Arctos Portable AC Reviews: Truth Revealed About Arctos Personal Space Cooler

Arctos Portable AC Reviews

Overall, the Arctos Portable AC Reviews is rated 4.9 out 5.0 stars by customers in terms of its efficiency as a Portable Cooler/AC. Due to demand by our readers, we put Arctos to the test and compared it to other recent air coolers. 

Some fake portable AC’s or air coolers are out there, robbing people of their hard earned money. They promise to cool your personal space, but most times are indeed cheap knock offs, which is an exaggeration of their advertising claims. 

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But we took our time on Arctos Portable AC. Our team reviewing the latest gadgets, gave a breakdown of everything you need to know in this Arctos Portable AC Portable AC Review. 

This Arctos Portable AC Review contains Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons, Pricing and Where to Buy it in the US and Canada, including other relevant information. 

It seems like only a few moments ago it was winter. It was freezing cold and to step outside we had to bundle ourselves up, and it felt like the freezing cold weather would never ever go away. 

Christmas, then New Years have all gone by, but the dreaded friend was looming up ahead in the near distance, and like the Titanic, we were in full speed heading towards the hidden iceberg in the foggy distance. 

Although now, a lot of us are still locked inside our homes. And the weather reports suggest that it is going to be a very hot summer, possibly one of the hottest we have had in many years. 

So sadly, instead of sorting out air-conditioned schools for the summer, playground, beaches, or very cool offices, we are going to mostly stay indoors. 

And you know what that means. 

We are going to need to crank up the AC in our homes and apartments. We’ll have to keep them on at all times. So, an easy way to stay cool and also save a lot of money is with the awesome Arctos Portable AC 

What is the Arctos Portable AC? 

Arctos Portable AC

The Arctos Portable AC is a personal air conditioning unit that affords its users with the ability to stay fresh and comfortable wherever they go, but does the personal portable air-cooling device which is cut out for maximum comfort and convenience actually work as advertised or is it just another one of those that promises and fails to deliver? Keep reading! 

The Arctos Portable AC is one of the cool and newest innovations in personalized air-cooling technology and functionality due to its unique properties as a powerful air conditioner, regular fan as well as a humidifier.  

With upgraded, modern designs and more advanced features than other personal portable air conditioners, the Arctos Portable AC is the latest and heavy in-demand unit that is being rushed off the shelves as consumers are already gearing up for what is set to be another heat-intense and humid summer season. 

With spring slowly warming up and summer coming around soon again, the heat levels in the northern hemisphere will again be on the rise. Subsequently, data published by several government agencies worldwide seems to clearly point to the fact that the atmospheric temperatures have been steadily increasing. 

It is also worthy of mention that the rate of increase in temperature increase has been more pronounced recently, as the average spike in temperature has doubled since the time frame in consideration. 

It’s a no brainer, you have to grab an Arctos Portable AC right now if you want to beat the summer heat. You can put the Arctos Portable AC on your desk as you work, you can also place one in the children’s room, so they won’t be sweaty while they sleep.  

It is likewise amazing that you can take one with you wherever you go, so you don’t have to suffer in the unpleasant and miserable summer heat. 

Arctos Portable AC Reviews – Features 

Arctos Portable AC Features

Although when participating in outdoor activities the hot summer can seem like fun for a while, the truth of the matter remains that continuous and prolonged exposure to the sun can have very serious and harmful effects on one’s health. This Arctos Portable AC Review confirms that it can handle any heat-related problems of its users effortlessly. Some of its features include: 

Arctos Cooler has Incredible Cool Air Output 

Thanks to its easy and modern design, the Arctos Portable AC is designed to make one’s life easier by allowing users to invite cool air with only the touch of a button. Unlike other cooling units that feature heavy water tanks, Arctos Portable AC comes with a direct fill water tank that you can use even while the device is running. 

Arctos Cooler is Portable 

As mentioned before, the Arctos Portable AC is small and portable such that it can be carried around easily by almost anyone. Also, the cooling unit can be powered using a standard USB cable and from a design point of view, it makes the entire charging process extremely straightforward and stress-free. 

 Also, the unit is very lightweight and can be stored away and safely kept in any regular cupboard, closet, etc. 

Arctos AC  is Rechargeable: 

Arctos Portable AC comes loaded with a very high-quality rechargeable desktop air cooler that can provide short-term relief in a matter of minutes. Also, a single full charge means that Arctos Portable AC can last for a long period of time up to 12 hours. 

Arctos Portable AC  is Adjustable: 

An underrated feature of this device is that it offers three different cooling speeds (namely low, medium, and high) depending upon one’s personal preference or needs. As If that was not enough, Arctos Portable AC also comes with a variable louver for directing the flow of the cool air.  

