North of Santa Clarita, a 5 Freeway Brushfire was quickly knocked down


On Saturday the 19th a small 5 Freeway brush fire was quickly dealt with by firefighters north of Santa Clarita. It was at 4:20 p.m on Saturday that local firefighters responded to reports of a brush fire on the northbound 5 Freeway near Templin Highway, just north of Castaic, according to Bernard Peters, dispatch supervisor for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Bernard Peters explained how the fire was successfully contained at a half-acre. He also warned, that as crews cool off hot spots on the Grapevine, minor traffic delays are to be expected. In case you notice a fire you should never do anything reckless and risk your own life, if you like bets try Free Bets instead.

The fire department wants you to remember the following:

If something burns or you see smoke; Regardless of whether you see an open fire, glowing or smoldering material, or simply smoke: dial 911! You can reach the fire brigade and rescue service at this number. In case of a non-emergency, you can also dial: (323) 881-2411.

  • State your name and describe the location as precisely as possible. You should also mention how big the fire is and if you see anyone in immediate danger.
  • If possible, go to a rescue point to instruct the emergency services from there in the damaged area.
  • Pass on your mobile phone number to the control center and be available for any questions you may have.
  • Do not put yourself in danger. Move away from the scene of the fire and pay attention to the direction of the wind – a forest fire can spread quickly in wind and particularly dry conditions. Escape downhill as quickly as possible during mountain tours and fire in the mountain forest, because smoke rises upwards.

If a wildfire occurs and you unexpectedly get into a life-threatening situation in your car, do the following:

  • Remain calm and call 911, the fire department.
  • Stay inside your car if it is no longer possible to escape on foot.
  • Keep all your windows closed.
  • The ventilation and air conditioning must be turned off.
  • Take your rescue blanket and cover yourself. The silver side should always be facing up.
  • Do not drive too fast and keep your lights on. Be careful of other drivers.
  • If you can not keep driving and need to stop, stop as far away as possible from combustible material and bushes. You should switch off the motor during longer periods of standing.

If a forest fire is approaching your house and there is no time to escape, you should observe the following rules:

  • Remain calm and inform the fire department.
  • Remain indoors and check that your gas is turned off.
  • Turn on the lights in and around the house.
  • Have a ladder ready to climb onto the roof in an emergency.
  • Fill all of the large containers with water, and do not forget your bathtub.
  • In case you still have time, prepare your garden hose as well.
  • Close the windows, lower the shutters and seal all openings.
  • Items you may need are a fire extinguisher, ax, shovel, and spade handy when fighting a fire.

What to do in case a wildfire occurs when you are in a hotel

If you are staying in a hotel in the event of a forest fire, always follow the instructions of the staff. Do not waste your time trying to gather your luggage and other items. You can not waste any of your valuable time. Your life is the top priority!

How to Avoid a Forest Fire

  • Do not throw cigarettes or other burning objects in nature or out of the car. An embankment or area fire can start faster than you think.
  • Do not place cars or scooters on dry grass surfaces, especially near forests. Hot catalytic converters and exhaust systems can ignite fires. In addition to all models with catalytic converters on the vehicle floor (many cars with gasoline engines), this also increasingly applies to vehicles with the Euro VI emissions standard. If they are switched to regeneration mode, very high temperatures can arise.
  • From March 1st to October 31st it is not allowed to smoke in Bavarian forests. This does not apply to forest owners.
  • Do not light barbecues, party torches, or campfires near forests (up to 100 meters) and dry fields – especially when it is dry. Stick to the designated barbecue areas.
  • Be especially careful in sparse, grassy mountain forests. The foehn wind dries them out particularly strongly and they are particularly difficult to extinguish.
  • Always park your car in such a way that company, rescue, and fire-fighting vehicles are not obstructed.

Forest fire statistics – why do forests burn?

The cause of most fires is unknown. Among the known causes, negligence by forest visitors and campers tops the list, followed by arson. In figures, this means: In 2019, negligence led to 355 forest fires and arson to 244 forest fires. Of the 355 negligent fires, 183 were caused by forest visitors, campers, or children. 159 forest fires were caused by negligence in economic activities (agriculture, timber harvesting). 93 of the forest fires were triggered by natural causes such as lightning strikes. The cause of 672 forest fires could not be determined.

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