26 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers (Premium Followers)

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A good digital presence is important for any person or any business that wants to generate revenue by gaining a real audience that actually engages with them. This is why gaining followers using third-party services is necessary because it helps you get an initial boost that is otherwise very difficult to get. Generally, getting followers or making your content go viral is important but very difficult and time-consuming, but these third-party services help you get the boost you need initially. Thus, choosing the correct site is important so that you don’t land your account at risk and are safe from all unnecessary complications. So, we have compiled a list of some of the best sites to buy TikTok followers so that you can get the best out of your investment. So, without much delay let us get right into it so that you can become the next TikTok sensation!

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers


Viralyft is a site that provides the best social media service packages to its clients at a very affordable price without compromising on the quality. It is one of the best sites to buy TikTok followers because of its packages that will surpass your expectations and provide you with results that exceed your expectations. With fast delivery and an SSL encrypted payment gateway, Viralyft makes sure that it does not compromise on the quality of the service it provides you with.

Their packages have been designed by their team of the best digital experts and are targeted to help you gain more exposure. Viralyft offers five packages to help clients who want to buy TikTok followers with the starting package priced at $6.99 for 250 TikTok followers and the highest priced package costs $79.99 for 5000 followers.


SocialPackages is a site that provides services that are mainly focused on Instagram but the site caters to clients that need services for all other platforms too. Since SocialPackages is focused towards Instagram, do you think that the packages for TikTok would not provide you with value? Well, if you do think so, you are absolutely wrong! With a huge clientele that is satisfied with the quality of the service provided and their experience with the site, SocialPackages has made it to the list of the best sites to buy TikTok followers.

To buy TikTok followers from SocialPackages.net, you will have five available packages with their prices starting at $6.50 for 250 followers and the highest package goes upto $79.50 for 5000 TikTok followers. All the packages from SocialPackages start being delivered within 1 or 2 days and these followers are from all over the world providing you with a worldwide audience base.


A site with an innovative solution to deliver clients with a greater social media authority, ViewsExpert has made it to our list of the best sites to buy TikTok followers that you can use for a better audience base on TikTok. How does the site provide an innovative solution? Well, ViewsExpert has a vast network of partners on various social media platforms that it utilizes to provide you with real user engagement. ViewsExpert uses their platform to promote your profile so that the client attention you get is completely real and is retained over a long period of time.

Moreover, the site does not need any of your personal information to deliver these services to you. All they need is the URL of your TikTok profile and after successful purchase, the followers will start getting delivered automatically. Choose from five available packages on the ViewsExpert site to purchase high-quality TikTok followers that will be directly delivered to your profile.


GetViral is a site that provides social media services for every platform you can think of along with 24/7 customer support. Irrespective of the platform that you want services for or your demands or budget, GetViral will have packages that have been created keeping the client in mind. This means that you will not only get value out of your investment but your digital presence will improve to a great extent. Moreover, GetViral has a customer return rate of more than 85% which makes them a very credible and reliable site to buy TikTok followers from.

To buy TikTok followers from GetViral, you will need to choose from five available packages with prices starting from $6.99 for 250 TikTok followers. The most expensive package is priced at $79.99 for 5000 TikTok followers. All of these packages are delivered from high-quality accounts and nearly 95% of their clients can vouch for this.


Justifying its name to the extremes, Fastlikes is a site that provides real growth services for nearly all social media platforms with its focus on increasing the client’s engagement and digital presence. A 24×7 customer support is available to help you with your problems and guide you through any troubled waters. Thus, Fastlikes.io ensures that their clients have a smooth experience and come back to avail their services so they can keep on providing the best services in the industry.

Provide the site with basic information such as your Username or Page and get high-quality and real followers delivered right to your account. You can choose from the six available packages to buy TikTok followers with prices starting from $4.99 for 150 TikTok followers and going up to $139.99 for 10000 followers.


Famups is a site that is suitable for clients that want to use organic reach to grow their social media accounts within a few minutes of availing their services. The site only implements organic methods to help you reach the social media presence that you want for yourself or your brand. Taking the help of the latest and advanced technologies, Famups has an expert digital marketing team that plans all the packages to help provide clients with the best service.

All of Famups packages are aimed to provide you with a boost in your digital presence within a short period of time which is retained over long periods of time so that your brand/account doesn’t lose the much needed audience. 


A site that is solely dedicated to TikTok and offering packages so that their clients can have a stronger social media presence on TikTok. The best part is that with TokUpgrade you can reach your targeted audience so that you can receive real engagement that will be retained over a long period. In most cases, the sites provide you with real followers who might be interested in some other niche. Ultimately, these accounts unfollow you and your investment is not retained.

