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Boltz Pro Battery Charger has been recently launched and has had mixed reviews around the internet. It is a device that lets you charge multiple devices at the same time. But Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit? Lets read this Boltz Pro Battery Charger Review to find out.

We currently live in a modern digital age, with most people in developed countries having easy access to the internet. What’s more, we also require several devices to stay connected and entertain ourselves. Even small kids have tablets nowadays, while the global coronavirus pandemic has made the use of devices even more necessary. 

Think about it; we use these mobile devices–smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on—for staying in touch with our loved ones, educating our children, entertaining ourselves, and even earning a livelihood. With all these devices on hand, the need for consistent and fast charging is a prevalent one. Whenever we leave home or even when we’re starting our day, it becomes imperative to have a fully charged device. Without this, the devices might stop working right in the middle of an important Zoom meeting or during a student’s classes. 

Adaptive chargers might be a necessity for most people now, but the average models take a lot of time to get the job done. What’s even worse is that when the charger is plugged in, it will continue charging even when the device’s battery is full. The heat emission through this process can be quite dangerous, wasteful, and risk the device as well. 

These issues of overheating, overcharging, and slow charging are serious ones, so it’s high time that we consider an upgrade that can do away with such problems. Fortunately, it seems like we may already have a great option already in the form of the Boltz Pro Charger. Let’s have a closer look at this offering and see if it can really made out day to day routines a bit easier: 

Boltz Pro Charger Reviews

 The Boltz Pro Charger is a sort of adaptive charger, but one that has the ability to power up all kinds of smartphones, tablets, and a myriad of other devices. In fact, the manufacturer behind this charger states that it can change around up to 4 times faster than its competition. 

This charger contains four charging ports on one adapter, which means that we can plug in several devices at the same time. Having two or more devices charging at once is not supposed to reduce the charging speed, either, so we can hope to have fully charged devices simultaneously. If nothing else, this will certainly be great for reducing conflict in our homes!

The four charging ports also mean that we don’t have to worry about too many wires. If we’re travelling, one Boltz Pro Charger might be all we need to pack for our charging needs. It’s also compliant with the TSA travel guidelines and requirements, so there shouldn’t be a hassle while travelling long distances by plane or train either. 

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The Working of Boltz Pro Charger

Naturally, we are quite curious to know how this apparently amazing charger works. The engineering of the Boltz Pro Charger has a lot to do with it; the design effectively combines the fastest possible charging technology with all the safety requirements for such a charger. This technology is called Quick Charge 3.0 or QC 3.0. It is used to charge all devices up to two times the speed of QC 1.0. It’s also said to have around 38 percent more efficiency than the QC 2.0 technology. All of this means that users of Boltz Pro Charger will not be waiting around for hours to have their devices completely charged. They would plug in the device to the charger and wait for a much shorter time than before. Some reviews say that the fast charging with Boltz Pro Charger takes only a few minutes, but that frankly seems a bit too much to ask. Even though the speed of charging might not be impossibly fast, we may at least expect the Boltz Pro Charger to charge faster than its older counterparts. 

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This QC 3.0 technology makes use of ICR or intelligent Current Recognition for identifying any device plugged into it. After that, it sees what level of power each device needs to get charged as quickly as possible. Once that is worked out, the charger gives the required amount of power to the relevant device while maintaining a stable level of efficiency. 

That’s not all; once each device has received its required power and is fully charged, the Boltz Pro Charger stops giving it any more power. The process will naturally end, which means that our fully charged device isn’t at risk of overcharging, overheating, and other forms of damage. 

With the adaptive ports in Boltz Pro Charger, we get a stable 18W current with the top port. The other three are able to provide adjustable currents for any other devices we might want to plug in. They can provide fast chagrin or regular charging with a 5V/3.1A output. 

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Boltz Pro Charger User Reviews

Some of the reviews for Boltz Pro Charger are:



Features of the Boltz Pro Charger

We’ve already talked about how the Boltz Pro Charger has some of the latest charging technology available today. Along with this charging efficiency, there are several more features to recommend the Boltz Pro Charger. Let’s have a look at each one now: 

  1. Full Spectrum Surge Protection

This feature is for preventing any device from having a short circuit while being charged by the Boltz Pro Charger. It also prevents overcharging and overheating. The main working o9f this feature is related to the efficiency of the charging process. Basically, the charging halts when a device gets a full charge, essentially preventing any hazards from needless charging. 

  1. High Compatibility

Another essential and convenient feature of the Boltz Pro Charger is that it is fully compatible with most of the devices a modern society uses. More specifically, it gives fast charging for Android phones, including Motorola, LG, HTC, Note 8, Note 9, S6 Edge, S7, Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8/S8 Plus. For iPhone users, the Boltz Pro Charger is compatible with the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and 11. If our specific device isn’t listed here, we can always reach out to the Boltz Pro Charger company and ask whether that model is supported by their product or not. 

There is a major downside here, however; the Boltz Pro Charger isn’t compatible with the Google Pixel series devices or the Motorola One Vision. Basically, it won’t provide quick charging to any device that does not support it. The charging might still happen, but it won’t be rapid or immediate. 

