Vance Wealth welcomes back Chris Pelch as COO

Chris Pelch is joining Vance Wealth as chief operating officer. Courtesy

After a year of record growth, Santa Clarita-based financial planning firm Vance Wealth announced it’s welcoming back Chief Operating Officer Chris Pelch, who is returning to the team to help support a new phase of expansion.

“Over the last three years, we’ve grown our team from six to 13 employees while also growing our family of clients,” company President John Vance said in a prepared statement. “From an operational perspective, it’s really important to have someone who can oversee your systems and processes and ensure our client experience is second to none. That’s why we brought Chris back to the team.”

Pelch first joined the team in 2013 to streamline operations, implement a new trading platform, oversee the investment committee and help launch Advanced 401k Solutions, deciding in 2017 to deepen his knowledge by pursuing his master’s degree.

“I realized I had a gap in my understanding of a business owner’s journey, specifically in terms of operations and how they affect a company’s financial success,” Pelch said in the statement. “To best serve my clients, I knew I needed to get a clearer understanding on what goes on internally. Only then could I be of true value when looking from the outside in.”

Pelch adds expertise in teaching, operations management and financial planning to the firm, and as COO, is expected to help strengthen and support the team, while continuing to serve as advisor to a select group of clients, the statement said.

“I’m extremely excited about this role because I get to work with a lot of different people. I get to focus on the overall offerings and growth of the firm, while also figuring out how I can break down barriers for a team that’s already doing great work,” Pelch added. “My goal is to allow our team members to focus on the areas where they excel and provide support in the areas where we can grow.”

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