18 Best Sites to Buy Soundcloud Plays, Likes, and Followers


Music is highly important in the present world. There are various artists, as well as listeners who give a lot of importance to music these days. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that services like SoundCloud, and Spotify are getting loaded with people who are producing music. If you really want to discover all kinds of music, and artists, then SoundCloud is the best place to go to. it has a range of artists, and playlists, that you can discover every single day. However, it is also important to realize that for any artist, it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain strong recognition with the ongoing competition on the platform. since SoundCloud is one of the biggest music streaming platforms, many people choose to buy SoundCloud plays to improve their social standing. 

Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays


Viralyft - buy soundcloud plays

If you are looking for a place where you can buy Soundcloud plays that are completely legit, then this is the place that you ought to go to. This is a very secure site and they never asked for any sensitive information which would compromise yours or your known one’s identity. Moreover, they work very reasonable price, and make sure that people with any financial background are able to make use of their services. The limit of their plan goes from about a few dollars to over $100. even the most expensive plans, are not that high ranged, and can be easily afforded for quicker and greater results. It is one of the best features which allows you to get the traction that you need online. 

Like the name suggests this company will be able to make your account viral on SoundCloud. You will be able to get the traction that you have always wanted to seek from online viewers, as well as listeners. If you want to drive more traffic, and increase the visibility that you have as an artist, then this is the best place to go to.

Not only this you can also buy SoundCloud likes through their service. they will never take more than a few days to cover the services that you have ordered. Therefore, you will not have to wait for a long time before you start seeing changes within your engagement, as well as visibility online. 


This is a company that understands that it is not all that easy to get famous on SoundCloud. not only SoundCloud, the process of gaining a strong fan base has increased in difficulty on any social media. However, there are ways in which you can crack the algorithm or SoundCloud and create a very strong persona for yourself online. One of the best ways to do this is making use of services like get viral. the people here are high experts at everything that they do and we are sure that you will have a wonderful time working with them. 

Another great thing about them is that they are a completely legit site. Moreover, they will be able to help you build your career, as a music artist, or as a person who just started their journey on soundcloud.

This is a site which has been one of the top picks of all experts around the world. Therefore, you will find a lot of recommendations left for this site online. As a result, you can be sure that this is a highly credible and reliable service. you will be able to get a high amount of global exposure with the services that they provide. 


This site continues to remain a top choice for many artists on SoundCloud. Not because they have a hold over various kinds of social media platforms. For instance, they work with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Thus, they are able to promote your content on various social media sites, leading to a higher visibility.

They make a range of plans available to you for better flexibility, and greater choices. Moreover, there are various plans that you can pick from and customize according to your needs. Many times, these plans are less than $5 as well. Even if you take on an expensive plan, we are sure that you will be able to get far better results than you expected. 

They will give you the most quality place on the app. Moreover, these will be premium, and they will only come from legit accounts within the app. If you really want to give your musical career a boost, then we are sure that Viewsexpert will not let you down. They work with a worldwide audience, and do not restrict you to a particular demographic.

As a result, you are able to get an audience which is very diverse and that can promote your music in different countries and regions. This is a great place to buy soundcloud likes as well.  


This is another company which is the one stop destination for all kinds of social media promotion. They have alliances with different social media platforms like tik T.O.K, Instagram, and YouTube etc. As a result, they are able to create a web of online promotion for you, and garnered a worldwide audience for you. Be assured that working with them will give you the high reach that you have always wanted online. Another great thing about them is that they provide some very timely results. They’re very punctual about the work that they do, and they will always ensure that you are able to see changes within your subscribers and fan following.  

This company will let you buy Soundcloud plays that are high in quality. Quality place ensures that you get placed higher within the algorithm of soundcloud. This is one of the best ways to get higher rankings and ensure that people are naturally drawn to your site.  It is also one of the best places to buy soundcloud followers, as well.

