Haarko Knives Reviews: Avoid Scam Haarko Santoku Kitchen Knife

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After over 300 hours of customer reviews, consulting experts on Haarko knives review, we published this post on the Haarko Santoku Japanese kitchen knife. From customer reviews, Haarko knives review has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0. If you are looking for a handmade kitchen knife that is sharp and reliable, Haarko knife may just be for you.

Food preparation is easier, faster, and safer when you use the right kitchen utensils. However, with so many different types of knives in the market, finding the right one to suit your needs can be tricky.

NB: To avoid help our readers avoid scam, we made sure all links in this article are directly from the official website.

Without having the requisite knowledge, it is quite too easy to buy a set of specialist knives you may hardly ever need, and you end up with a selection of unused knives occupying reasonable spaces in your utensil drawer and wasting away.

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Ask any professional cook the kitchen tool they are likely going to bring if they were lost or stranded in a deserted island or in a strange place and could only bring one tool from their collection of kitchen utensils.

They will most likely choose the Japanese knife (Haarko Kitchen Knife). There are several other kitchen knives, including the serrated knives and butcher knives, which have more complex and individual uses.

Haarko Knives Review – Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons, Pricing, Specifications, Official Website, etc.

According to chefs who are experts and those we consulted for the Haarko knives review, Haarko kitchen knife can perform all the task that can be done by the serrated knives and the butcher knife, from slicing, chopping, and dicing to more complex tasks, like carving a chicken, cutting a chunk of flesh from beefs, slicing a pineapple etc.

When it comes to chef’s/cooks’ knives, there are basically two main categories of note to pick from, viz: Japanese knives and German knives. They are not that different as one may think (Some knives one may find out there have combined different aspects of both styles), but here are some notable differentiations between these two:

German knives are usually heavier and thicker, especially at the bolster 3 where the blade meets the handle. German knives can be used for basically everything ranging from mincing garlic and ginger to cutting through chicken and turkey bones. German knives are also made up of thicker blades that are curved to facilitate rocking and are made from incredibly soft steel, so the need to sharpen them frequently.

On the other hand, Japanese knives are lightweight and very sharp. Western style Japanese knives have a straighter edge and thinner blade than their German counterparts, and this makes them the best for specific tasks like cleanly slicing cucumbers, cabbages, carrots, or tuna. And being made from harder steel, they can withstand longer sharpening but may be prone to chipping or cracking.

From research and various online reviews, statistics have shown that most professional chefs/cooks preferred the Japanese Style Knives (of which Haarko knives is an example) to any other brand.

Sharp knives, more especially the ones originating from the Santoku culture is a precision tool. It may look dangerous, but it is much safer in the hands of a skilled man, than regular knives. There is practically no need to apply too much force because it cuts even the thinnest of slices with utmost ease. This type of knife will kill your worry about squashed tomatoes or cuts on your hands or that of your partner.

With this basic knowledge, we wish to inform you that this article is about the Haarko Knife Review. They are Japanese Style knives that are newly introduced in the markets. Incredibly beautiful and unique, Haarko knives are fast becoming a must have for every chef/cook.

The Haarko company handmade the most exceptionally brilliant kitchen knives the world has ever seen. People world over were in dire need of a special knife with more balance, control and more flexibility,and the Haarko company delivered.

What is the Haarko Santoku Chef Knife?

 The Haarko Santoku Chef knife is a light, portable japanese Santoku-based brand knife. It is a custom made and modern looking chef knife that affords everyone the opportunity of becoming a professional chef and making better dishes.

These Santoku derived knives are fashioned from stainless Japanese steel by the art of traditional blacksmithing which have been employed over centuries in forging and fashioning Santoku katanas. This method ensures that extra sharp knives that efficiently serves their owners are produced, and this has been the tradition for many years.

Crafted for precision and accuracy, the Haarko Santoku based chef knife has a cutting edge and a laser carved index finger hole for adequate balance and control. The blade is comprised of a traditional Japanese Steel which ensures the production of a sharp, quality, and durable knife for decades to come.

The knife handle is crafted from Premium Oak wood which is unarguably the most secure, durable, and convenient handle ever made.

High end Japanese steel is usually employed by third generation expert blade-smiths in crafting sharp, flawless, flexible, beautiful, and durable knives. One Haarko knife requires approximately 138 steps and over 2 months of smiting and crafting before it is passed through a rigorous cutting test. The knives are fashioned out of a pure passion for the art and excellence of cooking.

