Kratom Tea – How to Prepare Mitragyna Speciosa Tea


Known as Mitragyna Speciosa in scientific circles, the Kratom tree is a member of the coffee plant family called Rubiaceae. Users have been taking it for centuries in Southeast Asia for medicinal and recreational purposes. Similar to coffee it offers certain stimulant qualities.  

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However, the Kratom plant has found its way to the West. Here, most people consume it in the form of tea. As a result, it’s very popular in the natural health community.  

Kratom is legal to buy and sell in most states. It has been shown to have beneficial analgesic properties. But, there have been a few murmurs about possible safety issues that come with taking certain Kratom-based products.  

To help you weed out the truth, we decided to do some digging. This way, we can bring you the facts about the effects of Kratom as well as any risks associated with it. Read on for more.  

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What is Kratom Tea? 

Kratom tea is arguably the most popular form of Kratom. This is because it’s made from pure Kratom tree leaves.  

This is an ancient way of preparing the Kratom leaves. You can also chew them straight from the tree, as Southeast Asian natives have done for thousands of years. Kratom mostly exhibits mild stimulant effects when taken in low doses. 

But, as you increase the dose, Kratom can have sedative effects. This makes it an effective analgesic comparable to the best opioids on the market.  

Although Kratom is illegal in a lot of the countries in which the tree grows naturally and abundantly, it has taken on an almost cult following in the West from people who consider it an excellent natural remedy. 

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The marketing behind Kratom tea is based on its efficacy as an herbal supplement with a number of benefits. It’s mostly available in online stores. But can also be found in natural food stores in the states where it’s legal.  

How to Prepare Kratom Tea 

If there’s one thing that kratom is famous for, is its unusual taste. That’s why it’s recommended to take it as a tea or along with other pleasant-tasting drinks and liquids.  

As such, most people prefer to add enhancements to the Kratom tea just to improve its taste. This includes things like lemon, cinnamon, sugar, and honey.  

Unlike other types of tea, it’s not recommended to steep Kratom tea in boiling hot water. This is because that would actually destroy the beneficial alkaloids that the plant is famous for. For best results, avoid boiling the tea for long periods of time and simmer it in a pot instead.  

Another thing you can do is start by boiling together all the other ingredients like your cinnamon stick and lemon in the pot. Then, you can pour Kratom powder afterwards into the hot but no longer boiling water. Wait for the tea to cool down before you drink it.  

This shouldn’t take more than 2 to 5 minutes, because you don’t want it to get cold, just cool down enough so it doesn’t burn your tongue.  

Where to Source Kratom 

It’s not easy to find Kratom. You have to do your research when looking for a vendor, but there are a few important things to keep in mind.  

For one thing, most online and natural food shops sell it in its dried herb form. Also, because of the misconceptions surrounding the Kratom plant as well as its iffy legal status, most natural food stores aren’t allowed to sell it.  

That’s why we recommend that you find a reliable, trusted, and reputable online store like The Golden Monk Store. They source their Kratom from straight from the source, ensuring that it’s manufactured ethically to avoid any contamination.  

Their Kratom is also tested by third-party labs to ensure purity and they’re more than happy to provide the test results if you as for them. 

The point is that you as a consumer have to take responsibility for vetting the Kratom before you buy it, because it’s not a regulated substance. The last thing you want is to buy Kratom that has been contaminated with unwanted substances. That’s when adverse side effects happen. So, be responsible!  

Advantages of Kratom Tea 

Here are some of the most common benefits of consuming Kratom tea:  

  1. Helps with Digestion 

Kratom tea has been shown to assist with indigestion symptoms such as constipation, bloating and/or stomach cramps.  

Unlike traditional constipation medicines, Kratom tea is an all-natural solution that doesn’t come with any harmful chemicals and additives.  

It actually addresses the cause of the issue in order to alleviate the symptoms.  

  1. Enhances Mood 

Kratom is a well-known stimulant among Southeast Asian natives.  