We had the chance to check their services for ourselves. Needless to say- they have created some of the best Soundcloud service platforms in the present world. Their efficiency, and hard-work makes them a highly professional team to work with. 


Don’t judge this company by its name because it not only provides likes but various other features as well. For instance, it will allow you to buy SoundCloud followers which are high quality, as well as provide active engagement. Another thing that we love about This site is that they provide a great amount of customer support to their clients. If you find yourself stuck anywhere during the process, then the people here will be able to give you complete assistance. They shall be with you throughout the process of gaining more followers and increasing the engagement that you get online. 

This site is completely dedicated to your promotion on SocialPackages. It has been working for a good amount of time, and it has gathered much experience that makes it better than other sites on this list. Moreover, their expertise in social media marketing makes them much better than any of their competitors.

It comes as no surprise that it has become one of the biggest sites online to buy soundcloud likes as well. They can offer other forms of engagement, like comments, shares, etc. Make sure you check their official site today to understand the kind of services they offer.  


This is one of the oldest sites that we have mentioned on this list. As a result, they have become one of the most trusted, and the most popular websites within the world. They have been able to get a range of customers till date. All of them have left great reviews for them online that you can check out on various trusted review sites. They have had more than thousands of projects to complete. They have always shown complete professionalism as well as great expertise in the work that they do. Therefore, they are always giving out results which are of the highest quality. Be assured that working with them is going to be an extremely pleasurable experience which will help your account grow a lot. 

They have been in this industry for a long time. Just like the sites mentioned on this list, they are highly secured as well as private and confidential. Therefore, there is no information that they will share with outside third parties when working on your profile. They also have a range of plans which are suitable for people from different kinds of financial backgrounds.

This is highly important because they like to cater to a global audience and it has enabled them to create a very strong network across the planet. As a result, they stay one step ahead of their rival companies when it comes to garnering traffic on SoundCloud. 


The reason this site is called get real boost is that they only serve followers which are completely authentic, and legit. They know that SoundCloud changes its algorithm now and then. does they always make sure that they are keeping up to date with the change that is occurring in its online performance. Therefore, even after changes in the underlying SEO, they are able to create patterns which are able to give you followers, likes, comments, and other forms of engagement. These are some of the features which make them a class apart as compared to the other site mentioned here. They have a team of experts that are highly trained in the world of promotion and online marketing.  

Moreover, they have a very great idea of how the music world works online. This is the company which has SoundCloud as its main focus. Even the site has a large number of testimonials, and reviews online which make it clear that they are highly trustworthy as well as dependable service. They have several plans which can be customized according to your needs.

Hence the services that they provide are one of the most flexible services in the world. They get customers from countries all over the world, thus they are able to create a demographic of audience that is very wide, and variable. 

Stream Digic 

This is a company that believes in being simple in its approach when it comes to promoting content online. Therefore they do not promise any unnecessary or extravagant deals which are impossible to achieve within a reasonable amount of time. They are humble, and they will only deliver what is realistic, as well as highly achievable. Not only this they have some of the most guaranteed results within this industry. Because of this they are considered as the most trustworthy site on the Internet, and are highly recommended by the top reviewers around the world. Even their website is extremely easy to navigate and understand.  

In case you do get stuck during the process of buying plays or likes then you can always take help from their customer support. They are highly supportive of their clients, and they always want to make sure that you get the highest amount of user experience from them. 

Therefore they will always make sure that one of their representatives is always there to support you during your time with them. There are times when new people are not aware of how many likes to buy, and how to distribute them. For such people this site comes as a blessing in disguise. 

Do Music Promotion 

Like the name suggests this is a company which is highly dependent on its great services to promote music on various kinds of platforms. However, their most important, and worked out platform is SoundCloud itself. They understand that this platform is very relevant to new artists that are just starting out on their journey. Such artists can’t just rely on very popular platforms, and have to increase their hold on all kinds of musical platforms. Therefore, they will always make sure that SoundCloud is one place that they can easily garner audiences from, and expand their reach. They assure that working with this company is going to prove highly beneficial to your career as a musical artist. Even if you are doing it primarily as a hobby, they shall give you their full support. 