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Is the Haarko Knife Any Good?

Many online Haarko knives reviews speak positive about this Japanese Kitchen Knife. It is handy, lightweight, and functions excellently when it comes to cutting, slicing, dicing and other knife tasks. The Haarko company in Japan in its bid to excite and revitalize and modernize the kitchen knife markets was the very first to ever fashion a specialized Kitchen Knife with a unique blade of this nature.

Traditional Japanese hand-forging techniques was employed with modern-taste approach of blade-smiting to produce this superb Haarko knife. Most knife brands are sharp, but they come with the extra burden and cost of fragility and susceptibility to oxidation and chipping. Haarko knife adequately ensures that a cook or chef do not have to battle with such problems.

The very sharp and sturdy Haarko knife comprised of quality Japanese steel and oak handle assures an easy and excellent task. They are ideal for peeling and cutting your favorite meat, and its sturdy handle provides superb balance, extra flexibility, and ease for slicing and chopping. Ideal kitchen knives are usually judged by the type and severity of cooking one usually does.

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 There are multi-purpose knives that every home cook or chef should have because of the generality of their nature with respect to everything and anything that involves cooking, the Haarko knife is simply a clear and perfect example of such. With a Haarko knife, you are sure of having a perfect cooking experience as well as saving a whole lot of money that you would have spent purchasing various varieties of knives. Most importantly is your safety in the kitchen which is guaranteed when you use a Haarko knife.

Being a Santoku-based brand knife with excellent features, every chef/cook that possess it is adequately armed for preparation of better foods and becoming better chefs.

Haarko offers an extremely high-quality product for an infinitesimal price. It is fashioned with corrosion resistant stainless Japanese steel, the same kind that was used in making Santoku katanas many decades ago. This is what makes the Haarko knives glaringly sharp and guarantees its quality service for years to come.

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Haarko Knives Specifications (Haarko Kitchen Knife Review)

  • Weight: 252 grams/ 0.5 pound.
  • Length (blade): 15.5 cm/6 inches
  • Length (blade and handle): 28 cm/11 inches.
  • Width (blade and handle): 5 cm/ 2 inches.
  • Angle of curve: 38-degrees
  • Blade material: Stainless Steel (18/10 electroplated)
  • Handle material: Oak wood/ carbon onyx.

Haarko Kitchen Knife Features

The handmade Haarko knife is incredibly a unique kitchen knife with precision and accuracy yet to be harnessed by many cooks and chefs.  World over, people expressed their urgent need for a knife with an efficient control, balance and flexibility and the Haarko company delivered.

The Haarko knife has a precision laser-carved index finger hole for balancing and control. The blade is fashioned from Ancient traditional Japanese steel that ensures a sharp, quality, and durable knife that would serve its owners for decades. Premium oak wooden handle is just the most convenient and secure handle ever made.

Let’s have a look at some unique features that makes the Haarko knife outstanding as is stated by thousands of users and various online ratings.

Haarko Ergonomic Design:

Haarko knives takes pride in it is perfect gripping technology. The hole on the blade ensures an extra space for your fingers thereby facilitating balance and flexibility. The blade and handle curves also afford a comfortable balance that ensures a strong grip and effortless cutting, chopping, dicing, and slicing.

Sharpness Of Haarko Santoku:

Haarko knives are known to be extremely sharp knives. This sharpness facilitates the cutting, slicing, chopping, or dicing of thinnest and slimmest slices. With a design like the Santoku swords, the blades are crafted with Japanese techniques, and thus capable of precision cutting.

They do not dull easily (i.e., They only get blunt over after an awfully long period of time and does so very slowly that you hardly ever notice even after using it for a long time) and it can be used to produce the finest of slices still.

Haako is Safer when Compared to Others:

conventional kitchen knives are usually dull, and we all are aware that dull edges are usually not safe. As a matter of fact, a dull edged knife is more susceptible to slipping because you need to employ more pressure to make an ordinary cut talk more of performing other knife functions.

Haarko Chef Knife is Tool of a Master:

Traditional kitchen knives can be used by just anyone. Haarko knives are not of such breed. They are kitchen utensils fashioned for someone who is a master of his craft, a true chef/cook that is passionate about food preparations in a more technologically advanced way. It gives that professional touch to even amateurs.

