CHP Newhall joins multistate alliance in holiday enforcement campaign


Officials with the California Highway Patrol Newhall-area Office announced Monday they would be partnering with agencies throughout California, Oregon and Washington to enforce a traffic-safety campaign this coming holiday weekend.  

“State patrol agencies in California, Oregon and Washington are partnering for a traffic safety campaign focused on speeding drivers aptly named ‘I-5 Alive’ on July 2,” CHP officials said in a statement released from their Sacramento headquarters. “This coordinated education and enforcement effort is aimed at making the 1,381 miles of Interstate 5 safer for all summer travelers.” 

The campaign will specifically target those traffic violations that lead to injurious or fatal traffic collisions, such as distracted or impaired driving, not wearing a seat belt or failing to use proper child safety seats.  

“This weekend, we will have everyone available out on patrol, enforcing speed laws, seat belts laws and cellphone laws,” said Officer Josh Greengard, a spokesman for CHP’s Newhall office. “This enforcement operation will roll into our maximum enforcement for the July 4 weekend.” 

In their statewide statement, Sacramento officials said CHP officers around California saw a dramatic increase in the number of citations they issued to drivers for speeds in excess of 100 mph during the early days of the pandemic, from 1,331 citations statewide in May 2019 to 3,480 in May 2020, an increase of 161% 

The number of citations for driving over 100 mph is still above pre-pandemic levels, with 2,201 citations in April 2021. 

“Driving responsibly and at a reasonable speed is the best way to help ensure you and your passengers will arrive at your destination safely,” CHP Commissioner Amanda Ray said. “We know people are eager to get out and travel, but reckless driving will not get you there sooner — it will just create dangerous conditions for you and everyone else on the road.” 

The campaign by the law enforcement agencies issued the following five strategies for drivers to follow while driving in the I-5 corridor:  

• Slow down. 

• Drive sober. 

• Be patient. 

• Put your phone down. 

• Buckle up. 

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