want to keep track on your videos. People love high-quality, educating, witty and original content, so there are lots of possibilities for you here. 

Those were some tips that can increase the number of subscribers on your channel. When this task is complete, it is time to think how you actually convert them to your paying customers. Although previous points can still bring you new deals, attracting users to your channel is not enough. Your task is to motivate them to buy. 

On YouTube directly, you cannot sell products. So you must push your subscribers to visit your site and purchase something. In other words, you have to gain traffic from YouTube to the website with a possibility to buy your products. 

Provide An Easy Access To Your Website

Put your link everywhere it is possible, but try to be subtle in that matter. There are many opportunities to expose the link without poking users in the eye. 

  • Use description under your videos to connect the topic of the content with your product on site.
  • Put the links into end screens
  • Use link shorteners if your website link is too big. Short links look more accurate in the context, hence more attractive to users’ eyes. 
  • Add the link to the website to the main page of your channel and branded designs like channel cover image.

Propose Exclusive Offers 

One of the methods to make people visit your site for a purchase is to give them a specific reason to do that. Bribe your subscribers with a special promo code that gives a nice discount. Make it limited in time, so the process of buying is faster. Of course, some people will neglect this opportunity, but many people would be happy to use your discount, given your strategy in promotion was targeted for the right target audience. 

Use Influencer Marketing Strategy

One of the best promotion features that can be used on social media, is the power of influencer marketing. You can promote your product with the help of popular media personalities who already have an established audience and can impact people with their opinions. 

The clue for you as a business owner on YouTube is to find influencers who match for your target group and who have enough power to make a difference. 

Also, before you reach out to certain influencers on YouTube, watch after them for a while. See how they interact with their subscribers, how much response they get and what advertising maneuvers they are using in their promo deals. 

Collect And Use For Promotion User-Generated Content

Along with influencers, who can also push users to your website, you can encourage your subscribers to buy your products, as you publish real feedback from your buyers. For example, you can offer your customers to share their feedback with photos and videos (e.g. popular format of unpacking) in exchange for a discount on the next purchase, or special offers from your partners and so on. You can make it a contest, or let users simply show their creativity. The goal here is to expose as much genuine “non-promotional” content as possible, so your potential clients can see your product in dynamic.


Turning your subscribers into paying customers begins from gaining subscribers on your channel. The vital factor for that is not just to imply the most thoughtful and proven strategy for promotion, but top-quality content that will attract users simply with its existence. Also, monitor the trends in YouTube and popular influencers who can come in great help for your promotion with their personal impact. Also be ready for constant analyzing and swift adjustments as you go.

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