Overdose reported at Pitchess Detention Center

A truck from Los Angeles County Fire Station 76 turns onto the road leading to PItchess Detention Center in Castaic as they respond to a call for an overdose on Friday, 073021. Dan Watson/The Signal

Another overdose has been reported at Pitchess Detention Center, according to officials at the Los Angeles County Fire Department.  

In the past two months, approximately 16 patients have been transported to the hospital as a result of a medical emergency at Pitchess Detention Center. Most of the calls have either been confirmed or suspected overdoses. 

“The call type was an overdose,” Franklin Lopez of the Los Angeles County Fire Department confirmed on Friday, adding that only one patient needed transport. 

Deputy Miguel Meza of the Sheriff’s Information Bureau said that a handful of the inmates reported one of their fellow inmates was acting out of the ordinary. After a brief struggle between them, the patient was taken to the infirmary where a nurse said he was under the influence.  

Meza said they did not know what substance the inmate had reportedly used.    

Fire Department staff arrived at 11:45 a.m. to transport the patient to the hospital.   

In addition to the two patients transported the week of July 10, at least 13 inmates have been transported to a local hospital since late May when The Signal reported on a string of overdoses at the prison.     

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