You lose time and money that you could possibly have invested in some other company and received legit results within that period of time. With TokUpgrade, you will also steer clear of these situations as the site lets you target your followers and gain an audience that is interested in your content.

TokUpgrade has affordable pricing options that are available on a weekly and monthly basis. There are also two types of packages – Regular and Pro. The Regular package is priced at $15 per week and $49 per month, whereas, the Pro package is priced at $25 per week and $89 per month.


Do you want a site that uses real accounts to help you target organic growth? TokSocial is the perfect site for you. The site steers clear of bots, spam accounts, and fake followers to provide you with value for the investment you make. TokSocial is focused towards providing real services for TikTok and helps you engage with real followers so that they can boost your account and get you followed by your target audience.

This ensures that you get an audience that stays with you over time and you keep on getting results. TokSocial has two weekly plans available that you can choose from, so as to target your audience, have a dedicated account manager, and receive real accounts. The Regular plan at TokSocial is priced at $15 per week and the Pro plan is priced at $25 per week. Both of these packages come with 24/7 customer support so that you can experience the best you deserve.


UseViral is a site that utilizes its vast network to provide you with organic growth so that your account can maintain the audience base they help you achieve. This is because UseViral uses various social media marketing strategies that their team has thoroughly researched and are proven to provide results. Thus, the audience you receive are the ones that are interested in your niche and are genuinely attracted towards your account and its content.

The competition is constantly increasing and UseViral’s services have been built to help you gain the audience you deserve because you and your account deserves it! With eight extensive packages that you can choose from to buy TikTok followers, UseViral provides you with options that are priced at very affordable rates. The lowest package at UseViral is priced at $5.00 for 100 TikTok followers and goes up to $399.00 for 25000 TikTok followers.


TokCaptain helps you gain genuine and real followers to help boost your TikTok account. With a clientele that boasts of global brands and a wide variety of small businesses, TokCaptain is one of the best sites that you can buy TikTok followers from. The site uses real and relevant TikTok growth services and advanced technology to take your account/brand to the level you want to. Just choose a service from them and their team of experts will help you with your content to bring the reach and exposure it truly deserves.

Moreover, TokCaptain markets your account to your targeted audience so that you keep on getting the high-quality results your account deserves. TokCaptain has five packages that you can choose from to buy TikTok followers starting at just $2.99 for 100 followers and going upto $49.99 for 5000 TikTok followers.


A good social media presence is a must for any person that aims to become a public figure/celebrity/influencer or any brand that wants to have a global audience base. SidesMedia realizes this and helps you achieve this using the affordable high-quality packages they offer. Their packages have been developed by an excellent digital marketing team focusing on your digital marketing needs. SidesMedia is a transparent company that informs its clients on how it provides you with the best services and hence has a clientele of brands/people who value their honesty.

According to their site, SidesMedia has a vast network of people who get paid a share when they follow you. Thus, SidesMedia uses an innovative method to ensure that you buy followers without any risk involved and it doesn’t impact your account negatively. A total of eight packages are available to help you buy TikTok followers with prices starting at $5 for 100 followers and going upto $399 for 25000 followers from SidesMedia.

Social Viral

Social Viral is another premium site that focuses on providing services for Instagram at very affordable rates. However, Social Viral also provides service packages for all other social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Moreover, Social Viral uses only high-quality accounts that have a good reach to deliver the services to you.

This is because when real accounts with high engagement follow you or like your posts, your account/post gets boosted by the algorithm and gets promoted to their audience too. Thus, if you want real and high-quality engagement, Social Viral would be the perfect option for you. There are nine packages that you can choose from so as to buy TikTok followers starting from $2.19 for 50 followers and the highest package at Social Viral is priced at $99.99 for 5000 followers.


Followersup is a site that is dedicated towards providing high-quality services so that their clients receive the best engagement instead of sites that provide services for cheap but use bots and spam accounts to deliver services that boost their engagement for a very short period of time and negatively affect the account’s reputation.

The delivery for most of their orders start within an hour but in case of some problems, clients can contact their 24/7 customer support dedicated towards the betterment of customer service and experience. Whenever there are orders of a larger size, Followersup does need some time so that your account is not flagged by the algorithm. However, they promise fast delivery and have been a trusted provider in this industry since 2016.

Followersup does not need any of your personal information protecting your account from being banned on TikTok. The site offers four packages to buy TikTok followers with the starting package priced at $3 for 100 TikTok followers and going up to $699 for 100000 TikTok followers.