Due to this, users can always maximize the device’s overall cooling capacity and optimize its usage to suit the individuals’ preferences. 

Arctos Portable AC works under very stressful conditions 

Some have reported their dissatisfaction with their cooling devices often since they cannot function at optimum level during peak summer times. However, with Arctos Portable AC, users can get an optimal level of cooling even during the most intense summer heat waves. 

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Arctos Cooler Portable AC Reviews – Benefits 

The Arctos Portable AC is selling so fast that we can barely make more of them fast enough. This is because it can create cool air or can be switched to a regular fan. Whichever way you please. It can as well function as a humidifier and if you’re suffering from stuffy sinuses or reactive to dry air, the Arctos Portable AC will make you feel better. 

Arctos Portable AC Cools Rapidly 

The Arctos Portable AC generates cool air and fast, in about 30 seconds, you can start to enjoy Rapid Cooling as the Arctos Portable AC pumps out 2.7 m/s of cool and refreshing air.  

It has Adjustable Speed 

The blast portable AC can be run at three different fan speeds and the user can choose to operate it at their preferred comfort level. There is no loud, disturbing fan noise to disrupt your relaxation. It can also lighten the mood when you want intimacy or relaxation and has louvers you can adjust to direct the cool air wherever you like. 

It is Easy to use:  

An important benefit of this device and one that cannot be overemphasized is that it is effortless and very stress free to operate and use. Unlike similar air conditioning devices available in the market today (that are quite tedious to use), Arctos Portable AC is extremely easy to operate. All the user must do is turn it on and start enjoying its cooling and relaxation benefits. 

It is also very easy to refill the huge capacity tank with water when it runs low, and it is also portable and very easy to carry. It produces very low noise and is lightweight (less than 2 pounds). 

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How does the Arctos Portable AC work? 

In its simplest sense, the Arctos Portable AC works as a quality made portable air-cooling device that can help users eliminate any heat-related issues they may be faced with because of the forthcoming summer season.  

In terms of its operationality and design, this Arctos AC Reviews found out that it employs an environmentally friendly setup that is extremely kind to nature as it ensures that no chemicals are used in the cooling unit. Furthermore, some core features and actions of this air conditioner are highlighted below. 

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Arctos Cooler has Humidifier action:  

An amazing feature of this cooling unit is that it can double up as a humidifier. For those who do not know, a humidifier basically adds moisture to the surrounding environment, allowing those around or under the influence of the air conditioning unit to get rid of dry skin, itchiness and epidermal irritation. 

Besides that, the humidifiers can also be used to improve the health of our nose, throat, and lips as well as ease many of the symptoms that may arise as a result of common colds, irritations, allergies, and seasonal flu. 

Arctos Cooler has Freeze function:  

Even under extreme heat waves, the Arctos Portable AC can provide users with the ideal cooling output. This is because each air conditioning unit is equipped with an efficient ice tray unit that can pump out cold air when required. Furthermore, it is important to remember that the user can control how this air is dispelled from the main unit. 

Arctos Cooler is multi-faceted:  

Due to its powerful and amazing inbuilt cooling unit, the Arctos Portable AC can be used either as a powerful personal space air cooler and humidifier or as a regular fan depending on what the user needs at that point in time.  

Furthermore, both operational modes mentioned above consume different amounts of electricity, which basically means that users can switch between the two modes to save power or money as the case may be. 

Does Arctos Portable AC Really Work? 

Arctos Portable AC portable air cooler unit works. It can be used in extremely dry conditions, especially since it comes with a built-in and high-quality humidifier that can easily help moisturize or humidify our surrounding environment easily. 

Arctos Portable AC can also help users control their surrounding environment when used regularly, allowing for improved work, relaxation, hobbies, and health in general. 

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Due to its built-in humidifier, the device can eliminate a host of dry air-related issues and irritations that are known to affect our eyes and skin as well as our nasal passages during the hot summer months. 

Several and numerous positive Arctos Portable AC reviews are available online about this incredible air conditioning product. All individuals who have used the device have attested to being exceedingly happy and satisfied with its overall utility, functionality and operational output. 

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Some Cooling Technologies That Put Arctos Portable AC Miles Ahead of the Rest 

Arctos Portable AC uses filtration technology to turn your area from uncomfortable to pleasant. The changeable, efficient Water Curtain evaporates moisture thereby taking away the heat and blowing a fresh and cool breeze. Plus, a misting device is included to spray a cool, refreshing mist that will provide more comfort, ease congestion, and help with dry skin. 

It is very efficient and lasts for a long period of time. It can be changed in seconds, and freshwater curtains are easily available and can be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website. 