Haarko Kitchen Knife has Perfect grip:

The handles comprise of high-quality Oak Wood. This is a specie of durable hard wood with a unique dark texture that ensures a balanced and adequate grip.

It is Handmade to the last detail:

Being hand crafted knives, each of its details   was cross-checked, confimed and verified to ensure a great quality Japanese knife.

Haarko is a Symbol for self-reliance and rugged individuality:

Haarko Knives is simply a sign of frequent cooking.  Since it is only a person that cooks frequently that would pride in owning a custom-made knife.

It also leaves an impression that you only employ the most precise, perfect, and ideal modern tools for your job, an impression that cannot be rebuffed or refuted simply because you employed high-quality materials like   the Haarko knives in making meals.

This also implies that you are individualistic and unique in your own world and that you take pride in traditional crafts and in catering for yourself and others. Its use also connotes that you are not a domesticated man when it comes to cooking, but a hunter, master, king and potentate and Hero of a modern world.

Haarko Knife is Pleasurable in every way:

Haarko knives are adequately sharp and perfectly balanced. This makes it quite easy and convenient to grip. Cooking is fun and just an adventure with Haarko.

What is the Haarko knife made of

The major parts of the Haarko knife are:

  • The blade: which is fashioned from traditional Japanese steel which ensures a superior quality and long-lasting knife.
  • Its wooden handle is crafted from Premium Oak wood which makes it secure, convenient, and more comfortable.

High end Japanese Steel was well known and used by third generation expert bladesmiths in crafting and fashioning impeccable, durable, and incredible knives. Each knife is handmade, and this demands a lot of steps, energy and time, as well as meticulous testing.

Is Haarko Knives worth it?

The Haarko knives are uniquely designed knives that is necessary for every chef. They are hand crafted knives by the master knife makers who have an overwhelming passion for the art of knife making.

Haarko knives were fashioned out of passion and a desire for the fine art of cooking. We intend to revitalize the market by being the first to ever make a customized and specialized Kitchen Knife with a unique blade and grip handle.

The manufacturers of the Haarko knife employed both the Japanese hand-forging tecniques and modern arts in creating this special knife.

Sharpness and Comfort, all in one: (Haarko Knives Reviews)

Some brands of sharp knives are usually fragile and submits easily to chipping and oxidation. We so much believe the fact that kitchen chefs and cooks should never encounter or have reasons to worry about such problems and that is why we have the world Haarko brands.

Haarko knifes, though incredibly sharp and sturdy is not given to such challenge, and the quality Japanese steel and oak handle used in crafting it ensures optimal and top-notch performance.

This awesome product has an ergonomic design. A good knife in your hand is strong, robust, flexible, and balanced. It ensures good grip and rests comfortably in your palm. It is sufficiently light to slice through vegetables and fruits, and strong enough to cut and dissect through meat.

Haarko Knife boasts of a convenient and balanced weight. It’s craftsmanship and design is simply fantastic. This is why it is mostly recommended for all cooking purposes.

This Haarko Knive reviews affirm the well-established fact that the Haarko knives are extra sharp, and their blades do not dull easily. The sharp blades also ensure and facilitates safety. Most kitchen mishaps are usually occasioned by blunt knives. This is probably because of the much force one needs to apply in using them. (Blunt knives usually slip in such cases, and this often occasions minor and painful injuries).

Haarko knife is very sharp, hence no pressure or force is needed in using it. It is perfectly crafted for ultimate balance, precision, comfort and control, all of which makes kitchen accidents unlikely. Hereunder are few more good reasons to purchase them:

Perfect Grip: The handle is made from superior, durable quality oak wood with dark texture, ensuring a perfect grip.

Handmade to the last detail: The knives are hand fashioned. This implies that every bit of it has been thoroughly cross checked and considered, affording the user the best quality Japanese knives.

Pleasurable in every way: The Haarko knives are sufficiently balanced and sharp, making room for comfort, flexibility, and precision in handling.

Having the perfect tool for your job can make all the difference. The Haarko knife with it is very efficient and comfortable grip handle and a blade that is curved like the ancient Santoku traditional knives, gives users pleasure and comfort while using them. It is the best and effective process one can imagine.

The sharpness of the blade assures a high speed and accuracy of cooking thereby saving both your time and energy which you can invest in your dinner or picnic dates. With the Haarko knife, cooking is simply an adventure.

