5 Hidden ways To Save You Money on Bathroom Renovation


Bathrooms are among the most used areas of the house that would call for regular renovation. A complete bathroom remodels may not be as cheap as many people think. However, because of their smaller area, it is easier to cut down on the renovation cost. In the process of remodeling, you’ll make several decisions, each of which will save you money. Here is a detailed guideline on how you can save money during a bathroom renovation.

  1. Have proper planning

Adequate planning is a recipe for a successful renovation process. It will help you avoid unnecessary delays that come with a lack of preparation. Taking time to evaluate the budget may help you eliminate unnecessary budget-breaking purchases. Make few considerations before embarking on the process. Be sure to meet the needs of users and what you wish to have in your bathroom.

2. Consider Refinishing Instead of Replacing

Nothing saves your money during your small bathroom remodel than refinishing the plumbing fixtures. With proper bathtub refinishing, you can achieve a beautiful scene instead of entirely replacing it. And this will save you money in the process. You can also consider painting the cabinet of your bathroom. It will not only save your cash but also makes environmental sense.

3. Adopt a DIY approach

There is no doubt that DIY can bring down labor costs. Not all remodeling projects require experts to handle them. It is not rocket science to perform tilling, interior painting, flooring installation, and changing the lights. These are some of the remodeling projects that need no experts to complete. Therefore when you have plenty of time, doing it yourself is an ideal option to save your money. Better still, many hardware stores offer free educational resources to guide you to perform a specific task. Follow those guidelines and do it yourself without much headache and save your money in the long run.

4. Maintain your layout

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, many people develop the idea of changing the entire layout. Unknown to them, changing the structure may require additional permits, inspection, time, and, most importantly, extra cost implications. You will take much of your figuring out how you want to change electrical wall locations, plumbing, windows, and more. Maintaining the layout will save not only your time but also money.

5. Go for second-hand purchases

Purchasing second-hand purchases toilets and showers can help you save money. Find a reputable store that explicitly sells home necessities such as sinks, toilets, doors, mirrors, and tubs. Buy a used artist to bring a brightly colored vintage to make cool hanging lamps.  Used metal shelving is way cheaper and cost-effective than having to buy new ones.  These could be used for stacking folded towels—a significant facelift to your bathroom environment.

The bottom line here is that upgrading any part of your house is not a cheap undertaking, even if it is a small bathroom remodel.  However, with savvy shopping, you can develop a budget bathroom that meets your needs. When you think of remodeling your bathroom way, don’t forget to put the above tips in mind, as they will save your extra coin in the process. But most importantly, remember to donate any items you take out of your bathroom to your local Goodwill, as this can help reduce landfills.

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