Woman testifies Stevenson Ranch Grammy winner raped her on Hollywood street


During the second day of testimony during the preliminary hearing for Noel Fisher, the Stevenson Ranch resident and Grammy-winning producer arrested on suspicion of 26 counts of sexual assault and/or rape, the second victim to testify alleged that he grabbed her arm and forced her face down into the cushion of a car seat.  

Fisher, 42, also known by his music industry alias “Detail,” is accused of attacking at least 11 women, and the charges against him include forcible rape, forcible sodomy, forcible oral copulation, assault likely causing great bodily injury and others.  

The preliminary hearing, which began Wednesday, started with a testimony from C.D., using an anonymous moniker given to all victims in the trial. During her interview with both the prosecutor and Fisher’s defense counsel, C.D. said she had escaped a 10-minute attack from Fisher in 2010, when he pinned her legs down and locked her inside the room with him.  


Although starting her testimony shortly after C.D. on Wednesday, due to time constraints imposed by the court, A.O. delivered the bulk of her version of events Thursday. 

In her testimony, A.O. stated that she, too, like C.D., had met Fisher 11 years ago after he had invited her and a friend to his Stevenson Ranch home. While there, A.O. said she and Fisher “hung out” in the studio, making conversation while he produced a Nicki Minaj song. After spending the night there in a room by herself, A.O. testified, she and Fisher exchanged numbers.  

A few months later, in fall 2010, A.O. was in the city of Los Angeles and had gone clubbing with a friend. For the previous few months, she and Detail had exchanged a handful of text messages and she sent him “two to three innocent pictures,” she said. After leaving the club, and testifying to having had only one drink, A.O. and her friend went to meet Fisher on Third Street in Hollywood for food.  

When she and her friend pulled up to the restaurant, Fisher and his bodyguard had already arrived, A.O. said, in a large Mercedes van. When the bodyguard and her friend went in to get food, the 21-year-old A.O. said Fisher asked her to get into the van and she did.  

“We were just talking …. (then) he got really aggressive,” said A.O. “He started blowing on my neck … I remember vividly he just kept coming on to me, like putting his body onto me, and I told him to ‘back up, give me some space.’” 

“‘You know what you came here for, you know who I am,’” Fisher replied, according to A.O. 

It was at that point, A.O. said, Fisher grabbed her arm, turned her away from him, and forced her face, by applying pressure on the back of her neck with either his hand or arm, into the crevice of one of the van’s middle-row seats. She screamed a handful of times before giving up, she said, before her voice was muffled by the chair.  

It was then that, she says, the defendant pulled her underwear to the side and raped her both vaginally and anally. The sexual penetration lasted a total of three minutes, she said, but she testified feeling extreme pain and thinking of her child back home waiting for her.  

“At that point, I just stopped fighting him … at that point, I just wanted it to be over with,” A.O. said.  

She then testified that although unsuccessful at first to escape Fisher, trying to leave the van by kicking at him and struggling with him, he let go of the back of her neck after ejaculating into a condom.  

She “put (herself) together” and ran out of the van, mascara running down her face, crying and her friend followed closely behind after exiting the restaurant. Upon hearing what happened, A.O.’s friend asked her if she wanted to go to the police or a hospital, to which the 21-year-old single mother said “no,” she testified.  

She said she didn’t want to go to the authorities and risk having the public, her family or new nursing coworkers know what had happened to her, saying she felt scared, in pain and embarrassed. 

After that incident, all electronic communication between her and Fisher ceased, she said. A handful of months later, A.O. testified, she ran into Fisher at the club.  

“‘No one will ever believe (you),’” is what Fisher said to her, A.O. testified Thursday. 


During the cross-examination portion for the defense, attorney Jaaye Person-Lynn once again went through the narrative, exacting the logistics of the evening, such as where the car was parked, how many seats were in the car, where the tables at the restaurant were, inside or outside, etc. 

Additionally, Person-Lynn asked her in various ways whether the relationship between her and Fisher had risen to what would be described as “flirty,” to which she replied it was “friendly” on her end but flirty on Fisher’s end.  

When asked why she had stayed in the studio, Fisher said she is “into music” and that him working on the Nicki Minaj song “was cool.”  

A.O. said she had one drink that night, but was not feeling the effects of the alcohol. She testified she had taken the condom from the floor of the van that night, but had disposed of it three years ago.  

When asked if she had joined the criminal complaint before or after the news broke that Fisher would have to pay $15 million to one of his victims, she said “before.” When asked at what point if her lawyer filed a civil suit against Fisher, she said “after” she had learned of the $15 million court decision.  

Fisher would be served with another lawsuit by one of the victims once again, in-person, before the day’s court session expired.  

Court is set to reconvene once again Friday at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Department 42. 

Fisher is being held at the North County Correctional Facility in Castaic in lieu of $6.29 million bail. 

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