Influence taste perception: The Haarko knife is just what you need in making a perfect meal. This is because each taste a meal gives are mostly influenced by what our eyes see than by our taste buds. The fact remains that the physical appearance and appeal of the cooking and food preparation processes can increase meal satisfaction by up to 60%. Your partner will obviously appreciate you for it.

Cook like a chef: What if I do not possess relevant cooking chef skills? you may ask.

I will give you simple secret. You can place your food orders beforehand and get your food delivered even before your dinner date arrives. It does not necessarily matter if you prepared the meal yourself or not. She will assume that you did prepare it yourself because of the Haarko knife positioned neatly and clearly in your kitchen cabinet. Women knows this very fact which is that it is only a real cook/chef with a deep passion for cooking could own such a precision tool.

The Haarko knife is usually a sign of uniqueness and is often a subject of conversation.

A real man’s tool: It is high time we stop the attitude of domesticating men inside the kitchen. It is time for an improvement— not only for our masculinity and sense of leadership, but also for our self-worth and quality of life. the Haarko knives looks more like a hunter’s tool. It is strong, rugged,flexible, handcrafted, and sharp.

 Beholding such a unique knife at a man’s house infers greatness about him. For e.g: “this man would definitely survive the toughest and harshest of waves and storms with only his wit and his knife; he has a mastery of his art and he’s a real man.”

No more dull knives: You need not have to manage or cope with low quality knives that could rust and dull easily coupled with their inefficiency. They will not portray you as a complete man. Usually, there was no solution to these because good quality knives were burdensomely expensive.

However, the Haarko knife has now ameliorated the burden of purchasing high quality knives for a burdensome price. For a relatively low price, one is sure of owning a Haarko knife. It is made of corrosion-resistant Japanese stainless steel, like those employed in making Santoku katanas many centuries ago.

This is what makes the Haarko knife extremely sharp and precise in doing it’s job. Just the same way a katana served its Santoku masters for a lifetime, the Haarko knife promises to serve you for many years to come.

Price of Haarko Knives

One Haarko Knife can be purchased for $29.95 which is a discount offer as opposed to the regular $59.90. This discount can withdraw at any moment. Two Haarko Knives goes for $49.95. Three Haarko Knives can be purchased for $65.94. Four Haarko Knives are available for just $79.92 which are all the current discount prices.

  • One Haarko Knife is sold for $29.95.
  • Two Haarko Knives are sold for $49.95.
  • Three Haarko Knives are sold for $65.94.
  • Four Haarko Knives are sold for $79.92.

Where can I purchase the Haarko knives from?

If your desire is to make a purchase, it is often advised you deal directly with the manufacturer via their official website. Also, if you wish to buy more than one, there are special discount offers that are made available by the Manufacturers from time to time.

This simply implies that you can buy many knives at the same time and pay less for each knife with a 30-Day money back Guarantee. The order is easy to place and can be completed in a matter of seconds or just few minutes.

Click Here to Buy Haarko Knives at the Lowest Available Price – Official Website

The various payment plans offered by the manufacturer is another good one customer can take advantage from. Here, the buyer does not incur or undertake any risk because of the secure payment options such as PayPal or Credit cards. These possibilities ensures that you can always return the product and have your full money refunded without any drama if you do not like them.

Another advantage to take from is the dispatch, which delivers your order right on your doorstep. Just few days after your order is made, the product is sent and delivered, and you can start enjoying it immediately.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy: A 30 Day 100% money back guarantee is given to buyers by the manufacturer.  However, for the items to be eligible for return, it must be unused and untampered with and must be in their original packaging. You simply need to ship the package you wish to return to the return destination address provided by the customer care representative.

As soon as you ship same, contact the customer care representative immediately and give them the tracking number. You will get a confirmatory email confirming the refund when the company takes custody and approves the return.

A bonus offer for the Haarko knife is available at 50% discount and you can also make additional purchases for family and friends at a reduced price.

