10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments (100% High Quality)


Social media has undeniably become an integral part of our life and visual content is becoming more popular among the audience compared to text. Thus, platforms like YouTube and TikTok have become an integral part of every brand’s social media campaign. TikTok focuses on short forms of video content whereas YouTube focuses on long forms of video content. However, YouTube has released a feature called Shorts that allows users to post short video content. This has made YouTube become an integral part of every brand’s social media campaign. It does take a lot of time and effort to grow on YouTube without a dedicated social media channel and most upcoming channels do not have the luxury of affording a skilled one. Hence, third-party service providers have become increasingly popular. A number of people buy YouTube comments, likes, subscribers, and shares to grow on YouTube.

The web has a variety of sites that you can look up and buy services from. However, all of them might not be safe and could damage your social media presence. Hence, we have created this list of some of the best sites to buy YouTube comments from, that you can refer to and save time, money, and efforts. So, without any more beating around the bush, let us dive right into it!

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments


Viralyft is a one-stop-shop for all your social media needs as it provides services for nearly all social media platforms you could think of. The site is one of the best sites to buy YouTube comments because of the quality of the services that are delivered. At Viralyft, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority, hence the site has dedicated customer support that is available round the clock to solve any issues the clients might face.

Moreover, the customer support is very responsive, making it a faster and easier process compared to other sites. Viralyft also has an extensive refund policy so that customer satisfaction is not compromised by any hiccups that might have occurred. Viralyft has five available packages for people who want to buy YouTube comments, starting at $8.99 for 10 comments and going up to $69.99 for 250 comments.


One of the most notable and the best sites to buy YouTube comments is GetViral.io. The site offers affordable and high-quality services for nearly all social media platforms. GetViral.io is one of the most credible sites that you can come across on the web. Nearly 85% of GetViral’s clients return back to avail themselves of their services meaning that the client satisfaction of GetViral is really high.

To keep up the customer satisfaction, GetViral has dedicated customer support that is available 24/7, to help clients from all over the world and resolve any issues they might be facing. In this article, we are focusing on the YouTube comments and GetViral.io is notably the best place to buy YouTube comments. However, the site also caters services for other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To buy YouTube comments from GetViral.io, you need to choose from five available packages starting at $5.99 for 10 comments and these go up to $74.99 for 250 comments.


ViewsExpert is one of the best sites to buy YouTube comments from as it utilizes its vast network of partners and groups to promote/market your account. Thus, the engagement you get is real and from people who were drawn in from the promotion. When availing ViewsExpert’s services, you do not need to worry about your social media strategy because Viralyft’s team of digital marketing experts will handle it for you.

The social media strategy they use for you is unique to you as the team takes your needs and analytics into account before proceeding to build the strategy. Moreover, the delivery of services by ViewsExpert is really fast because they want their client’s social media journey to boom as soon as possible. To buy YouTube comments from ViewsExpert, you need to choose from the five available packages starting at $5.50 for 10 comments and going up to $74.50 for 250 comments.


Social media is a difficult place to grow and takes lots of time and effort. SocialPackages realizes this and offers packages to their clients for growing on various social media platforms. The quality of the services delivered, makes SocialPackages the best place to buy YouTube comments. The site has been a third-party service provider for more than 5 years and no account has got banned after using its services. Moreover, SocialPackages.net does not ask you for your personal and sensitive information such as passwords.

All you need to enter is the URL where you want your services delivered after purchase. Thus, there is no risk of getting banned or of other people knowing that you took the help of third-party service providers. There are five available packages for people who want to buy YouTube comments starting at just $5.99 for 10 YouTube comments and going up to $74.99 for 250 comments.


Fastlikes.io is a site that was originally targeted towards Instagram but offers packages for other social media platforms too, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify. The followers that you get from Fastlikes.io are real and the site steers clear of spam accounts or bots so as to provide their clients with real engagement. Moreover, Fastlikes.io uses accounts with high engagement to provide you with services so that the algorithm boosts your account more and you receive only high-quality engagements.