Like the other companies mentioned above they also provide you excellent customer support. They always have a representative who is available on the web and ready to give you advice on how to take the process of buying likes, and followers forward. They are also highly budget oriented, and they provide you of a variety of packages that can improve the traffic and engagement that you get online.

Working with them is definitely going to give you the boost that you have always needed. Make sure you check their various plans, and find the one that suits you best.  

Media Mister 

This is a site which is considered one of the best places to buy as well as likes on SoundCloud. They have been used by people all over the globe to create a very strong audience base for themselves. This is highly important since as a starting artist, it is very essential to have a strong profile which looks credible and popular. This naturally gets more traffic towards your account and creates a highly authentic, organic environment of growth for your musical endeavors. The important part that we would really like to mention here, is that they are highly transparent. They even provide you with timely audits, to ensure that you are able to get a complete idea on where and how you have invested your money. 

Because of these features this company has continued to remain one of the best places on line. No matter what work they do, they always ensure that they are always able to get the most authentic kind of audience from the people who are surfing the Internet. 

There are sites which fail to account with spam bots that are auto-generated and do not provide you engagement. However, this company ensures that you are always able to get the likes, as well as the comments that can create the best kind of interaction and reputation for you online. 

Play My Cloud 

It must be clear by the name that this company has been created especially for SoundCloud. They will be able to provide you high quality, as well as genuine likes, comments, shares, please, and other forms of engagement. not only this they will be able to do this within a span of few days. Therefore, you will always be able to keep up with the growing competition online. It is also important to understand that they have an extremely helpful customer care system. Therefore, at any time if you feel that you do not understand any part of the process, the company representatives will get you out of the pickle. 

They have some very attractive plans that you can make use of. Play My Cloud will be able to provide you the right kind of user support as well as the right guidance which is necessary to improve your social media standing. They can also promote your content on other social media as well.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sticking to one particular place for promotion of your music. You can rest assured that a worldwide audience will be able to view and enjoy your music. The people here are some of the most efficient workers, and we are sure that their work ethic will please you to no extent.  

Music Growth 

This is a highly hard-working company, which is focused on creating a very strong profile for your SoundCloud account. Like the name suggests, this is a company which works mostly for people who want to grow their music. Therefore, they have a strong understanding of various music platforms like Spotify, and so on. We are sure that when it comes to SoundCloud promotion, they shall be able to increase the number of likes as well as plays on your site as well. They are a highly trustworthy site. You will be able to find a variety of plans, and packages through which you will be able to increase your standing online. 

if you want then you can also use the service as a trial. If you are not satisfied with the services, as well as the work that they are doing for you, then you can always switch to some other form of growth online.

However, considering the large amount of work that they have done so far, we don’t think that you shall find any area of complaint- which might bring down the performance of your artistic works. Rest assured, that the services this company provides will always stand up to the mark. However, if you have any doubts, then you can go ahead and read the reviews left for them online. 

Build My Plays 

Just as the name suggests, this is a company that will be able to bring you a high number of plays, followers, comments, or any other form of engagement online. They slowly work on your profile, and create a web of followers that is loyal to you in the long run as well. We are sure, that working with them should give you a greater insight on how the media works today, and the things you can do to actually nail the world of online competition. It is difficult to get your music noticed without the right support. Therefore, this is one company which will be able to give you the right guidance at the right time. 

Another great thing about this site is that they have always created content plans which are highly relevant to your target audience. They can run a good amount of research, and bring you the much-desired traffic.

Therefore, when it comes to increasing and creating a loyal fan base- there is no one who does it better than build my plays. Their main motive is to help you grow and expand online. If you collaborate with them, we are sure that you shall be able to find virtual fame in no time. 

