Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics for Love & Career Insights


Getting help from the best online psychics in the country can help one to find the right path in their life. A good psychic will help you find the right way – by connecting with them on a spiritual level, the user will be able to explore themselves thoroughly. Booking a free psychic reading online and getting advice from an expert could give a person a new insight perspective. The internet has proven advantageous again – anyone can easily find an online psychic and book a free psychic reading. Bring back the happiness you lost and gain back control in your life. Taking a peek into their inner self can work wonders for a person. 

Every person faces issues in their personal and professional life; from family pressure to work stress, many factors pitch in to make our daily lives problematic. When it seems like there is no way to go forward, having a guide to help you move forward could immensely boost your confidence. Seek the help of the best psychics in the country by booking a free psychic reading online, a person can find a solution for the anxieties pestering them. With online psychics, no one feels the nervousness of meeting a new person face-to-face. 

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Countless websites offer online psychic and tarot reading services. A user can even get a reading by phone if they contact the right website. Many may doubt these services and have skeptical views. But, before you give in to the widespread opinion, listen to us! Online psychics come with a high recommendation – the websites they work for check their background and credentials thoroughly. Anyone can check thousands of reviews before booking a free psychic reading. 

If you are new to online psychic readings and tarot readings, do not worry! After reading this article, anyone will be able to choose the right online psychic firm for them as per their expectations and needs. From psychic medium to love psychics, a customer will be able to discover a wide variety of experts online! Explore different websites with us and seek the advice of an expert to start healing. With our expert reviews, a person will be able to understand the workings of these sites; this enables anyone to opt for the one that will fit their needs perfectly. Read on further and find the websites on which a user can book a free psychic reading immediately! 

Best Online PsychicReadings Services 

Given below are some of the most recommended online psychic sites that are known for their customer satisfaction and quality service. Any person can easily book a free psychic reading on one of these websites! 

  • Kasamba–Top Rated Psychics, Truthful and Accurate Readings at Low Rates 

Kasamba: Assured Customer Satisfaction And Affordable Prices

Note-worthy Features: With the mobile app, get any number of readings done on the go! 50% off for newbies and the first 3 minutes are free – get a free psychic reading with any psychic on the site. 

Pros: A wide variety of options and experts to choose from. Highly recommended for those who want to have a reading done through chat or email. 

Cons: No option for a video call – psychic reading is only done via text, mail, or phone call. 

If you are looking for a website that will offer an array of services besides psychic reading, along with a free psychic reading online, then Kasamba is here! With over 20 years of experience in this field, Kasamba has catered to a wide range of audiences over the years and has made millions of customers happy. The catch with Kasamba is that anyone can have a free psychic reading with the psychic of their choice for the first 3 minutes! After that, if a user feels that they can feel a connection with a particular psychic, they can per-minute rates, which are very much reasonable and affordable. 

Relationships are always hard work, but they are the anchor that keeps us afloat in this busy world. But sometimes, we face issues with our loved ones and are confused over what to do next. There are a lot of psychics and specialists who are known for their specialty in love and other relationship-related situations that come with great reviews available on this site. Looking for some personal advice on how to spice up the romance? Book a free psychic love reading with a psychic online Kasamba today!  

With Kasamba, a customer can meet with top-notch professionals who have had many years of experience. They can also check out the ratings and reviews they have received by visiting their profile. Kasamba’s homepage is designed so that users can access and utilize their services comfortably. There is a small grid allocated for each psychic – a person can see some of the top-rated psychics available to chat. This grid will contain the most needed information about the psychic – their speciality, a small description about them, the rate they cost their customers, and the number of reviews they have gotten over the years. This feature will help the user to know the basic details just in one glance. 

Before someone visits their website, these are some interesting facts and details to know about Kasamba: 

  • Kasamba specializes in various fields – not just psychic readings Kasamba also excels in tarot readings, love psychology, dream interpretation, astrology, runes, etc. 
  • A user can contact the most reputable psychics from across the globe, 24/7. Any person can also download the Kasamba app and find answers to their questions anywhere and anytime. 
  • Kasamba assures its customers of authenticity. They are known for their excellent psychics and this is because they hire only seasoned professionals. 
  • The best part about booking a free psychic reading with Kasamba is that they guarantee customer satisfaction. If a customer is not happy with their first reading, they can immediately request a refund of their money. 