Task Ant

For people that do not want to buy followers from third-party services, Task Ant is a good option. The site is a premium hashtag generator that you can use along with your caption so as to reach an audience using that hashtag. As is widely known, using hashtags is important as it helps you reach people who follow that hashtag or search for it. People searching for the hashtag are interested in content that is related to the hashtag and if they like your content, they will follow you. However, you need to find hashtags that are not saturated so that your content can rank.

You do not need to worry about these complications as Task Ant will do it for you. Task Ant has two packages available. The Solo package is priced at $15 per week and you can only get 100 results per search with 30 hashtag sets. However, the Growth package priced at $49 per month lets you get unlimited results per search with unlimited hashtag sets. Both these packages show results after in-depth analysis with the Solo package working for 3 brands and the Growth package working for unlimited brands.


Does social media management seem tiring and hectic to you? Well, Fastlykke has got you covered. A site that manages your social media accounts so that you don’t need to spend your time and money on it and can instead focus on the actual workings of your company makes it one of the best sites to buy TikTok followers from.

An one in all place for all your social media needs, Fastlykke is affordable and does not compromise on the quality of the services. Customer satisfaction is their ultimate focus and the company strives towards keeping its clients satisfied.


Were you searching for a site that is devoted towards providing social media services for growing on TikTok? Well, Topstik would be the best option for you. The site knows that TikTok is important for branding and gaining popularity in any industry. This is because digital presence has become an important aspect in marketing as it helps reach a new audience and also provides more authenticity meaning that clients are more likely to avail their services in place of their competitors’.

If one is an artist, TikTok could help boost their song or album as is the case for many songs/albums. Thus, TikTok contributes to your digital presence in a competitive digital world to help you get a competitive edge over your competitors. There are eight packages that you can utilize to buy TikTok followers from Topstik with the starting package priced at $11.00 for 500 TikTok followers and the highest one is priced at $200.00 for 20000 TikTok followers.


Bouxtie is another site that is dedicated towards providing services for TikTok and has a team of social media and digital experts who develop the packages it provides its clients with. Why do we think Bouxtie is one of the best sites to buy TikTok followers? Well, Bouxtie’s team of digital experts are experienced and know how the algorithm of each social media platform works. The packages they have designed are well tested and have provided results.

Thus, you get only packages that are proven to work when you avail Bouxtie’s services. It also helps you get an assurance that your money is not going to waste and is put towards something that will help you achieve what you want. Bouxtie lets you choose any number of TikTok followers you need with the starting package priced at $1.95 for 50 TikTok followers and you can go upto 20000 TikTok followers for just $356.59.

Bouxtie gives you an option to choose the type of accounts you want to get followed by. You can either choose the package wherein you get random followers or another where you get only exclusive followers. The package for exclusive followers costs more than the regular ones but it offers great value for the price.


InstBlast is another site that offers services dedicated towards providing services for TikTok and it does just what its name says. It gives you an instant boost towards becoming a social media celebrity and helps achieve the digital presence you want for your brand or yourself. The site has a free trial wherein you can get TikTok followers and likes for free without paying a dime so that you can get a trial of how the site works.

Most of their clients use their free trial and come back to purchase TikTok followers or likes from them because the quality of their services exceed expectations. The trial package gives you 50 TikTok followers and 50 TikTok likes for free. There are seven available packages for clients who want to buy TikTok followers from InstBlast. The starting package is priced at $2.99 for 50 followers and the highest package is priced at $79.99 for 5000 followers.


TikFuel is one of the leading providers of TikTok services and has made it to the list of the best sites to buy TikTok likes from. They provides ultra-fast delivery and starts delivering the services within 5 minutes of purchase. Their packages help you gain a stable following so as to turn your account into a legitimate one so that you have an audience that engages with you and helps you generate revenue. The site offers lifetime guarantee meaning that you would never see a drop in your follower count when you purchase TikTok followers from them. The best part is that TikFuel delivers its services spread over a few hours so that no suspicion is raised and the algorithm does not shadow ban your account or suspend it.

Their site has reviews from clients that include influencers and celebrities that you can go through before trusting them. TikFuel provides four extensive packages for customers that want to buy TikTok followers. The starting package is priced at $8.00 for 100 followers and goes up to $118.00 for 2500 followers. TikFuel provides promotional offers and starts various marketing campaigns wherein you can get additional discounts from them.


Do you want a site where the service never stops? Well, TokGrowth is the right place for you. The site does not use spam accounts or bots or fake followers, and is one of the most reliable service providers for TikTok. The main focus other than boosting your following is engagement as it ensures that your account keeps getting and maintaining a large audience. TokGrowth uses an automation tool that keeps on providing you with followers for a lifetime (actually until you are subscribed to their package).