The site does not demand any personal information from their clients such as passwords. Hence, the clients are safe from being banned or from hackers that might want to steal information. Fastlikes.io provides people who want to buy YouTube comments with five packages starting at $5.99 for 10 comments and going up to $74.99 for 250 comments.


Organic reach is undoubtedly the best way to grow on any social media platform but it takes time. However, with Famups, the time factor gets eliminated. The site uses social media strategies to provide your account with organic reach so that the engagement you get is real and would not disappear with time. Hence, Famups is one of the best sites to buy YouTube comments. Moreover, the site promises fast delivery which means that it is a matter of a few minutes to establish your presence in the market and have a strong social media presence.

Famups’ digital marketing team of experts have designed packages at very affordable rates, so as to enable beginners to grow their social media accounts. Famups provides eight packages for people who want to buy YouTube comments, starting at just $6.00 for 10 YouTube comments and going up to $260 for 1000 YouTube comments. Thus, Famups’ packages are affordable and provide clients with high-quality services. 


Venium is a complete digital marketing agency that takes care of all your social media needs. SEO is important for every brand and Venium also provides SEO services. The platform is versatile and provides high-quality services for growing on every social media platform. The site uses the networks of their web partners to promote your account and gets you real engagement. The followers/subscribers or engagement that you get from Venium’s packages are absolutely real as the site does not make use of spam accounts or bots. Contrasting to other service providers, Venium focuses on building social media strategies to provide you with high-quality services and engagement from people that genuinely like your content.

Venium lets you target your audience so that you can get the reach and attention you deserve. Targeting also ensures that you do not spend your money at places where it is not required. Most of Venium’s clients say that the site helped them establish their YouTube channel as unique which helped drive traffic and resulted in a boost in sales. Hence, Venium’s services are trustable, and investing in them would be a fruitful investment for your social media account.


As is quite evident from the name of the site, GetRealBoost offers packages for providing clients with real boost and engagement instead of using fraudulent methods such as using bots or spam accounts. The site caters services for most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at very affordable rates. Hence, you get real engagement within your set budget. The most unique feature of GetRealBoost is that they have ready-to-go packages but are open to building exclusive packages for brands.

The digital marketing team of GetRealBoost needs your username and boom! They analyze your account to get details of your account’s statistics and plan on the strategy they should use. After they are done performing a complete analysis, they build packages exclusively for your brand at the set budget to provide you with genuine followers, comments, and likes.

For people that are on a bit of a budget and time crunch, their ready-made packages work wonders too. There are nine ready-to-go packages available for people who want to buy YouTube comments. These start at just $6.00 for 10 comments and go up to $275.00 for 1000 comments. Thus, GetRealBoost provides accounts with high-quality services at very affordable rates.


YTPals is a site that is providing services for your YouTube but also offers services for other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. The biggest bonus YTPals’ packages give you is that their expert digital marketing team will manage your digital media and plan the various strategies to adopt for a better digital presence. Hence, you get the time to focus on your business’ workings and get a complete social media management team at a very affordable rate.

This will help you save a lot of money and effort. Moreover, the site’s blog has detailed guides on approaches you can adopt along with availing their services, to get the most out of your investment and witness web traffic like you have not before. The site has helped more than 5,00,000 YouTube channels grow and some of them have become the most popular channels on the platform. Hence, YTPals has an experienced team that knows just how to turn your social media presence into something you have only thought of!

In case you are unsure of how YTPals’ YouTube packages work, you could try their free trial packages which are so good that you will definitely make up your mind to avail of their services. The site has packages for Free YouTube Views. Did you know that SEO and graphic design could help boost your channel? Well, YTPals has deals for those too. For people who want to buy YouTube comments from YTPals, you get to choose from five available packages starting at just $20.00 for 10 comments and going up to $140.00 for 100 comments.


