How to Get a Better Deal on A Moving Truck


Over the past few months, the cost of rentals in the world has increased due to a mixture of mounting demand and inadequate supply. The companies operating in this moving truck rental market earned humongous profits in this era. The cost to rent a truck has shot up during the months of the COVID-19 outbreak. Although the lockdown limitations have eased up all globally yet the increase in moving truck rental is likely to continue in the near future.

Apart from covid-19, there are multiple factors in play that affect the deal you are going to get while booking a moving truck for you. When searching for a moving truck, you’ll probably get yourself multiple options all having variable costs.

The prices for a moving truck rental prices can vary a lot, based on multiple factors, which include timing, location, distance and size. Analysing these factors beforehand will surely help you cut down a good deal. We know this is a hectic work that’s what we are for your guidance.

For obtaining the cheapest truck rental prices at any time of the year, you have to engage these intelligent shopping approaches. So let’s get started!

Selecting the time prior

Just like airline tickets, the same concept of supply and demand applies to moving truck rental prices too. The price shoots up with increase in demand.

Summers have always been known to be the peak season. With children enjoying vacations parents prefer getting settled to their new location before the season ends. This time of the year is not only ideal for families but college students too who have just ended their semesters.

However, winter on the other hand tends to be a slower season for this business with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Eve as exceptions.

Basically the schedules of companies are planned in such a way that leases and closings usually occur at the end of every month. Holiday weekends such as Memorial Day and Labour Day will be more expensive too.

We advise our readers to avoid Friday Saturday and end of month and instead consider booking at the start of the week when vehicular traffic is also manageable.If you can afford moulding your plan a bit then, try picking different dates when booking an online reservation to look for any difference in rental costs.

Compare different rental companies

If you are really interested in booking the cheapest truck rental reservation, you’ll need to gather quotations from a number of different companies. Start by getting a quote from a moving truck rental company. Some of the most common and budget friendly companies are Budget, Penske and U-Haul. Costs can vary from one company to another.

If business is sluggish, the chances of you getting lucky are more. Check on a number of websites and call around to compare quotes. If a particular location is busy at the time, it will be more difficult to bargain. On the other hand, if it isn’t busy, you may get a finer quote.

Choose the appropriate truck size

It is quite logical that when you are renting a moving truck it is recommended to go for a size in which all your possessions can fit in. otherwise you will end up carrying out numerous trips between your locations. This will cause more waste of time and money. On the other hand getting a larger truck is also futile.

Many moving companies will assist in deciding what size of truck will be adequate for you.  According to information we gathered from numerous websites.

  • A 12 ft truck is sufficient for a studio apartment.
  • A 17-ft truck would do well for a two-bedroom house.
  • A 26-ft truck will be advisable for a home with three or more bedrooms.

Pick rental locations carefully

The most crucial factor affecting the moving truck rental depends upon pick up and drop off locations. If you pick the truck and return it to the same location, the rental will be comparatively less than if you pick up the truck in one spot and drop it off at another location.

This happens because if a truck returns to the same location it is picked from inventory of the company at that place stays undisrupted. This is why one way rental always costs more than returning the truck to its original place.

The prices can vary according to the available inventory at a particular place. Although within the city moves depend only on distance travelled.

Look for hidden charges

As if moving truck rental were not expensive enough there are additional add on costs you must look out for in company policies that includes that of moving furniture pads and fees for returning the truck either a bit late or low on fuel. Therefore we advise refuelling the truck before returning instead of giving that cost separately.

In the end, on a goodbye note we advise our readers to always ensure what you are paying off. Always keep this in mind that exceeding allotted will cost you more than you anticipated which might go well according to the budget you planned. We really hope our tips were really helpful and you will get yourself a really modest deal for your move! Good luck to a new location and new future.

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