Timeless Gifts for the Ultimate Dog Person


Don’t you just want to find that special gift for the dog lover in your life? Are you looking for the gift that will last forever, standing through the test of time? What will memorialize that dog the best in their eyes?

Let’s say you absolutely love your dog, but you don’t want to stop there. You want to express your devotion to the entire world (or at least your company)! Let that furry face be the first thing visitors to your home see upon walking through your door.

Dog Calendar

Who doesn’t want a dog calendar, or even better- a puppy calendar, full of the absolute cutest puppies out there? What better, less expensive way to remind you of your favorite furry companions every day? On top of that, you’ll get to neatly organize all of your future obligations! See your favorite pup every morning with a wonderful, new daily dog calendar!

Organize your daily schedule while educating yourself on the various dog breeds out there. Believe it or not, the AKC recognizes just under 200 dog breeds! Of course, there is only 12 months in a year, but you can easily fit a working type or breed category into each of those months.

Dog Portraits

This is a fantastic way to immortalize your own dog! Remember your best friend forever in the form of a custom dog portrait that will last for generations to come. These can be either handmade custom for you or chosen from an existing selection of high quality pet portraits. 

Visitors to your home can bask in the glory of your beautiful pet, or you can simply decorate any room in the home.

Dog-Photo Mugs

Who doesn’t remember all of those Christmas-themed mugs as a child? Well, it’s incredibly easy to paste a photo of your beloved pet on any plain mug! Easily have your own dog photo printed on your favorite mug to remind you of that furry loved one even when you are apart!

Puppy Pillows

Accentuate any bed with the beautiful faces of your favorite dogs! After all, who does not need another pillow? Even your own dog could probably use another dog pillow.

You can style your very own pillow with the likeness of your beloved pet, but why stop there? Consider a dog pillow shaped like the face of your dog! The Japanese Shiba Inu breed seems to have coined this idea, with their ever-popular likeness.

Message Blankets for Dogs

Self-styled dog blankets will remind you of your best friend every time you wake up! These can be both great for you and offer security for your pup in the form of an anxiety blanket. Not only do they keep you warm, but pet blankets make a fantastic present or Christmas gift.

Blankets are thought to be very helpful with anxiety. In fact, there are dog blankets made exactly for the very purpose of limiting anxiety. It’s thought the slight added weight and pressure will resemble a human parent holding and comforting the little ones.

Christmas Decor & Clothing

Are you looking for that perfect holiday gift for the dog lover in your life? You can never go wrong with personalized clothing, but why not clothing tailored for their dog? Winer vests are wonderful ideas, but doggy coats or even booties to protect from the frigid snow and sharp ice make wonderful additions.

In fact, dog lovers tend to forget the value of booties. You might think they are silly, but long-distance mushers have been using booties to protect their precious teammates for decades. While we have shown, dogs have to walk on those footpads constantly, and any injury can mean a great deal more to them than we think.

Dog booties can also be great for the summer! We often forget how hot the pavement, or even sand, can get because we have our own shoes and never have to touch these surfaces. 

Paw Print Tattoos

This is an extreme gift that is not suitable for everyone but if your friend is a fan of tattoos, getting them a gift card for a tattoo parlour where they could get their dog’s paw printed is certainly unique. Getting their dog’s paw tattooed will be a way to cherish their dog’s memory forever!

There are some paw print tattoo designs for inspiration but most designs follow the same basic patterns: a unique paw printed in black and white on someone’s arm. Make sure you get a print of their dog’s paw beforehand, so everything is ready for the tattoo artist.

Invest in a Dog Gift that Will Last forever!

If you’re looking for timeless gifts for the ultimate dog lover, there are countless options available to you! Show that dog lover you care for that you understand what truly holds importance in their lives.

The best gifts above aren’t just cute, but they are functional and actually help improve the animal’s daily life. For example, an anxiety blanket, booties, or even a winter dog coat. Reflective harnesses are also fantastic examples!

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