It has been shown to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, while promoting feelings of well-being and boosting mood. Kratom is also helpful at overcoming opiate addiction and has been used for that purpose.  

Even so, it’s illegal in most countries because in certain dosages, it can induce a certain “high” which is actually helpful at alleviating feelings of lethargy and sleepiness. In a nutshell, it’s a stimulant like coffee ‘but one that won’t make you crash afterward.  

  1. Relieves Chronic Pain 

Kratom tea does exhibit analgesic effects, although not as strongly as other intake methods, such as taking straight Kratom powder or chewing on the leaves directly.  

With that said, Kratom tea has been shown to be effective for headaches, body pain, and menstrual cramps. If the tea is too strong for your palate, you can add mix it with other types of health teas such as black tea or green tea, to hide its strong taste.  

You can also sweeten it with sugar or honey. The most important thing is to take it in the recommended doses and avoid overdoing it.  

  1. Good for Artificial Stimulation 

As mentioned, Kratom tea can be a great source of energy and stimulation.  

It can induce feelings of joy and wellness, thus helping you to power through the day without worrying about crashing later.  

  1. Boosts Your Energy 

As a stimulant, Kratom tea is a great pick me up. It has been shown to increase energy levels and boost mood, thus improving the motivation to get on with whatever dull or overwhelming tasks and duties you might have for the day.  

  1. Good for the Skin 

Although the scientific research on Kratom is scant, there are studies that suggest that consuming Kratom tea can over time, improve skin complexion and body composition.  

That’s because Kratom tea works with the body’s internal mechanics and enzymes to balance out the natural pH levels. This can play a huge role in eliminating things like dry skin.  

  1. Helps with Joint Pain 

A single gram of Kratom has been shown to effectively alleviate pain in the joints and muscles as well as getting rid of chronic headache pain.  

Those who’ve tried using Kratom for this purpose say that it’s fast-acting and very effective.  

  1. Improves Brain Functionality 

Thanks to Kratom’s stimulant effects, it can help with increasing focus, concentration, and alertness throughout the day.  

It can also be helpful at overcoming issues with cognitive function by improving brain function. Keep in mind that cognitive problems happen gradually over time. So it’s important to address them on a mental and physical level.  

Kratom can be a great help with regards to the physical response to the problem because it helps to improve brain capacity and power.  

For best results, it’s always a good idea to take Kratom tea at the early onset of the problem instead of waiting for it to fester. That way, you can address the symptoms and the underlying issue at once.  

Is Kratom Tea Safe to Use? 

Unfortunately, Kratom and its related products aren’t an approved substance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

This means that it cannot be formally prescribed for medicinal purposes. Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) considers Kratom a drug of “concern.” 

Regulations that seek to control the possession of Kratom exist in countries like Sweden, Romania, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, and Denmark.  

Kratom is also considered a narcotic and controlled under those ordinances in countries like Australia, Myanmar, and Malaysia. In New Zealand, Kratom is regulated under the country’s Medicines Amendment Regulations Act.  

The reason for the restriction of Kratom is due to the lack of scientific research and evidence to back the plant’s effectiveness.  

According to the scientific community, the thousands of years of successful and safe Kratom use by Southeast Asian natives is considered “anecdotal” evidence at best. It’s, therefore, not good enough to consider the substance as effective and safe for health use.  

With that said, it’s important to acknowledge that the National Poison Data system shows that over 2,312 Kratom users have reported adverse side-effects from taking the plant, thus leading to more suspicion of it.  

There’s also the danger of Kratom addiction which can happen due to misuse. There are currently 44 known cases of Kratom-related deaths due to the consumption of contaminated Kratom which has been combined with other, harmful substances.  

Unfortunately, this is mostly due to the FDA’s refusal to regulate Kratom as that would make it easier to regulate and monitor dosages and ensure purity. The lack of regulation makes it difficult to verify things like purity and effectiveness.  

Side Effects 

The known side-effects of Kratom consumption include:  

  1. Problems with the Stomach 

Stomach issues often ensue when taking Kratom, and these play out as symptoms such as gastritis, diarrhea and/or indigestion. 