SoNuker is another site that focuses on providing YouTube services at very affordable rates. However, that is not all the site has to offer. SoNuker also offers packages for providing services on other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. The site uses its existing wide network of partners to promote your account and provides you with affordable package options so that you can grow effortlessly. To help clients get a taste of how SoNuker’s service delivery works, they have two free trials – YouTube subscribers and YouTube likes. Moreover, the site will connect you with an existing YouTube community so that you get real engagement and can communicate/engage with each other. This ensures that any and all engagement you get is from real accounts. SoNuker is safe and secure and none of their clients until now have been banned or penalized.

Thus, you can blindly put your trust in SoNuker and they will absolutely deliver. The site has five packages for people who want to buy YouTube comments, starting at just $20.00 for 10 comments and going up to $140.00 for 100 YouTube comments. These YouTube packages get manually delivered to your account meaning that the algorithm will not detect any bots or spam accounts and your account will be safe from getting banned. Moreover, the comments will not be random because the video will be watched so that SoNuker can deliver relevant comments on the video. Thus, you get real engagement from SoNuker at really affordable prices.

Why Focus On YouTube for Marketing?

YouTube is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your brand and engage with your audience. More than 4 billion videos are being consumed daily, making it an important part of your social media strategy. We will list some more reasons that you can look at and determine why YouTube is a definite yes for your marketing strategy.

  • YouTube is the most widely used search engine after Google and the most popular platform after Google and Facebook obviously. With the perfect captions and tags, it is very possible that you might attract your target audience on YouTube (YouTube SEO).
  • The key is to educate, entertain, and engage with people and video content helps you do that easily. When you need to educate people on something, a long post might be quite tedious and would not hold the attention of the reader for long. Thus, video content on YouTube is the way to go!
  • Google’s search results show YouTube videos with a fitting SEO when the audience searches for certain topics. Hence, it is important to focus on YouTube if you want to come up on the Google search page. Create backlinks on your website that redirect to YouTube. This helps with your SEO ranking and also boosts the authenticity and authority of your website. You could repurpose your YouTube video into a series of blogs or podcasts and create links between each to strengthen your digital presence.

Now that we have seen how YouTube could benefit your marketing process and could boost your sales and drive traffic, we hope you would consider YouTube when planning your social media strategy. If you have an existing social media marketing team, ask them to consider YouTube and develop personalized strategies so that you can grow and market successfully on YouTube.

If I Buy YouTube Comments, Will It Harm My Account?

We get this question a lot and it is a very controversial topic on the web. Most people or digital marketing experts ask their clients to steer clear of these third-party service providers whereas a number of YouTube channels do buy YouTube comments. So, what should I do? Well, we are here to clear and answer any questions you might have about buying youTube comments. So, let us start the discussion right away!

The answer is both yes and no. Wait, let us explain it to you! The web has a host of websites that let you buy YouTube comments at very affordable rates and it is overwhelming. Do you think there would be so many sites on the web if people did not use them? Well, no! A number of people do use them and it works pretty well for them. Before you decide on what to do, there are some factors to consider. A number of the websites available on the web do not use legitimate methods to deliver you services which end up hurting your digital presence. For example, a number of sites use bots or spam accounts to provide you with services because the process is less time-taking.

However, this sudden activity raises the algorithm’s suspicions and they end up blocking or shadow banning your account. Moreover, if you buy YouTube comments from these sites, the comments would be completely unrelated to your video and it would be very evident to the audience that you have been using these third-party service providers. The audience ends up avoiding your account and it builds a negative impression. Hence, buying YouTube comments is wrong or harmful when you use these fraudulent sites.


We looked at how YouTube could help with your digital presence and how you could succeed at it without a dedicated social media team of experts. Going through the FAQs might prove to be useful in making up your mind. It would also help you make the best decision for your brand and make a worthy investment in your brand’s social media presence.

We hope this article helped you make up your mind and gave you a good idea of where to start. Build a good digital presence and attract a worldwide audience by referring to our list of the best sites to buy YouTube comments from, out of all the available options on the web. We wish you the best and hope you have a very successful social media journey! Generate revenue and traffic by utilizing the exclusive services and support from these sites, and witness the changes towards a better digital presence.

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