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Chill Portable AC unit aims to pull out stagnant air from inside the room, and then works to cool the air throughout the designated space. It is currently available on discounted deals and can be a must buy for hot summers. 

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These summers have been accompanied by many heat waves and blistering heat that is bothering a lot of people especially in the hotter states like Nevada, Arizona, Louisiana, southern California, Texas and Florida etc. These summers are just unbeatable and irritating and cannot be endured without a cooling partner and regular fans just aren’t enough and with this scorching heat a device which is highly portable is needed which can be taken anywhere like camps, road trips, delivery hours, and offices. It is important to have such a cooling air conditioner that is compatible with people’s needs and can be helpful for many people, not just the people who can afford it. It needs to be understood that the cooling system that is required is customizable and effective, not just a small unit that works like a single component. To be honest? In these dog days it’s hard to keep cool in the university hostels and dorm rooms because they don’t allow air conditioners that are bigger in size as well as the ones that are going to consume more electricity which is what they wouldn’t pay for, but they’d rather have university children have a below pr crummy fan that won’t work and just direct the hot air in the face. It is important to keep the health of people better than letting them face serious consequences of heatstroke and dehydration, which is what may happen even if people drank more water, they’d still dehydrate because of heatwave. 

What would happen if one knew, there is an air conditioner that is portable and can be carried around anywhere and charges on the same amount of electricity as a phone. One which can be allowed in the dorms in universities and can be used anywhere from camps, to road trips to offices and at home? Wouldn’t that be just a blow of cold air in the summer heat? Well Chill Air conditioner might help and fit the description of the features. Lets see what’s more to unpack in this air conditioner. 

What is Chill Air Conditioner? 

As the name suggests; Chill air conditioner is an air conditioner but comes with distinctive features that are different from other air conditioners and is unique in itself. It is a multifunctional air conditioner that has 3 modes. It is portable which means it can be carried anywhere and it is compact, which is what makes it a very unique air conditioner. This air conditioner’s compactness and portability is what makes it wonderful, along with packing powerful features, fans and air conditioners. It has a very efficient and ergonomic design which is useful in offices. It can be plugged in the laptop or computer for an efficient power source and to charge the device. Yes the device is rechargeable and the battery works for long hours. It is great for homes, university hostels, dorm rooms in colleges, and for people who work on the road and are on wheels all day. This air conditioner has a very strong build and as said before it is ergonomic for office use because the shape and build of the device is efficient for office use.  

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The air conditioner cools the entire room in just under a minute and the chilly air is directed straight to the person sitting right in front of it. The air conditioner is very light weighted and is called a mini portable air conditioner. It is wireless which makes it even more unique and modern. It helps cool the room so amazingly. The room becomes super chilly even if it is a hot day like southern California and Florida. It also has customization for people who don’t want the same temperature as others which is just as cool, like it’s so flexible and so minimal. People who are minimalist would love this device. It has a very strong build. It is so easy on the electricity bills and is good for nature. It is quieter than noisy devices and fans that would irritate the whole sleep and then the person is tired the next day. Or after they wake up. Just a crummy fan can ruin the sleep and the whole day possibly. Chill Mini portable air conditioner has to offer so much more than it can for such a good deal. It can be so helpful for kids studying for exams and for people working in offices. It even filters out all the air so that the breathable air is microbes and germ free. It has a very comprehensive cooling system that works so efficiently it is amazing. It has been set up very well. It can also help humid the dry air.  

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How is it different than other products in the market? 

The other products in the market do not have the same range of features as the chill air conditioner. It can be a multipurpose device because it has 3 features: humidifier, air filter, fan and air conditioner for cooling the environment. It is an all in 1 device which means that a small compact device with greater efficiency has all in 1 feature. It is an eco-friendly device which means that it does not release chemicals while it’s working. It works by using just water and nothing else. It also works just as efficiently to save money on the bills so people don’t have to worry about having to save money on the bills. It could just help in budget if one has family or has to manage a budget due to low income. It is very affordable unlike those big chunks of machine that cover up space, add to monthly bills, are not eco-friendly, are not compact and portable and are not ergonomic. Plus, people would have to buy all these 4 machines vis-à-vis: humidifier, air conditioner, fan and air filter for hundreds of dollars and pay around half a thousand to a thousand dollars for all these things that can’t be carried anywhere, won’t have features like easy on the wallet, eco-friendly etc. they can’t be compact and would be hard to use them. Which is why it is so much different than so many devices. There are some portable air conditioners but they are either single function, mostly air conditioners, or those aren’t rechargeable and wireless like chill air conditioners, or have 3 different modes which can provide flexibility in temperature and usage, which can be a device meant for everybody.  

