Gluco 20 Reviews – Blood Sugar Fix by Thrive Health Labs

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Diabetes is one of the major health concerns throughout the world. In United States alone, more than 34 million are diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes. More than 88 million adults (around one third of the population) have pre-diabetes and the majority of them don’t even know they have it. Be it pre-diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, your beta cells are under constant attack by free radicals and deadly toxins. Keeping on taking medicines and supplements is not a solution until you address the root cause of the problem.

Gluco 20 is a unique formulation of super potent ingredients that target the exact reason behind erratic sugar levels. A perfect dietary supplement that aims to nourish the beta cells inside the pancreas and empower them to help repair themselves. This in turn leads to insulin sensitivity and enhance balanced sugar levels in the bloodstream. Gluco 20 thus treats the problem before it can cause serious consequences to you and your life.

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Beta cells are insulin producing cells that are present in a cluster of islets in the pancreas. Healthy beta cells are smooth, sleek endocrine cells with an average diameter of 10µm and contain about 20pg insulin. Beta cells release about 30-70µ insulin per day in an adult human being. Inadequate glucose sensing to stimulate insulin secretion can lead to increased glucose levels in the blood stream as well as dysfunction of the beta cells. These glucose concentrations when persistent induce diabetic conditions. Poor beta cells nutrition and insulin resistance keep influencing each other and eventually worsen the situation.

Many genetic and environmental factors contribute to the autoimmune destruction of pancreatic beta cells. In Type-1 diabetes, the beta cell mass and function gets hindered causing low levels of insulin secretions and hyperglycemia. Destruction of beta cells decreases the body’s capacity to react to glucose levels in the body, consequently making it difficult to manage glucose and glycogen levels in the blood stream. The body obliterates 70-80% of beta cells leaving just 20-30% of working cells.

In Type-2 diabetes, the beta cells continue producing insulin but the body shows less response to it, developing a condition called “insulin resistance”. In order to overcome this situation, the beta cells over work themselves and increases in size and number. This results in a 50% reduction in beta cell function along with a 40% decrease in beta cell volume.

Toxicated environments, free radicals, and even the low-card foods you eat all lead to chronic beta cell damage, and consequently very adverse diabetic conditions.


Cortisol is the main stress hormone of the body that works with the brain to impact your fears, moods and motivation. It is a natural built in alarm system that manages your sleep cycle, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and energy levels so that you can better cope up with stress. In healthy people, the coristol levels keep on fluctuating throughout the day. According to scientific research, the control levels and blood glucose levels have a clear connection. Constant stress and depression leads to increased flattened levels of coristol that adversely affects the glucose levels. It resultantly becomes extremely difficult to control the sugar levels. High levels of coristol and stress also lead to rapid weight gain even when you are eating less. This in turn increases the risk of various other health issues. Diabetic patients with high levels of coristol are therefore vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases and other organ dysfunction.  


Backed by medical research and clinical tests, Gluco 20 has been formulated with the intention of nourishing the beta cells, help in the repair of their damage and balance the glucose levels in the blood stream. With the help of 10 flower and fruit extracts and 10 essential vitamins and minerals, it provides the much needed support to the beta cells in the pancreas. A unique blend of bio-flavanoids, immune boosters and anti-oxidants, Gluco 20 helps in rebuilding the dysfunctional beta cells, improve insulin sensitivity and remove harmful toxins from the body.

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Feelings of low energy, brain fog, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, slow healing of wounds, itchy skin rashes, urinary tract infections or kidney disorder, floaters in the eyes, all these are just few of the symptoms that can be a sign of some serious problem and should not be ignored at any cost. Gluco 20 will be the supplement working for you. It will not only treat the persisting symptoms but also the serious ailments behind them.  It is safe, effective and ensures the best possible results.

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Gluco 20 Ingredients

Gluco 20 is a unique dietary supplement in which the super potent ingredients are blended in precise proportion to work in complete harmony inside the body. The ingredients are incredibly rich in polyphenols, anti-oxidants, immune boosters and bio-flavanoids that are derived from food extracts and natural sources which are bio-identical to the body utilizes. Without the use of any chemical additives or fabricated nutrients, Gluco 20 has top quality potency and purity.