You can choose between their Regular and Professional packages, set the targeting and leave the rest of the work to their machine learning algorithm that will keep on generating followers for you so that you can focus on content creation. TokGrowth’s Starter Package will boost your account at a regular rate and is priced at $49 per month, whereas the Professional package that is priced at $99 per month boosts your account at double the rate. 


Celebian is one of the best sites to buy TikTok followers that you could come across on the web and is top-rated for a very good reason. Providing high-quality services that have been highly rated and recommended by their previous clients, Celebian definitely deserves the place it has come to in this competitive industry. With an extensive privacy policy and terms of service, Celebian is the best that you can get within a limited budget. You can also try out their free likes and free views packages to get an idea about their service and how it works. Celebian has nine extensive packages that you can choose from to buy TikTok followers.

The lowest package starts at $5.20 for 100 followers and the most expensive package costs $61.51 for 5000 followers. Another reason for choosing Celebian is because of the interface on its website that makes it very easy to use making the customers feel at ease.


Popular Up is a company that provides services for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and of course TikTok! The company has an application from clients to facilitate the ease of their clients and to improve user experience. PopularUp has helped over 8,00,000 users all over the world get a strong digital presence and helps them at very affordable rates. You can either buy packages dedicated to providing you followers and likes or you could subscribe to their services so as to get followers and likes everyday.

The subscription package costs lower than the one-time purchase and is more economical. Purchasing it will also help you see results regularly. The followers that you get are not at all fake and PopularUp has a number of apps that it utilizes wherein people follow and like each other’s posts so that the followers you get are real. This way you receive high-quality engagement.

PopularUp starts delivering its services within 12 hours of purchase. However, there might be some delay if their developers are working on their system. You could contact their customer support in this case and they will provide services to you manually in this case. You can buy TikTok followers from PopularUp starting at just $3.69 for 100 followers and the most expensive package is priced at $166.65 for 10,000 followers.

Tweet N Follow

Do you want a site that helps you with your marketing? Tweet N Follow is the best option for you in that case. The site provides marketing services for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok at a very low cost and helps you gain visibility and exposure in the competitive world of social media. You can use Tweet N Follow to get more followers, views, and likes at very affordable rates. The site has an expert team of digital marketers who have developed packages that provide very high-quality results at a very cheap price.

Tweet N Follow offers retention guarantee meaning that the followers they provide you with, will stay for a lifetime and would not disappear. This gives you value for your investment and helps you gain a good digital presence. You can buy 50 TikTok followers from Tweet N Follow at just $3.00 and the highest that you can get is 10,000 TikTok followers at just $250.00. 


BuyReal’s name will tell you all that you need to know about the site. The site provides you with follows, likes, comments, and views from real accounts. Thus, BuyReal is one of the best sites to buy real TikTok followers from. The site also provides services for all other social media platforms at a very low price and offers SEO packages for businesses irrespective of their size.

BuyReal also helps you boost your pages so that you can grow organically and gain an audience that would otherwise not stumble across your page. Hence, BuyReal will not only help you by providing you with services to boost your presence on the various social media platforms but they will also help you take care of your page’s SEO so that you can rank.

The site also helps you perform well by using online advertising which is a necessity now. There are six packages from BuyReal that you can use to buy TikTok followers with the starting package priced at $27.95 for 1000 followers and the highest package is priced at $838.50 for 30,000 followers.


YouMeViral has reputed organic strategies that you can use to gain a large number of followers and customers define the success of any business to help skyrocket your social media growth on various platforms. They guarantees results and also cuts down expenditures by employing a highly skilled team of professionals. This makes sure that their clients get the best services within a budget. Customer satisfaction is their priority and social media is important hence they implement algorithms and techniques to provide the best services to their clients.

YouMeViral provides twelve extensive packages for customers to buy TikTok followers with the starting package priced at $5 for 100 TikTok followers and the highest package is priced at $900 for 50,000 TikTok followers. These services are provided using high-quality profiles and are cheap compared to services offered from other sites. Most packages are delivered within one week without any password or personal information. These packages also come with 24/7 support so that the clients get the best customer support to keep up their promise for 100% customer satisfaction.


SocialBoostUp is another site that is dedicated towards providing services for TikTok and also provides services for YouTube. The site provides high-quality services in the industry which get delivered as soon as possible. You can get your videos viral by getting followers and likes for your TikTok account. SocialBoostUp charges affordable rates which makes them a great competitor to all other service providers. SocialBoostUp helps you beat the platform’s algorithm so that they can help you gain followers and you can get popular.

