Supervisor Barger recognizes pair of deputies at SCV station

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger presents commendations to SCV Sheriff's Station Sgt. Brandon Barclay, left, and Deputy Logan Foley, right, on Monday. May 10, 2021. Bobby Block / The Signal.

By Caleb Lunetta and Perry Smith  
Signal Staff Writers  

Two sheriff’s deputies who work closely with the Santa Clarita Valley community were recognized by Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger during a ceremony at the SCV Sheriff’s Station on Monday.  

“It was a privilege to stop by the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station to recognize Sgt. Brandon Barclay for his commitment to the Mental Evaluation Team and Deputy Logan Foley for his dedication to our unincorporated region,” Barger said in a statement after the ceremony. “I’m thankful for their heartfelt service to our SCV community.” 

Sgt. Brandon Barclay 

Lt. John Gannon noted that Barclay, who oversees the METs for the North Los Angeles County region, which includes the SCV and the Antelope Valley, supervises an area with the highest call volume for his unit in L.A. County. 

“He is the busiest supervisor we have, because of the teams he oversees there, and he regularly gets exceptional outcomes to his call,” Gannon said. “He’s very proactive in getting his people to the call, sometimes even before they’re called by patrol.” 

The Sheriff’s Department Mental Evaluation Teams, which pair a specially trained deputy with a licensed mental health clinician, educate the community on mental health, as well as perform intervention functions when a person is in a mental crisis. 

Gannon also noted there are plans to expand the number of deputies in the MET for next year’s budget. 

Deputy Logan Foley 

Officials said that both men were not recognized for one event and action in particular, but noted their continued work in the local community was what merited the recognition.  

The station’s Crime Prevention Unit is part of the Sheriff’s Station that evaluates daily crime numbers in the SCV and helps adjust station resources accordingly. The CPU’s coverage area divides the SCV into eight geographic “zones,” with each having a zone leader, or deputy. 

“It’s a recognition for my work as a zone deputy for the unincorporated area of L.A. County,” Foley said, adding that his work on the SCV Sheriff’s Station Crime Prevention Unit regularly covers the Stevenson Ranch and Castaic Area. “It’s just for an accumulation of the work product that myself and my team are providing.” 

“I’m honored,” he added, “it’s always nice to be recognized.”

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