Tracktime24 Improves Your Efficiency, Here’s How


Work time management itself takes a lot of time to manage, and it is not something you enjoy doing. A well-developed, easy-to-use work time tracking tool can save you hours of work every week, increase employee efficiency, and save you a considerable amount of money. Thus, we are reviewing Tracktime24, a work time management tool that claims to save you 5+ hours per feature, and there are at least five features that can help you save a lot of time.

For a business owner and an entrepreneur, saving many hours every week can make a tangible difference. Business owners can use this time to bring more clients to their business and provide better customer service. But effective employee time management saves you more than just time. It makes your employees more productive and keeps them motivated. Let’s start reviewing the features of Tracktime24 and see if their claim is valid.

Work Time Tracker

Tracking the work time of your employees is the primary function of the Tracktime24 app. The simple interface of the app makes it very easy to keep a track of employee work hours. Once you have accurate data available in a comprehensive manner, you can analyze it and find out the ways to improve employee efficiency. Researchers have shown that accurate tracking scheduling encourages employees to be more punctual, and it is very helpful in eliminating employees’ lateness.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, tracking employee work time accurately and efficiently saves you time when creating timesheets and calculating overtime. Even many modern time tracking tools require some work on the business owner’s part. But with an integrated app like Tracktime24, it is just a matter of a few taps on your mobile.

Work Schedule Maker

Can you imagine efficient work without an efficient work schedule? Work schedule is a necessary tool for your business, and it helps you in more than one way. It makes your day-to-day tasks very efficient, but its effectiveness is even more noticeable when managing projects. Only the person who has managed multiple projects at a time without a scheduling tool can tell you how difficult it can be. If you are someone involved in managing client projects, a handy work schedule maker app is your best friend.

Tracktime24 has many features that make the app easy to use, effective, and flexible. For example, its ability to create fixed and flexible schedule types gives you an option to assign the most appropriate schedule type to employees, and you can change it according to the evolving requirements of the employee work.

As any well-designed modern app would, Tracktime24 offers planning, reviewing, and publishing of schedules, and it also takes care that the employees are up to date with their schedules through timely notifications.

Leave Management

There are past leaves to calculate, some employees are absent today, and many of the employees are planning a vacation the next month. Now imagine calculating employees’ hours and leaves manually. Even many apps and solutions require you to do some manual work and use copy / paste occasionally. However, with a well-designed employee leave management app, you can get rid of copy / paste operations while calculating employee leaves.

Furthermore, Tracktime24 allows you to define paid time off (PTO) limits, which results in seamless calculations and easy to generate reports. Once you set paid time limits, the app will take care of the rest and ensure that the reports show exact hours and pay calculations. To take things to a new level, there is a multilevel approval process to approve leaves and an automatic notification feature to send notifications to all concerned.

Business Travel Management Feature

It is not usual for time management apps to offer support for business trips. Tracktime24, however, has a handy feature to plan, approve, and manage business trips. It makes it easier for entrepreneurs to discuss business trips and manage employee time and payroll.

Tracktime24 allows you to create online chat channels and workflows, minimizing paperwork, email discussions, and copy / paste operations. You can assign employees to access messaging channels and take the decisions independently while retaining the ability to monitor conversation and decisions.

Work-from-home Employee Time Management

COVID-19 has made work-from-home an essential feature of modern workspace, and Tracktime24 recognizes it. The app supports the work time management of remote employees and helps you create efficient work-from-home schedules that make life easier for you and your remote employees.

Tracktime24 supports photos and GPS, and you can choose to have an image along with the location for your desired events. Additionally, it allows employees to set statuses and tell the rest of the team what task they are working on at the moment.


Gone are the days when you did manual calculations on paper—or semi-manual calculations using a spreadsheet—to manage work time for your employees. Now, you can use sophisticated software and apps to do all the tedious work for you. It does take some time to find the right employee management app, but it is worthwhile to spend some time on it as it helps you save a lot of time later.

Tracktime24 is one such app that lets you track work time and calculate hours and pay for your employees, and it offers a set of features that a well-designed app should. Its salient features include basic time tracking, work schedule planning and management, leave management, and business travel management. On top of that, it also supports work-from-home and remote employees, making your work a lot more efficient and your job as an entrepreneur a lot easier.

All these features are great, but you need to test them to analyze their operations and their suitability for your business. Tracktime24 offers a free plan where you can use it for two employees. The pricing depends on modules and the number of employees. You can choose the number of modules you want and pay the price for only those modules, which is an efficient way to keep your employee time management costs low.

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