Social Media Daily 

This is a company that has worked with various forms of social media. They have been working for various kind of artists across the globe. Therefore, they are able to create a strong profile for almost any client who comes under their wing. Since they are highly experienced in the work that they do, there is almost nothing that they cannot achieve in terms of marketing. This company has been active since social media began to gain the momentum that it has online. Therefore, they understand the various ways in which you are expected to grow with and adapt to the changes virtually.  

Working with this site is going to give you a new perspective on social media promotion. So much so that even if you feel that you are starting from scratch, you will always have a stronghold on various things online. People all over the globe have made use of their services and often expressed how delightful their experience has been.

We are sure that even you will be able to have the most amazing experience with the kind of user experience, and customer support that they provide. This is the perfect place to buy Soundcloud plays, likes, and so on. If you get stuck anywhere, make sure you get in touch with their representative for help and support. 

Social Empire 

As the name suggests, this is a company that will be able to help you build an empire for yourself online. They will give you a massive fan following that should be able to engage with you on a daily basis. Moreover, they will always work with accounts that are a hundred percent legit and authentic. As a result, you will always only get real-time engagement which is otherwise very hard to garner online. Since they are very devoted to their customers, you will always be their top priority. Therefore, they shall always keep communication clear with you, to get a better idea of your exact needs and wants.  

Because they are always working in the best interests of their clients, this company has become a favorite among many of its users. You will be able to find millions of recommendations for this site online. Moreover, if you would further like to know exactly how his company performs, then you can easily get in touch with one of their former clients.

They also have a guide within their own website that you can look at if you really want to understand the system that they employ in social media promotion.  

Fly Me Social 

This is also one of the best sites for people who would like to buy SoundCloud plays, likes, and so on. They are one of the most recommended sites on the web. They have been working since a longtime in the world of social media promotion, especially in SoundCould and other musical platforms. Therefore, they understand the industry trends of music very well. Moreover, they know which kind of audience expects what kind of content and they can help you create the perfect profile for your Soundcloud as well. This site is known for the quality services that it has been providing to its customers for a significant amount of time.  

They have a great system of customer support and customer care as well. Therefore, in case you find yourself stuck anywhere during the process you will be able to get instant support. 

There are various challenges that a person faces while promoting content online. However, with their team of experts and strong analytical skills, they can easily overcome any such issues in online marketing. In order to create digital transformation of any new artist into a sensation- there are certain efforts which are required. These people shall be able to provide you with the devotion needed to achieve this transformation. 


This is another company which simply could not go without a mention on our list. The people here have been known for the unparalleled services that they have provided in the field of SoundCloud promotion. This site has become one of the favorites of people who have just started their journey within this app. Not only can you get a SoundCloud place from the site but also followers, likes, comments and so on. Therefore, if you’re looking for a place that can give you an all-rounded growth within SoundCloud, then these are the people that you should be relying on.  

They have been working for a long time in this industry and have a large amount of expertise in the same. We are sure that working with them will be a great experience for you.

If you would like to get to know them more, then we suggest that you got through their official website. It is easy to navigate, and understand, and we are sure that you shall not face any problem. In case you do, you can always get in touch with them. 


This is a company that always uses the most cutting-edge technology to create great promotional networks. They will even be able to promote you through email, as well as other forms of social media. We are sure that you will be able to see a great boost in your musical profile once you start working with this company. They have a great support staff employee system and they believe strongly in teamwork. Therefore, they are able to give you the right kind of coordination, as well as performance online. If you really want to be recognized in the music industry then these are the people to go to. 

They take care to follow all the guidelines which are laid down by SoundCloud. In case you do not do so, there is a chance that you might be banned from the site. However, this site is extremely ethical, and it will always ensure that all standards of online policies are met. We are sure that once you collaborate with this site, you will be headed towards instant success online. Make sure you check them out today! 


It might seem like a difficult task to gain followers on Soundcloud. Music artists have a harder time than most other influencers in the market. However, with the help of companies mentioned above we are sure you will find the solution to many of your problems. Make sure you go through our article to find what suits you best.

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