Their services help you get popular and TikTok boosts your account so that people can reach your account. Even if your content is good, if you don’t have many followers your content will not reach people and you will not gain popularity. Hence, SocialBoostUp’s services will help you gain popularity if you want a greater digital presence. 


Why Focus on TikTok?

This is a very frequently asked question as to why someone should focus on TikTok instead of other social media platforms such as Facebook or YouTube? Well, with nearly 15 to 30 seconds video content on the platform that is engaging and grasps the user’s attention because the attention span of the masses is on an ever-decreasing streak. With music clips of such short lengths, people get more addicted to the songs and video content which keeps people on the platform for a longer span and thus, TikTok’s algorithm boosts their content.

Moreover, with other platforms creating a single piece of content takes a lot of time whereas you can create multiple posts for TikTok within the same time. For example, more than 2 hours of planning, shooting, and editing go into one single video whereas in the same time you could easily shoot 6 to 8 TikTok videos. Thus, TikTok has become an important part of social media and a number of companies provide services for the platform. Your only focus should be on creating engaging content and getting on the viewer’s Explore page. Getting on the Explore page ensures that you get more viewers who engage with your content and share with others which helps you gain followers and social media presence.

However, this takes high-quality content as TikTok has nearly 689 million users as of now and you need to grab their attention. It also takes consistency, effort, and time because you need to convey to the audience that you are here to entertain them or provide them with guidance as long as it is required (whatever your niche is).

Should I buy TikTok followers and is it Safe?

Social media believes in numbers – the higher your likes, followers, and views, the more your digital presence and the more is your authenticity. This is the same reason that makes it harder for you to gain followers or likes or views. However, every TikTok celebrity or influencer makes it to that position after starting from zero. You could buy TikTok followers, likes, and views to help you easily overcome this and is one of the first and foremost reasons. This helps your account get a much needed boost that helps you establish authenticity. Is it harmful? It can be if you use third-party service providers who take the help of bots or fake followers or spam accounts to deliver their services to you.

This is why buying services from a site that uses real accounts with high engagement to provide you their services is important. Do your research before you zero in on the best choice for you so that you do not need to waste your time and money. In this case, using the sites that we have listed above would be your best option if you are on a budget or a time crunch. Keep in mind that the algorithm could be changed anytime. Hence, availing a social media service agency that has a team of experts who acknowledge these facts would be your best bet.

In this case too, make sure to research about the company and go through its reviews before actually availing services from them. These companies generally run a number of social media campaigns so that you can get followers or engagement authentically and these stay with you for a lifetime. Thus, take your account and time into account before making a choice.

Is it illegal to buy TikTok followers?

A general misconception about social media services for nearly all platforms is that it is illegal to buy followers, likes, or comments. It is not because nearly all social media campaigns or paid ads campaigns are run to help you get more followers, likes, views, or comments and you need to essentially pay for these. Hence, it is not illegal to buy TikTok followers or likes or views.

How to Buy Real and Active TikTok Followers from Third-Party Services?

Well, now that we have got it clear that TikTok should be a part of your social media campaign, let us have a look at how you can buy real and active TikTok followers from the various third party services available on the web. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a viral TikTok account but the first and foremost is having the right audience and interaction which will help the algorithm view your account in a positive way and will boost it so that you gain an audience.

How? When the algorithm boosts your account, your content shows up on the Explore page of people that are interested in the various available content in your niche and view it regularly. This helps you gain a real audience that actually interacts with you. Just like we discussed before, it is difficult to find sites that do not use bots or spam accounts to deliver services to you. This is essential so that you do not end up getting banned on TikTok and can continue to grow. Growing on TikTok will not only help strengthen your digital presence, it will also help you generate revenue by gaining a good reputation so that people that are interested in your niche choose your account over your competitors’.

This is why you can use our list of best sites to buy TikTok followers from, that are available on the web. These sites offer packages wherein they use real accounts to bring those high-quality services to your account. It would be better that you go through each of these sites and the details of the packages they offer before making any investment. This will save you from any unnecessary investment and will also save your time and efforts that you can channel elsewhere. 


We hope that it is quite clear that TikTok offers a lot of advantages and including TikTok services would be an essential part of your social media campaign. You could opt for methods that take time such as creating promotional campaigns by outsourcing various digital media marketing agencies or you could use methods that work fast such as buying TikTok followers from third-party services.

Whatever be the best option for you, we suggest you go for it since tikTok is unavoidable in this digital world and will reap benefits. Take advantage of the platform while you still can and focus on growing on it. We hope this article helps you invest your resources at the best place so that no time or money is wasted.

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