Top 5 Sports for Students


Sport has always been considered one of the best ways to get into college and make your way in life. Indeed, if you were not born in a wealthy family with a silver spoon in your mouth, you will have to make efforts to obtain a degree. Scholarships are often perceived as a successful lottery ticket that opens the door to the next level in life. You can get it for high academic performance, outstanding scientific projects, or achievements in sports. The latter is especially popular among young people who cannot imagine their lives without good physical activity. Besides, sports provide many other opportunities and can turn your student years into the best life period. Your studying shouldn’t be only about reading books, writing essays, and visiting extracurricular activities to create an impressive CV. If you worry about your grades and deadlines, you can turn to the do my paper for me service to meet this challenge. Devote your youth to creating a strong reputation and successful career after graduation. If you don’t know what sports to choose, pay attention to the most popular options among college students.

1. American football

You might not be surprised to come across this sport on the list of the top activities for students. It has been running the table for a long time, and its popularity isn’t going to vanish away. Of course, it has achieved the biggest fame in the USA, but you can also find strong teams in Italy and Brazil. Other countries take a back seat in this regard even though they can boast of a wide range of players too. It has borrowed many things from rugby, so some people confuse these sports for a reason. The whole secret of such tremendous popularity lies in the fact that you don’t have to match strict standards to start playing.

Nonetheless, you should be ready for harsh contact with your rivals on the field. Everyone knows that the game is characterized by rough interaction of players, so it’s not worth forgetting your helmet and padding. If you have never watched the game in person, you should fix it in the near future.

2. Basketball

It’s impossible to complete a list of the top sports for students without mentioning basketball. You will hardly argue that it’s an iconic game for Americans, and it’s even more about a culture than just physical activity. People of all ages and genders play basketball around the country, not to mention academic institutions. It suggests limited physical contact with other players, so it can be considered much safer than American football. Many students play it in college and hope to make their way to the NBA. If you are good at the game, you will get a wide range of opportunities and privileges, so it’s up to you to decide whether you need fame and perks. Of course, to stand out from the rest, you may need to practice more. However, it will not be a big deal if you get help with essay.

3. Cricket

Even though its popularity has gone down for the last time, it still remains one of the most popular sports among students. Statistics say that about 2,9 million people play this game, and this number is twice as big when it comes to admirers who watch the game and show interest. In some countries, it has managed to become almost a national game. One of its brightest examples is India, since they have many professional and semi-professional teams. So even though it takes a back seat in the USA compared to previous sports on the list, many academic institutions can boast of well-developed teams. Maybe it is all because cricket gave in to baseball back in the days and cannot return its previous success.

4. Soccer

You might not know that China is the motherland of soccer, and it has spread worldwide only much later. Today it gains popularity among American students, while Europeans have been going crazy about it for dozens of years already. Its simplicity looks appealing to both genders, so you can come across both women’s and men’s soccer teams. Most academic institutions hire advanced coaches, so students sharpen their skills under strict supervision. It’s not a secret that professional soccer clubs attend games that take place in colleges to find new talents and make them an offer they cannot reject. Thus, everyone who wants to achieve incredible results and make their way into the national league should pay more attention to their training. A trustworthy cheap essay writing service will always come in handy at such a moment.

5. Ice hockey

You might have expected to come across baseball on the list, but surprisingly the surveys showed that ice hockey has a bigger army of fans among college students. Today, it attracts many young people because it provides great scholarships and opportunities after graduation. Thus, if you show interest in the game and can show off with high performance, you have good chances to climb a career ladder right in college since almost all professional teams visit academic institutions to choose a new lucky team member. Of course, one shouldn’t forget that it’s a harsh game and can involve traumatic experiences, so if your health leaves much to be desired, it is better to pay attention to some other sports.

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