Robert Lamoureux | Double paper under roof tiles offers added protection

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux

Question No. 1  


We live in Valencia and are in need of getting our roof replaced. Currently we have the Spanish-type tiles, which are concrete, but we’d like to switch up the look and go with a flat tile.  

We both agree that we’d like to put down double paper below these tiles, hoping for more longevity and, though it’ll cost more now, hopefully it will give us more years.  

Is this overkill and not beneficial or is it actually a good idea and our reasoning legitimate?  

 Jim C.  

Answer No. 1  


Not overkill. I believe that the cost to do this is so minimal, though some cannot afford it, it is a fantastic idea and exactly what we do here in Santa Clarita when we are doing roof work.  

It will be that much harder for any water to get past, and ultimately gives you added protection. Use a 30-pound felt and be sure that your contractor is following all the nailing patterns. Above all, see that your contractor is licensed and insured, and don’t pay the final until you are certain that the job has been done properly.  

Great question, best of luck. 

— Robert 

Robert Lamoureux has more than 40 years of experience as a general contractor, with separate licenses in electrical and plumbing contracting. He owns IMS Construction Inc. in Valencia. His opinions are his own, not necessarily those of The Signal. Opinions expressed in this column are not meant to replace the recommendations of a qualified contractor after that contractor has made a thorough visual inspection. Email questions to Robert at [email protected]. 

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