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The lists of ingredients include:

Cinnamon bark powder

 Often used in cooking and baking, Cinnamon is a pungent, sweet spice that is extracted from the inner bark of wild cinnamon trees. Research has proved that cinnamon can help balance blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. Rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and fiber, cinnamon boosts the immune system, lowers cholesterol level, relieves arthritis pain and has an anti-clotting effect on the blood. Its anti-oxidants and polyphenols have hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic effects that accentuate the beta cell repair mechanism. The MHCP (methylhydroxy chalcone polymer) from cinnamon is far more effective than insulin. Gluco 20 has 50mg of cinnamon MHCP.

Vanadium (vanadyl sulfate)

Vanadium is a mineral that has been scientifically proved to be effective against anemia, heart diseases, water retention, tuberculosis and high blood sugar levels. High doses of vanadyl sulfate can help improve the way the system uses insulin in people diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. It improves sensitivity to insulin. Each capsule of Gluco 20 has 200mcg of vanadyl sulfate.


 Chromium is another mineral that shows promising results against insulin resistance and improves glucose metabolism. Medical study has revealed that people suffering from Type-2 Diabetes often have low chromium levels. Chromium picolinate has been effective in cardiovascular diseases as well. Chromium makes up 67mcg in Gluco 20 to enhance the insulin sensitivity mechanism.  

Banaba leaf

 Found primary in South-East Asia, almost every part of the banaba tree has health benefits. Banaba leaves have an anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic impact which makes it very popular in treating diabetes related problems. Numerous compounds present in banaba leaves such as gallotannins, corosolic acid and ellajitannims enhance glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity to considerable levels. Gluco 20 has a 1% extract in the form of lagerstoemia speciosa.

Gymnema sylvestre

Mostly used for weight loss and diabetes, Gymnema Sylvestre is a woody climbing shrub grown in India and Africa. The gymnemic acid, an active component of the plant can act as a barrier against sugar cravings hence helping in weight loss plans. It’s anti-microbial and hepatoprotective properties makes it a welcome addition to Gluco 20 with a share of 50mg.

Alpha Lipoic Acid + L-Taurine

Found in all human cells, Alpha-lipoic acid is an organic compound that has strong anti-oxidant properties. Since it helps enzymes to transform nutrients into energy, it is often referred to as the ‘powerhouse’ of cells. It reduces insulin resistance by removing fat accumulations in muscle cells. It also reduces the risk of other diabetic complications.                 

Another sulphur compound in the form of amino sulfonic acid or L-Taurine is found in abundance in the heart, brain, blood cells and retina. Combined with Alpha-Lipoic acid, L-Taurine supports nerve growth, boosts energy and combats inflammation. A 30mg and 25 mg combination of these two compounds in a concentrated form gives Gluco 20 the magical power against high sugar levels and beta cell dysfunction.

Bitter Melon, Guggul and Cayenne Pepper

A favorite vegetable for many, Bitter Melon has many medicinal properties of its own. It contains detoxifying elements and enhances better utilization of glucose. Guggul has cholesterol controlling agents that helps against blood clots and enhances better blood circulation. It relaxes the arteries, improves body metabolism and lowers blood sugar levels. 

Cayenne pepper powder is another component with positive vascular effects that reduce the risk of cardiac diseases and lowers cortisol levels. A proprietary blend of Bitter Melon at 50mg, guggul in a 10mg extract and Cayenne pepper powder (40M HU/G) at 10 mg adds a boost to the powers of Gluco 20.

Juniper Berry Powder, White Mulberry Leaf and Yarrow Flower Extracts

 More like a spine cone, juniper berries contain chemicals effective against inflammatory conditions and gastrointestinal issues. They also possess strong protections against bacterial infections, viruses and cell damage.

White mulberry contains anti-diabetic properties that work in a similar way as some drugs prescribed to treat diabetes. They slow down sugar breakdown in the system, thus releasing less glucose in the blood stream.

