Cyber Boy Corp. CTO’s Book Based On His Personal Diary


Cyber Boy Corp’s CTO Sr. Roy Andrade has fans all around the world extending from the US to Europe and Asia. He is loved and his work is admired by hundreds of thousands of people. So many people are interested in his life journey and follow him wherever he goes. So for the convenience of his fans he has decided to convert his personal diary into a book and will be available at all major retail stores. 
The purchase price will be unveiled later this year. His personal diary will be converted into a book with the help of his inner circle. Cyber Boy Corp is a technology and software company in Beverly Hills, California, USA, which is expected to release their first 3D video game this year. The company’s Instagram handle has more than 400K followers as of now and his popularity is increasing rapidly. The number of followers increased 4 times within 6 months or less. 
Sr. Roy Andrade’s company is currently working on a 3D chess game which will be released later this year. Three-dimensional chess (or 3D chess) is any chess variant that uses multiple boards representing different levels, allowing the chess pieces to move in three physical dimensions. While the software engineers work on their 3D chess project, Sr. Roy has decided to speed things up and work on his diary. He stated that his diary will be published within a few months. Apart from publishing a book, he will also make an audio version of the diary. 
Sr. Roy Andrade is a highly experienced businessman and a blessing to the company. Many businesses collapsed during the pandemic, but it was Sr. Roy’s vision that kept the Cyber Boy Corp. solvent and in the public’s eye. 
Sr. Roy wants to lead his privately-held company to the pinnacles of success right there among the ranks of top tech companies. The number of games and gamers is also increasing due to the pandemic that is also an additional benefit nowadays. 

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