Arctos Cooler comes in Handy for the summer experience 

The hot summer weather is a great reason and excuse to have fun outdoors. But the very hot summer days will mostly feel very unbearable once you’re inside unless your home is equipped with air conditioning. Arctos Portable AC is the portable air cooler and humidifier for long-lasting relief and comfort during the hottest of summer days. 

With its compactness and lightweight design, the Arctos Portable AC goes wherever you go to sustain the perfect temperature. 

Pros of the Arctos Portable AC 

Arctos Personal Space Cooler

As stated earlier, this Arctos Portable AC Reviews contains both the pros and cons. They are all listed below: 

Arctos Cooler is adjustable: 

The clean, compact, and modern design is well suited for use in any room. This device is equipped with three different fan speeds and a variable louver for directing airflow. With this, you can always vary the cooling to suit your personal preference. 

For personal cooling 

You can set up the portable air conditioner in any room you’d like to relax or feel more comfortable in. Then plug in the device to the closest power source using the provided USB cable. 

It is also simple to use 

With an easy top-fill pouring, the Arctos Portable AC is designed to make your life easier and more comfortable. No re-fill tank to worry about, you just pour the water directly into the unit and enjoy cool and humidified air. 

This device is the easiest way to deal with the hot summer sun in this season. Whether you need a break from the sun or you prefer a cooler atmosphere while indoors working or sleeping, Arctos Cooler gives you the ability to control the temperature conditions for improved working conditions, comfort, leisure and wholesome relaxation. 

It Prevents Irritation 

Unlike traditional air conditioning units and fans, Arctos Portable AC humidifier adds moisture to the air to prevent your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying out or becoming irritated. 

Cons of the Arctos Portable AC 

  • It can only be purchased online. 
  • Because of high market demand, stock is limited. 

Pricing (Cost) of Arctos Portable AC in the United States and Canada 

When you order the Arctos Portable AC, you get the portable AC, alongside the appropriate charging cable and an instructions manual. 

One unit of the Arctos Portable AC can be purchased for $89.99, which is a discounted price from the original price of $138.45. Thispackage is called the Personal cool pack.  

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Also, instead of $276.89, you can buy two units of the arctos portable air conditioner for $179.98. This package is termed the Too Cool Pack.  

Just $202.99 for three units dubbed the Three’s company Pack. The three units were originally sold for $415.34. 

Instead of $553.78, you can purchase a Mega Cool Pack for $247.99. This package includes four units of the Arctos Portable AC. 

An additional shipping fee is included that the buyer will be required to pay depending on the type of package chosen. However, the interesting thing about this purchase is that there is a money-back guarantee. Every buyer is given 30 days from the date of purchase to return a package and request for a refund if they no longer want it.  

However, the condition demands that the box should not have been opened, because if the return is accepted there would be need for a clean repackage. Therefore, before placing your order, make sure you have all the right information.  

Where to buy the Arctos Portable AC 

The Arctos Portable AC is made available at a discounted price on the manufacturer’s official website only. You can save more money if you purchase more than two units of the personal fan. Also, this discount offer can end any time. 

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The safest and most convenient way of purchasing the Arctos Portable AC is through the company’s official website and they are a lot of purchase options listed on the website that the buyer can choose from 

Frequently Asked Questions on Arctos Portable AC 

The introduction to personal air conditioning units and portable AC devices is practically a new innovation, having just made their first big mainstream push in the middle of last summer. And now that the market has responded and the demand for this product is once again very high given all of the new features and functions these compact devices can perform.  

Therefore, all questions have been answered in this Arctos Portable AC Review in order to have absolute consumer confidence and assurance before ordering the Arctos Portable AC device. Here are the most asked questions regarding the Arctos Portable AC: 

How often should I clean or service the Unit? (Arctos AC Reviews) 

Users should change or clean the Arctos Portable AC once a month. Wipe down the exterior with a soft, damp cloth as needed. The filter should be replaced every 3-6 months for optimal performance. Remove the filter and allow both the filter and unit to fully dry out before storing when not in use. 

Does the Arctos AC make too much noise? 

No, the Arctos Portable AC runs very quiet and will not disturb users. 

Will using this Arctos air conditioner increase my electric bill? 

The Arctos Portable AC device optimizes electrical power with an evaporation technology while removing heat and providing fresh and cooled air. And it is also more cost-effective and economical to cool one room than cooling an entire house with the same device. 

How to use the Arctos Portable AC 

There are three easy steps that users should follow to make full and complete use of this cooling device, and each Arctos Portable AC unit comes with an easy user guide and instructions on how to maintain this device: 

(i) Set up: Right off the mark, users can take out the device from its box or packaging and place it on any flat surface. Once this is done, the USB cable adapter provided with the unit should be plugged into an electric wall outlet or socket and the other end of the cord attached to the air conditioning unit. 