Similarly, yarrow flowers have Matricine that can be used to heal wounds caused by chronic diabetes. It also supports healthy blood circulation and enhances insulin sensitivity.

Each of these ingredients has a share of 25mg in Gluco 20.

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Licorice Root Extract

 The main ingredient for licorice candy, this root extract has additional benefits for stomach issues and inflammation. Research has proved that the amorfrutins present in licorice root are very effective in lowering blood sugar levels and can be used in treating metabolic complexities. A 50mg constituent of Licorice Root Extract in Gluco 20 enhances its anti-diabetic impact.

Apart from these natural fruit and flower extracts, there are certain vitamins and minerals that give Gluco 20 an extra edge over other such products. These nutrients help the supplement provide better effectiveness and optimal health benefits. These include:

Magnesium (as magnesium oxide 125mg)

A mineral necessary for nerve function, energy production and blood sugar regulation, magnesium is often used in supplements as magnesium oxide.


Studies have revealed that zinc can improve glucose levels and provide protection against cell damage and infections. Zinc plays an important role in insulin metabolism. Diabetic patients are often diagnosed as zinc deficient as well. Gluco 20 contains the bio available form of zinc oxide at 7.5mg.

Biotin 300mcg

Biotin has a positive impact on glucose levels and insulin tolerance. It works in synchronization with other nutrients to enhance body metabolism and better management of diabetes.

Manganese 1mg

Diabetic patients tend to undergo various problems due to manganese deficiency. The enzymes responsible for handling glucose levels in the system are very much influenced by the manganese content.

Vitamin C 50mg

Vitamin C boosts the immune system, provides enhanced energy levels and improves glucose tolerance. Increased levels of Vitamin C lower the amount of Sorbitol (harmful sugar that is the cause of many diabetic complications)

Vitamin E (15 IU per dose)

Inadequate levels of Vitamin E leads to many serious health issues and ailments in terms of free radical damage. Vitamin E has a strong tendency to improve insulin sensitivity, fight deadly toxins and reduce the risk of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

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It helps in nourishing and repairing the damaged beta cells.

It helps the body cope with the undesirable impact of diabetes and boosts the metabolic system.

It will help in the upkeep of blood glucose sugar.

It improves general wellbeing and it takes great consideration of the working of significant organs.

It advances the formation of insulin which implies that your body can devour glucose gradually.

It helps you get rid of harmful drugs that threaten your health with serious side effects.

It’s an all-normal cure with no adverse consequences and can be 100% safe.

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The dosage is exceptionally simple; a single capsule with a glass of plain water every single day is the prescribed dosage. There is no need of taking dozens of pills and still feel unwell. Gluco 20 saves you from becoming a medicine box! In case you have persistent medical problems, it is always better to consult your doctor before starting any such supplement.

Results may vary from person to person depending upon the intensity of the problem. It is recommended that you continue taking Gluco 20 for at least three to four months in order to reap the full benefits. You will feel a wonderful, positive change in your health and energy levels.

Gluco 20 Price

Gluco 20 is available at the official website only. The price and discount makes it affordable for everyone who wants to change their life for the better.

A basic one bottle pack cost $69

The most popular 2 bottle pack costs a total of $112 (i.e. $59 per bottle)

The best value pack has 4 bottles at $224 (per bottle price reduced to $44)

These prices are available at a 70% discount and free shipping that is offered for a limited time only. Once ordered, the bottles are vacuum packed to ensure freshness and better quality. All orders are delivered via first class shipping on a first come first serve basis.

Gluco 20 is backed by a 180 day money back guarantee that can be availed if you are not satisfied with the results of the supplement.

Does Thrive Gluco 20 Really Work?

Gluco 20 is a unique dietary supplement that addresses the root cause behind high blood sugar levels. It caters to the nourishment of the pancreatic beta cells, helps in their repair and provides for better protection against harmful toxins and infections. Gluco 20 is a breakthrough formulation that proves that “your hard to control blood sugar does not have to control you and your life”.

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