Under Fire? 5 Ways to Extinguish Slander and Protect Your Business Reputation


Your brand reputation is your business’s most important asset. Consumers of all backgrounds will lean on consumer-facing customer reviews and social media platforms to determine whether you deserve their business. Protecting your business from negative press and establishing a solid risk management strategy should be near the top of your list of business priorities. If you’re concerned about your business’s brand reputation, here are five tips for navigating crises and maintaining an honest character.

Invest in notarization services

When your company deals with crucial documents, employing a notary from services like these can help protect you against fraud. Additionally, mobile notary services like these come equipped with errors and omissions insurance, so minor slip-ups don’t corrupt your business’ reputation.

There are three major categories of documents that are notarized: financial, legal, and business documents. Auto loans and sales, real estate transactions, structured settlements, and medical records all require notary services. When you and another party sign a document, a notary official will act as an impartial witness. They certify that the document meets strict legal guidelines and ensures every signer’s identity is legitimate. Once a notary notarizes a record, it is recognized as valid and authentic.

Prioritize your employees’ satisfaction

A disgruntled and unhappy employee can be highly damaging to your business’s reputation. Whether it’s a former employee leaving negative reviews online or a current worker dissatisfied with your office culture, your company’s reputation and productivity rely on their input. Ensuring that your employees are happy and approve of the company’s integrity is vital to cementing your business’s positive reputation.

When you’re managing your reputation from within, begin with ensuring that executives and management staff accurately represent your company’s core values. Cultivate a feedback culture in your offices, so employees feel heard and engaged in your company’s success. Conduct your business with transparency and honesty, and not only will you gain your employees’ trust, but you’ll also gain the admiration of your consumers.

Monitor your online presence

Searching for your business online should be a regular practice. Ensure that your information is accurate on any platforms you control to avoid miscommunications and misconceptions about your business. Staying on top of news and reviews consumers and employees leave online will help you refine and update your risk management strategies.

 If you’re able to remove negative and misleading comments and mentions, do so regularly. However, if a customer is leaving a legitimate review or complaint, don’t delete it. Respond to the comment professionally, offering compassion and guiding your conflict to a positive outcome.

Protect your privacy

In today’s digitally-driven world, security and privacy are vital concerns for every business. News stories about massive security breaches targeting even the most well-established companies are widely prevalent and can seriously damage reputations. Your customers trust you with their most sensitive data, so you should do everything you can to ensure that their trust isn’t misplaced. 

Educate your employees about standard security protocols and teach them how to recognize malicious spam emails. Only use secure hosting platforms for your website and in-office productivity platforms. Constantly monitor all of your office devices, software, and networks to ensure they’re up to date. Remaining vigilant is one of the best ways to protect yourself against cyberattacks from tech-savvy lawbreakers.

Offer a personal touch

There’s almost nothing worse than calling a business and not being able to speak to a live staff member. In a time when AI and machine learning technologies have taken over modern companies around the world. Rather than relegating your customers to frustrating robotic phone calls that always seem to go in circles, assign your advanced tech to take care of core processes. Your employees will be free to focus on providing personalized services for your consumer base. Adding a personal touch to your business can do wonders for your brand reputation and turn even the most casual customer into a loyal patron.

The bottom line

With so much reliance on reputation to speak for your company’s authority, even a single negative story can permanently tarnish your company’s brand. There’s no question that it’s a labor-intensive and time-consuming effort to constantly track your business’s online presence. Don’t hesitate to dedicate company resources to your risk management strategies. By protecting your brand reputation, your business can soar to new heights and ensure your success.

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