Feel Good Knees Review: Is Todd Kuslikis Program Really Works?

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Are you tired of knee pain? Want to go through surgery but are afraid of post-surgery recovery? Feel Good Knees can help. Feel Good Knees is a digital exercise regime that allows people with all kinds of knees, joints, and bone problems to relax and ease the pain. The program is aimed at solving joint problems through physical exercises. 

The program can be taken up by anyone taking painkillers to reduce the pain or with bone-related problems that dither them from completing day-to-day activities. 

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What is Feel Good Knees Program? 

It is a 12 weeks long program that includes exercises and practice issues related to keen pain, inflammation in the bones and joints, postural misalignment, as well as cartilage degeneration. All these problems can be treated by taking the program, and results can be experienced within a few days of starting the program. 

The program is based on a series of physical therapies that are recommended by experts for treating joints and bone-related problems. The program uses the isometrics technique as it is gentle on joints and cartilage yet effective as a hard workout to improve tendons and muscles.  

The program is practical and effective if taken up religiously. The program is time-efficient as it starts showing the result within a few days of using it. All one needs to do is take up to five minutes every day to do the exercises as mentioned in the program and start enjoying a painless life. 

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Who Can Participate in the Feel Good Knees Program? 

This method is very suitable for men and women with knee pain, especially those who have crossed 45 years when tendons and joints naturally degenerate. 

This program is also perfect for those dependent on painkillers or tired of paying for expensive therapy sessions. 

The Feel Good Knees plan is user-friendly in that it may be implemented in less than five minutes every day for a 12-week duration. 

The strategy is divided into three parts, so the knees and tendons are not strained unless they are ready to take up the next challenging phase. 

Overall, the program is excellent for anyone seeking a straightforward, time-efficient, yet effective home plan for knee discomfort from a certified therapist. 

What Is Feel Good Knees? 

The program targets the three common causes of knee pain causes: 

Cellular Inflammation – The problem develops when the body responds to damaging stimuli or irritants, such as repetitive movements. 

Disproportionate postural misalignment can generate persistent stress on the joint of the knee by entirely offsetting its mechanics and loads. Obesity exacerbates this problem. 

Deterioration of cartilage is another cause of inflammation and pain. There is no unanimity that cartilage can regenerate. 

The “Feel Good Knees” program uses a basic isometrics plan to wean you off NSAIDs gradually. 

This theory comes from traditional Chinese medicine, which uses thousand-year-old therapeutic practices. These procedures showed that medicine is more than simply pills and surgery. 

The body’s potential to repair itself is undervalued or ignored in current Western medicine. Feel Good Knees is all about self-healing. 

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How Does the Feel Good Knees Program Work? 

The training is divided into three 2-week parts. The first two weeks are gentle, focusing on lowering discomfort and inflammation before moving on to a more vigorous strengthening phase. 

What is included in the Feel Good Knees Program? 

The Good Knees program is all about isometric exercises that work gently on the joints and bones to improve their wellbeing and reduce pain. Performing the exercises on a regular basis can make the keens workable and strong again. 

The program is smartly divided into three series. Each series is for a two-week duration. 

First Series: Pain Eliminator Series 

In this series, the focus is on reducing the pain by encouraging the participants to take part in the following exercise: 

  • Upwards Stretching is where the participant is encouraged to sit in a position to stretch the body upwards. 
  • Back bending and Stretching, in which the participant is encouraged to bend back and stretch the muscles. 
  • Pillow Squeezing Exercise in which the participant places a pillow in between the knees and puts pressure to squeeze them. 

Second Series: Knee Rejuvenation 

In this series, exercises are included to rejuvenate the bones, joints, and muscles. Following are some of the exercises a participant can expect to take part in: 

  • Towel pressing in a seated position in which the participant is required to sit on a floor with a rolled towel to press it down with the knees. 
  • Leg raise exercise in which the participant is required to sit down on the floor and raise legs. 
  • Lay down and squeeze the pillow between the knees. 

Third Series: Knee Renewal 

By the end of the second series, the joints, knees, muscles, and bones of the participant start to feel awesome again. In the third series, more rigorous exercises are included to strengthen the knees. In the third series, a participant can expect to perform the following exercises: 

  • Sitting down against a wall 
  • Sitting against a wall and squeezing a pillow in between the knees. 
  • Sitting in a reverse lunge position and shifting the body weight from front foot to back foot. 

The participants of the Feel Good Knees program are also offered two bonus programs 

  • One-Minute Rejuvenation Finishers and Video Library 
  • Postural Alignment Guide and Video Library 

The bonus programs are not really in line with the Feel Good Knees program. But, they are focused on helping people with bone-related problems to feel better. 

Is The Feel Good Knees Program Effective? 

The Feel Good Knees plan can be added to any existing program or done anywhere, anytime, even while on vacation. The approach is designed to help the body recover itself naturally while eliminating NSAIDs. 

Surprisingly, the Feel Good Knees approach helps restore proper postural alignment and even reverse cartilage degeneration, the underlying reasons for knee pain. 

The Feel Good Knees program basically harnesses the body’s natural capacity for self-healing while helping you wean off NSAIDs. 

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Feel Good Knees Pros & Cons 

Here are some of the pros and cons of the program: 

  • An expert-designed knee rehabilitation program: The program is designed by experts for quick and effective healing. Other online programs available on the internet through promises of results are not designed by experts. Through the Feel Good Knees program, the participants are guided by experts on carrying out each exercise. 
  • A simple template with 3 phases of advancement: The program is divided into easy to follow three series with ease series having a duration of two weeks. Each series addresses a different problem and is interlinked. Taking up the exercises series by series can help people have healthy knees, joints, bones, and muscles. 
  • Reduces inflammation, improves posture, and regenerates worn-out cartilage: The exercises mentioned in the program are effective in treating all types of bone-related problems that often require one to take medication to ease the pain. 
  • Instant digital download: The program is available in digital format. People interested in participating in the program can download it by visiting the official website. 
  • Physical DVDs: Participants are also provided with an option to have physical DVDs if they do not wish to use the online program. 
  • It saves you money: The Feel Good Knees program is a money saver as it doesn’t involve the high cost of therapists, surgery, and medication. The program costs are way less than its benefits. 
  • It saves money on therapists: People on the Feel Good Knees program don’t need to go to therapists as they are designed by experienced therapists only. The program is effective in easing joint pain
  • Reduces reliance on anti-inflammatory medicines: The program is designed to remove people from dependency on medications to ease the pain. 
  • You can do it from your own house: The program can be enrolled and worked on from the comfort of the home. One doesn’t have to go to therapists or centers to perform the exercise. 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee: The seller or creator of the program is offering a 60-day money-back guarantee as a token of proof of the program being effective and result-oriented. 

The only downside is that you must follow a plan for six weeks. This program is not for those who expect a rapid fix. 

How much does it cost? 

The Feel Good Knees is a downloadable program available for only $15. Todd Kuslikis, the program’s owner, is offering a discount on the program’s official website. Only the official website offers the program. 


Q. Is the program for pregnant women as well? 

A. The program is for people with all types of knee-related problems. However, pregnant women should consult doctors before participating in any type of physical workout. 

Q2. Is there any hidden cost? 

A. No, there are no hidden costs. People interested in the program can enroll themselves and get a digital version by visiting the official website. 

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