(ii) Installation: After users have taken off the packaging and the Arctos Portable AC is out of its original box, they can go on to remove the water curtain from its drawer. After this, they should then soak this curtain in water and then put the water curtain back in its holding drawer. 

(iii) Utilization: Once you have correctly performed all the steps outlined above, the device is basically ready for use. In order for us, the users need to fill the water tank built into the system and turn the operational knob to the device speed setting of their choice. After this, the device should start expelling cool, crisp and fresh air in no time (in a matter of minutes). 

Where is the best place to position my Arctos Portable AC? 

We recommend positioning your unit close to an open window on a flat surface for best performance. 

How many people will the Arctos Portable AC cool? 

We recommend a single unit near each single person’s space of work or leisure. 

Using the Arctos Portable AC 

Set up your Portable AC on any flat surface and plug in the power adapter into the appropriate port. Plug the other end into a wall outlet. 

Remove the water curtain from the drawer, soak it in water and insert it back into the drawer. 

Fill the water tank with water then choose your preferred speed setting. You can enjoy cool and humidified air instantly! 

Arctos Portable AC Customer Reviews 

Steve Philips, Reviewed from the United States says: “Arctos Portable AC cools my personal space in less than a minute. I am happy I got this portable AC. I highly recommend it. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars!” 

“I used to always have to sleep with a fan just beside my bed, but it was quite loud. If I was busy with something, work or reading, the air was usually quite troubling. The Arctos Portable AC gives me all the cool air I could ever ask for and without all the problems of my old fan. It’s great.” 


“I like the hot weather, but those hot summer nights can be very rough to sleep soundly through! Thanks to Arctos Portable AC, I am comfortable and relaxed no matter what the outside temperature is. I even take my portable AC with me when I go camping.” 


“I’m not really accustomed to all this new technology stuff, but the air cooler was much easier to use than an AC unit with a multitude of buttons. I just filled the water tank and on really hot days added ice and I felt cool in a matter of seconds. My husband keeps stealing one, so I’ll probably buy another. It’s a must-have device for anyone planning to enjoy their summer season.” 


“I purchased the Arctos Portable AC as a present for my dad who has a small workroom, which he uses for his rock polishing projects. He really likes it. Now he can do what he loves for longer periods of time because he’s more relaxed and comfortable.” 


Arctos Portable AC Portable AC Reviews – Closing Thoughts 

In Conclusion for this Arctos Portable AC Reviews, our experts agree that this personal space cooler is what your money 

In the summertime, the air conditioner or cooler is the most frequently used gadget in the home. The pandemic has caused many people to spend more time indoors and in front of their TV screens and laptops, so their air conditioners operate every hour of the day and night to keep the surroundings very comfortable.  

There are different ways to remain comfy at home but using a Portable AC during the hottest part of the summer is the most economic and cost-effective way. That’s why this high-quality tabletop air conditioner, the Arctos Portable AC, has been invented.  

This gadget claims to be the best-selling personal and portable air conditioner on the market currently, as it enables users to place it close to them to effectively cool them off as they are either working, sleeping, resting, or engaging in any other activity.  

Despite some customer complaints, many people have continued to use the Arctos Portable AC, which has made all the difference for them, turning a humid workday into a chilled, convenient, and comfortable personal workspace. Also, Portable air conditioners like the Arctos Portable AC one is far less expensive and cost-effective than a professionally mounted air conditioner. 

Furthermore, you do not require any skill or technical-know-how to operate since the device only involves plugging into an outlet or socket and a water refill when needed to work. The Arctos Portable AC is also much more helpful in an emergency since it does not need to be connected to power all the time to operate.  

It’s cordless and uses a cable only for charging it and connecting it directly into a power outlet for quick recharge. With different parts of the world experiencing power outages during thunderstorms or many other emergencies, a desktop and cordless AC will keep you cold as you wait on the emergency services. 

Arctos Portable AC also generates very cool air, and it does this pretty fast, within a few seconds, you can begin to enjoy very fresh and cool air as the Arctos Portable AC pumps out 2.7 m/s of cool, refreshing air.  

You can operate this cooling device at different fan speeds and the user can choose to set it to any comfort level of their choice. It is a lightweight device, very compact and produces very low noise. There is no loud, and obnoxious fan noise to disrupt your relaxation.  

Contact Arctos Portable AC 

By Email: [email protected] 

By Phone: TFN: 866-955-4574 

Company Address 

Ontel Products Corp. 

21 Law Drive 

Fairfield, NJ 07004 

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