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Jason Gibbs

As a father of young children, I enjoy nothing more than seeing the looks on my kids’ faces while they are doing something they truly enjoy. My wife and I particularly love taking our kids to T-ball or soccer practice and games, or to any of our fabulous parks to play on the wonderful toy structures, where they race each other down the slides! Even before being elected to the City Council, one of our highlights as a family was receiving Seasons Magazine from the city and searching through it to find classes, sports programs and other opportunities for fun right here in Santa Clarita. 

Traditionally, Seasons Magazine has been mailed to every residential address within the city of Santa Clarita on a quarterly basis. However, the magazine has been available to view online only during the COVID-19 pandemic due to constantly changing public health orders and the availability of classes and programs. I am happy to say that the summer 2021 edition of Seasons will arrive in your mailbox once again so you and your family can flip through its pages together. 

If you haven’t looked at Seasons lately — or if you are new in town — I encourage you to take the time to explore it when it comes in the mail. Inside the magazine, you will find a wide variety of recreational programming, sports leagues for youth and adults, classes you can take to discover a new hobby and so much more. 

Contract instructors offer everything from classes that teach you a new language, to cooking workshops, to teaching you how to play a new musical instrument. You will also find information throughout the magazine advertising upcoming city events, new programs, city news and more. 

As summer approaches, I know one of the most anticipated sections of the magazine will be the pages dedicated to programs at the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center and other city pools. You are able to see the dates and times offered for things like adult lap swim, youth competitive stroke instruction and water exercise classes. With this information, you will be able to go online and pre-register to reserve your preferred time. As public health orders allow, more aquatics programs and sessions will be available. 

The process of registering for classes and programs offered in Seasons Magazine is straightforward. Once you know what you and your family want to participate in this summer, you can visit santa-clarita.com/Seasons when registration goes live. You will then click “Create Account and Register” and search for the name of the class or program you want. Should you need any assistance with the account creation or registration process, please feel free to reach out to the city at 661-250-3700. 

Seasons Magazine is not just about recreation — it also highlights great opportunities for enrichment and entertainment! You can learn about the Summer Reading Program at the Santa Clarita Public Library and all of the events and programs at the community centers. 

You won’t be able to miss the cover story on The Cube — Ice and Entertainment Center. Now open on Smyth Drive in Valencia, this is the perfect spot to escape the summertime heat and cool off with a nice relaxing ice-skating session. Details about available skating times, as well as upcoming clinics, camps and events, can be found by visiting TheCubeSantaClarita.com or connecting with The Cube on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

In fact, the city’s social media pages are the best way to stay up to date on the latest news and information regarding events, recreational programming, parent workshops, art showcases and other opportunities. You will also be able to see city news and information related to emergency situations, so you don’t miss a thing. To see the full list of city-run accounts on social media, please visit santa-clarita.com/Social. 

The summer edition of Seasons Magazine will begin arriving in mailboxes at the end of May. I know I can’t wait to see what our family’s next adventure will be! 

Councilman Jason Gibbs is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council and can be reached at [email protected]. 

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