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  1. Quality Materials

The Boltz Pro Charger has been engineered using only high-quality, hazard-free components and materials. This helps to keep the usage of the charger safe and also to significantly reduce the chances of issues like sparking, overheating, etc. Plus, the materials are fireproof and shouldn’t present a fire hazard in enclosed spaces. 

  1. Providing Time and Space Efficiency

With just one charger for all our devices, we can eliminate a lot of clutter in our spaces. This will help in having a clear workspace, which can increase our productivity. Plus, having an uncluttered home will help us be more efficient and have a smoother routine. 

There are also several other features that we should take into account while considering the purchase of this charger. These include, but are not limited to, the following: 

The noise level for the Boltz Pro Charger is below 30 decibels, which means it’s practically silent

It can be used for devices that don’t have QC charging compatibility

The voltage for the Boltz Pro Charger is only compatible for most of Europe and the United States

It’s compatible with Kindle and Fire tablet readers

Some devices might be able to achieve charging from empty to 50 percent in half an hour or even less, for example, the latest models of Samsung phones

Some devices, such as QC compatible phones, might go from empty to 8- percent in just 35 minutes

Certain Apple iPhones might get around 2.5 amp fast charging with the Boltz Pro Charger

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What We Should Know About the Boltz Pro Charger

Along with the features, we should also know the details about what the Boltz Pro Charger could offer us. Here are just a few of the points that people might be curious about before placing an order: 

Backward compatibility: The Boltz Pro Charger is backward-compatible with devices that have either QC 1.0 or 2.0

Connector Support: The Boltz Pro Charger supports a variety of connectors, such as the USB micro, proprietary connectors, USB Type-A, and USB Type-C connectors

Setup: There is no setup or assembly required for this charger. It should be ready for use straight out of the package. 

Delivery Time: The average expected delivery time for the Boltz Pro Charger is around 6 to 8 business days if we select standard delivery in the United States of America. If we order from anywhere else in the world (though orders right now are mostly for Europe and America), the delivery process might take up to 20 working days. It might take even longer if there are any delays in customs or due to unforeseen events. 

Refund Policy: There is a refund policy on the Boltz Pro Charger, which includes a money back guarantee after a trial period for 90 days. 

Customer Service: The official website for Boltz Pro Charger includes an email address, a phone number, a link to a contact from, and a physical address. Anyone who isn’t completely satisfied with the charger can use this essential information to get in touch with the company and return the product for a full refund. 

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The Pricing of the Boltz Pro Charger

Before we place an order for this interesting charger, we definitely need to know about the pricing policy, any special discounts, or value deals. 

At present, it seems like there are a few bundle options to get the Boltz Pro Charger. If we just want to buy a single unit, we can select the Flash Pack, which costs $29 each. With the shipping charging, the total is around $37. 

If we want to lower the unit price, we can select the Lightning Pack with three units. These will cost us $23 each, or a tidal of $76.99 including shipping. 

For an even lower unit price, we can get the five piece Thunderbolt Pack, which takes the price down to $17.99 each. The total, including shipping and handling, will then be around $97.94. 

If we want to be even more secure in our purchase, there is the option to purchase an extended warranty. This will give us extra protection along with a whole 3-year warranty. The protection will offer coverage for any scratcher, internal issues, theft, loss, scratches, defective units, and even replacements. For one, three, or five units, the extended warranty will be at a cost of $7.20, $13.80, and $17.99 each. 

While it might seem like overkill to get more than one new charger with four ports each, we can probably find other people who are willing to place an order as well. That way, we can include all the required units to get the cheapest possible price for everyone involved. Plus, it’s always good to have a backup charger on hand for emergencies. 

Money Back Guarantee

Boltz Pro Charger comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can get in touch with the customer support team at the information below for a full refund replacement, less shipping & handling.. Just make sure it is done within 30 days of initial purchase.

Boltz Pro Customer Support

If you have any question regarding Boltz Pro, you can reach out their customer support team at:

Email: [email protected]

By Phone: +1 (844) 995-1644



2345 Vauxhall Road,

Union, NJ 07083,

United States of America

Conclusion – Is Boltz Pro Charger Legit?

Now that we’re so immersed in our smartphones and other devices, it’s time to bring about a change in how we charge them. Charging each device slowly in turn on one regular charger might take up the whole day, and very few people have that kind of time.

With the Boltz Pro Charger, we have an amazing option to get all our devices charged and ready to use in a relatively much shorter amount of time. This will help us be more productive, more flexible, and generally get through life without wasting much time. What’s more, the pricing of this charger seems to be quite reasonable. The reviews online might not give us all the required information, but we do have all we need to get in touch with the company itself. Once we get the answers to our questions and concerns, the Boltz Pro Charger just might be the convenience we’re looking for. 

However, we might not have much time for dawdling before booking out units. The company could run out of these chargers very soon, so let’s go over to the website and place an order as soon as possible!

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