Haarko Knives Customer Reviews

I admire the classic Japanese look, with visible rivets and a full tang of harko knife. The blade curves up at the end, this makes many tasks much easier, more especially mincing herbs. The handle, though not rounded, is meticulously smooth. So, none of the edges dig or penetrate the palm. The bolster is adequately curved underneath to fit the middle finger, with thumb relaxed comfortably and balanced on the blade. – Emiliano Endrozzi, Head Chef

In the west, this is the most widely used style of chef’s knife. The belly of the blade has an incredible curve that attenuates to a sharp tip, which is best for those that enjoy cutting in a rocking motion (meaning the knife (Haarko) never leaves the cutting board and the belly curve is used in slicing and dicing through food). – Ellie Clark, Executive Chef.

I found Haarko Knife extremely strong and aesthetically perfect. The blade has a nice curve, permitting you to conveniently rest your middle finger on it. Cutting all manner and shades of vegetables, fruits and meat is quite easy with it. If you are out for a moderately priced chef’s knife, this is just all you need. – Bernard Dershamps, Head Chef

Their knives are of superior quality and is good for chopping. It is very sharp, and the price is relative. Their delivery time was perfect also. I definitely recommend them. – Isaac Tramyer Sayer (United States).

I ordered Haarko after I was borrowed one by a friend who invited me over for dinner. I never thought I would be needing it, but it made every cooking task much easier. I am extremely delighted to have made the order. – Tom Murray (United Kingdom).

They have superb quality products for kitchen knives. Cooking now is easier, simpler and an adventure. The prices are relative, and the shipping is quick. – Brian Andrews.

This is a superb, unique, and amazing product. The design is quite efficient and comfortable.  A wonderful knife with a perfect grip and comfortable feeling in your hands Makes cooking enjoyable, neat, and easier. – Rita Lane.

I do not cook much. As a matter of fact, most of the meals I eat is usually pre-prepared because I don’t have the luxury of time to cook daily. I also do not enjoy cooking alone. It is something that I occasionally do, especially when I have company—and, for that, the Haarko knife perfectly serves the need of each hour. – Jamie Lester

Most of the knives that I previously used were of poor miserable quality. They would rust and dull quickly and easily, and they were inefficient, inconveniencing and incapable of performing quality cooking tasks. They never made me a proud man.  prior to the Haarko knife, there was no solution to this because high-quality knives were prohibitively expensive. – Bill H.

Haarko Knives Frequently Asked Questions Reviews

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Haarko Knives Review. After an interview session with some customers, we arrived with these answers, for the review to address any difficulty one might be having with regards to this latest Haarko Japanese Knife.

What are the materials used to make Haarko Knives?

Haarko knives are hand fashioned and forged with 18/10 electroplated steel and then fused with a wooden strong handle made from ancient oak wood or carbon onyx material. 5 stars Review!

Are the Haarko Knives only for chef?

No. Haarko knives are basically made for the most comfortable everyday kitchen use. They are extra sharp, adequately balanced, and has a unique curvy shape that gives you adequate control in your kitchen. Haarko knife is just a perfect tool for a professional cook, as well as for a regular cooking enthusiast or novice at that.

Can the Haarko Knives be used for camping?

The Haarko knives, despite their unconventional look, are specifically designed and crafted as kitchen knives and should be used as such.

Haarko Kitchen Knife Review – Can I use it for any kind of cutting?

Yes! The belly of the Haarko knife’s blade has an attenuated curve that points to a sharp tip. This makes it ideal for cutting, slicing, or dicing in a rocking motion, as the knife does not leave the cutting board, and you can make use of the belly curve in slicing and dicing through food. The Haarko knife can be used for any kind of cutting in the kitchen ranging from meats to fruits, to tubers to vegetables.

Haarko Review – Does the Hole cut out really help improve the Knife’s control?

Yes! The Haarko knife is mechanically proven to allow for more control as it was specifically and specially smited so the index finger can be in contact with the blade. This creates room for more hands-on experience.

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Haarko Knives Reviews – Final Verdict

Haarko Knives are presently trending in the United States, Canada, and Europe as we speak. They are simply the best knives out there for any professional cook, chef, or persons passionate about the art of cooking. The promo prices are one of the mouthwatering offers one can ever get, and it is relatively cheap and affordable for a superior-quality product of its kind.

According to reports from the official website for the Haarko knives review, the knife is currently available at a 50% discount rate. You can place your orders now from the manufacturer’s official website. A 30-day money refund guarantee is also part and parcel of the package. If you do not like the knife after a purchase, you can simply return it within 30 days of purchase and get your money back.

Click Here to Buy Haarko Knives at the Lowest Available Price – Official Website

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