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Components of Chill Air Conditioner 

The chill air conditioner has following components: 

  • It may have a strong plastic body that is rugged and firm which means that it helps keep the internal components of the air conditioner safe and doesn’t let them damage from fall and accidents.  
  • It has a charger that is a USB Charger which means that it can be charged with any mobile phone charger which charges with the USB. This shows its flexibility and customization.  
  • It has flexible strong blades that blow air directed straight to the person and it helps circulate the chilly air coming from the device.  
  • It has a water reservoir which can be filled to cool the air.  
  • It also has an ice storage to make the air even chillier than normal air conditioner usage.  
  • It has a fan that sucks up hot heat and then helps blow out the chilly cold air into the space again.  
  • It has a water curtain system that helps the device convert hot air coming from the fan, that is circulated with the help of blades 
  • Before leaving the air conditioner, there are filters in the air conditioner through which the cold air is passed. 
  • There is a humidifier in the device which humidifies the blazing hot air from the environment.  
  • It has buttons to change the modes as per the individual preference. It also has power button to switch on the device.  
  • It has 7 colored neon lights which set the mood of the person to calming and soothing mood from irritation and exasperation of heat.  

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Features of Chill Air Conditioner 

  • It has very efficient cooling system that is adjustable for different preferences of temperature.  
  • The lights help soothe the body and calm the mood 
  • The fan is very powerful and helps in expelling heat with thirst so that it expels out evenly and cools the room.  
  • It has water cooling system, which through counter current system cools the hot air through water and absorbs hot heat.  
  • The air passed is passed through air filters which help in filtering out germs and release of fresh germs free air in the space in which it is used.  
  • It is eco friendly and isn’t a burden on budget, helps saves electricity and money spent on bills 
  • Very compact, portable but efficient. 

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Benefits of Chill Air Conditioner 

  • The cooling is adjustable so that it can be customized for people who like coldness at a certain level. 
  • It can help in dry summers heat because of the humidifier which is such a unique feature. It can help reduce dryness of skin which leads to dry scales on skin and bleeding 
  • It can reduce bills because it is multifunctional as well as it is all 4 cooling systems compressed in a compact box 
  • It is eco friendly so it helps in no contribution in pollution.  
  • It has a filter which can help filter out microbes and germs make them residue and expel out filtered air.  

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Chill Air Conditioner Price 

The Chill Air Conditioner is only available at the website and nowhere else, not physically not online elsewhere except for the website. It can be bought on its website. The process of payment is filling out credentials for contact detail and personal information like name, email and cell no. then fill out shipment details which requires area along with address, zip code, street, city for shipment. The payment methods acceptable by the website are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network  

  • Price of 1 portable AC unit is: $ 89 for a piece, plus $ 9.95 shipping, total $ 98.95 
  • Price of 2 portable AC unit is: $ 85 for a piece, the package is $ 170 plus $ 9.95 shipping, total 179.95 
  • Price of 3 portable AC unit is: $ 69 for a piece, the package is $ 207, no shipping fee.  
  • Price of 4 portable AC unit is: $ 63 for a piece, the package is $ 252, no shipping fee. 
  • Price of 5 portable AC unit is: $ 55 for a piece, the package is $ 275, no shipping fee.  

Refund policy 

The purchase is protected by 30-days money back guarantee on the purchase. That is  if the cooler fails to cool the room and chill the space or has any technical or doesn’t cool as much as it should have like the website says, then file in a complaint and ask for refund and 100% money back will be in transaction to the customer.  

Final Thoughts 

This air conditioner looks like an efficient device that can help people in this blazing heat when there is a potential danger of heat stroke, it has a better refund policy so the purchase is secured. It has a better cooling system which can help reduce scorching heat in the summer it has a very affordable price tag and has a diverse range of deals, which is even more affordable with the discount. It is a multi-functional device which can help reduce the cost on a lot of devices; like saves one from buying separate humidifier, fan and big air conditioner and may help reduce bills because of its small size and easy recharging. It is eco friendly which is a plus. it may be a good idea to buy such a mini portable device which is efficient, affordable, functional, and compact, giving all the functionality of cooling systems in one.  

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