  1. Allergic Reactions 

There are more than a few cases of people who report experiencing an allergic reaction to Kratom.  

Taking large doses or taking Kratom along with other substances seems to be the culprit behind many of these allergic reactions, which often come in the form of respiratory difficulties and skin allergies.  

  1. Could Cause Dry or Runny Nose 

It’s not uncommon for Kratom users to report experiencing a dry nose or a runny nose after consuming the plant.  

This side effect is shown as a withdrawal symptom in people who’ve been using Kratom for prolonged periods of time, which is never recommended.  

  1. Problems with Weight 

Kratom tea use can also induce weight gain or weight loss depending on the user’s constitution.  

However, weight-based effects often happen due to abnormal use of Kratom, and some people see it as a positive side-effect depending on what their weight goal is.  

  1. Causes Vomiting 

Although rare, vomiting is another possible side effect that can happen due to your body not agreeing with the effects of the tea.  

But, this differs from person to person and not all Kratom users report this side effect.  

  1. May Irritate You 

There have also been reports of Kratom users who experience irritation in the head, stomach, hands and/or feet after drinking the tea.  

This is another uncommon side-effect but it can happen when the Kratom is taken over long periods of time.  

It’s a sort of “withdrawal” symptom that the body exhibits when lower levels of Kratom are present in the body.  

This side-effect can also happen as a result of taking overly large doses or taking Kratom with drugs or substances that it doesn’t interact well with, i.e. substances that don’t complement its mechanism of action.  

Dosage Safety Precautions 

Based on the research that we have on hand, it’s safe to deduce that Kratom tea can cause certain adverse side-effects when utilized in certain ways.  

We’ve covered the most common of these side-effects in the section preceding this one which serves as a cautionary tale for any who would consider misusing the Kratom tree.  

One of the best ways to avoid the possibility of experiencing side-effects on Kratom is to start with the lowest dosage possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to alleviate depression, anxiety, or pain.  

If this is your first time taking Kratom, start with a small dose of 2 grams and work your way up slowly over time. It doesn’t help to rid yourself of one symptom only to take on another. The highest dose of Kratom you can take once your system has become acclimated to the point tolerance is 15 grams.  

Under no circumstances should you ever take more than 15 grams of Kratom. If possible, always stick with the lowest dose possible according to your unique tolerance, no matter how low.  

Is Kratom Tea Legal? 

Although legal in most states, Kratom isn’t the most popular substance in the United States. That’s because there are a lot of misconceptions about it because it’s unregulated and has mostly been relegated to the field of “alternative” medicine.  

Because the FDA doesn’t regulate Kratom, people are often recommended to avoid it, for fear of buying knock-offs or contaminated products.  

For best results, we recommend you purchase your Kratom online where it’s easier to find straightforward descriptions of what you’re buying.  

Otherwise, the average physician isn’t allowed to prescribe it, let alone describe it. Whereas, you can buy it online as a capsule or powdered supplement.  

It’s worth noting that Kratom is legal in five U.S. States – Wisconsin, Tennessee, Indiana, Arkansas, and Alabama, while 16 countries around the world consider it a controlled substance.  

Kratom Tea vs Kratom Capsules 

In light of all this information, you’re probably wondering why Kratom tea is taking the spotlight in this article. Well, Kratom tea is a great way to take the herb in a more laidback and leisurely manner.  

It’s comforting and you can blend it with different flavors to make a whole experience of it. Capsules, on the other hand, are convenient, easy to take, and naturally mask the herb’s bitter taste.  


There’s no denying that Kratom is one of the most captivating yet mysterious substances in the world today.  

Similar to marijuana not too long ago, it has obvious health benefits. Yet, due to a lack of regulation and research, it’s frowned upon by the establishment.  

With that said, you can still access pure, unadulterated, and effective Kratom products from reliable online vendors like Golden Monk Store.  

Just make sure to do your own due diligence and don’t take our word for it!  

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