Why you need a massage each month


Who would not want to have a moment every day to receive a relaxing massage? It is true that many people, generally elite athletes, tend to have therapeutic or relaxing massage sessions after a hard workout.

But what about the common people, the housewife, the gardener, the office worker who has to endure long hours sitting in front of the computer, or the house builder who has to move heavy loads from one place to another? Do they have super bodies?

The answer is no, they are not superhuman, but the body is wise and tends to get used to and adapt to very difficult tasks, although at the same time, it suffers the natural wear and tear of time or external causes.

Benefits of massages

Massages help us eliminate toxins in the body. Many times, excess adrenaline accumulates in the spine can paralyze the patient. It reaches the point of causing extreme pain in the spine, neck, shoulders, etc., and it may simply be this excess of adrenaline.

A massage, whether relaxing or therapeutic, will help us to release these toxins naturally. The special movements that are used in the massages, help to carry out this cleaning of the body.

Once a month

If you go to a masseuse or a massage center, at least once a month, you will see a total change, not only in the day-to-day but your skin, in your mood, in your thoughts. The combination of essential oils hydrates the skin and gives it the nutrients necessary to heal and strengthen the body.

How to give a correct massage

  • That the patient does not feel severe pain
  • That the patient feels comfortable
  • Promote good breathing
  • Use suitable instruments for gliding

Massages recover energies

Just as there are foods to nourish and recover the body, massages also fulfill a similar function.

Surely, many times you feel tired, fatigued, you feel that you have no strength, or you are unmotivated. This physical-mental exhaustion can also be treated with physical therapy, with massages being one of the instruments of these rehabilitation methods.

They do not necessarily have to be therapeutic massages, but they must be qualified to give a healing, soothing, restorative massage, and not one that makes your situation worse.

Risks of poorly done massages

This leads us to realize that, although the massages given by professional masseurs or certified therapists have a favorable action on the body, very rarely, or when the massage is given by someone inexperienced, discomfort may appear or in the case of a patient with some type of trauma, the injury can be lengthened or prolonged, for example, by touching areas that are very sensitive to the touch such as the jugular or popliteal.

Main damages of a badly done massage

  • Touching a sensitive or wrong area
  • Psychological trauma
  • Nerve injury
  • Damage to major arteries
  • Damage to the veins

What about the self-massage?

It is certainly good practice. We all do it to a greater or lesser extent, but are we doing a massage? There are many guides and even videos on how to massage any part of the body, even so, we must bear in mind and very clearly the objective of a self-massage.

We can relax, decontract, or even induce sleep. Not bad at all, but if we want optimal results, we can always go to a certified masseuse and take advantage of his knowledge and skills, in addition to healing, of course.

To end…

The benefits that massages provide to the body are essential to have comprehensive and relaxed health. Taking care of the body and mind is essential to lead a full life. Giving or receiving massages once a month will not only detoxify the body but also strengthen it.

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