Kasamba ensures its customers of 100% anonymity. The customers’ payments are secure with their special encryption. A user’s personal data is kept confidential and they need not worry about their details getting leaked. Kasamba lets a user avail free psychic readings by phone and to get in touch with chat psychics. The advantage of chatting or mailing a psychic is that it gives the user the cushioning of getting to know them before they start their session. This will help to forge a strong bond between the psychic and their customer, which in turn results in great outcomes. Do you wish to book a free psychic reading? You can visit Kasamba today! 

When a person signs up with Kasamba, they are given access to some more excellent features that the website offers, apart from the free psychic reading that everyone can access. This includes special offers and discounts, which a user can apply and have their payment reduced. There are also certain perks, like access to paranormal topics and palm readings. 

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Keen Psychics: With Their Intuitive Guidance, Discover Your Inner Potential

Note-worthy Features: Get the first three minutes of psychic reading free as a new customer. Well-known for expertise in fortune telling, tarot reading, and relationship advice. 

Pros: The user can get 10 minutes of psychic reading at prices as low as $1.99 if they are a new member. 100% anonymity guaranteed; fully guaranteed confidential readings. 

Cons: The search option is not very effective, no video call option available. 

A person might be facing troubles in their life. They may feel lost without a guiding power and might be confused and conflicted about what to do next. This is why we suggest Keen Psychics for everyone. A very well-known psychic website, Keen caters to a wide range of audiences with the help of different types of psychics and psychic readings. Many online psychics on Keen have specialized in various fields – a user can find several reputed empaths, psychic mediums, clairvoyants, tarot readers, etc. A customer can even avail a free psychic reading for the first three minutes they have a reading on this website! 

Keen offers a simplistic website layout that enables one to browse and select the kind of service they want without much strain. There is a filter on Keen’s homepage – there are 3 basic filters that help one to find the appropriate fit for them. The user can filter on the basis of the psychic’s specialty, the method of communication, and the rate per minute. When you visit their homepage, you’ll find a list of preferred psychics. On this list, a person will be able to spot their name, their specialty, and a small bio that the psychic has written about themselves. One can also find a few other details like how long the psychic has been working on Keen, the number of reviews the psychic has gotten through the years, their average star rating out of 5, and the price they charge per minute. 

One can find psychics for as low as $1.99/ minute to $10/minute, and they can select the ones that they find affordable. A new member can also avail a splendid offer – register with Keen and get 10 minutes of psychic reading online for an unbelievable price of $1.99! Another catch with Keen is that the first three minutes on Keen are free when you are a new customer. So, make sure to choose a psychic who fits your needs and book a free psychic reading today!  

Keen boasts that it has given over 35 million readings in the past 20 years that they have been operating as a top-notch psychic site. Some of the most popular services that are available at Keen are:  

  • Psychic Readings 
  • Psychic Mediums 
  • Life Questions 
  • Tarot Readings 
  • Financial Outlook 

There are several live psychics available on the website and a user will be able to contact them almost at all times of the day. Sign up with Keen and get a free psychic reading as soon as possible! 

With Keen, one can book for either psychic readings by phone or find chat psychics if they feel that they won’t be comfortable contacting a psychic and call them on the first go. If a person is looking for someone who will guide them through the complexities of love and relationships, then they’ll be able to find many love psychics. With the special offer that Keen provides, anyone can also book a free psychic love reading! Keen assures its customers of 100% satisfaction and anonymity. 

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Psychic Source – Unearth Peace And Goodness With The Best Psychics 

Note-worthy Features: Money guaranteed back if the user is not satisfied with a reading. Particularly recommended for users who want the best tarot readings.  

Pros: Special tool to navigate through hundreds of psychics and find. Authentic readings and 24/7 guaranteed customer service. Get a free psychic reading – first 3 minutes free for a new customer. 

Cons: Rates might be too pricey when the introductory offers are over. 

Offering trustworthy psychic services for over 30 years, Psychic Source remains one of the most sought-after websites for psychic reading online. There are also various methods of communication through which one can contact an online psychic – they can chat, call, or have a video call with them. When a person is feeling low and their problems are suffocating them, a psychic reading could help them immensely. Book an online psychic reading for as low as $1/minute on Psychic Source and get a free psychic reading – the first three minutes are free! 

Psychic Source is very famous for its tarot readings. They have world-class tarot readers who are powerful and versatile – getting a tarot reading through a phone call will be as effective as having a reading in person. From relationship drama to spiritual fulfillment, one can contact their expert tarot readers for any kind of tarot reading. Psychic Source also offers free tarot readings, so grab this opportunity and explore your destiny with the help of accurate tarot readings! 

On this site, a customer will be able to find several psychics who have trained intensively in a few concentrated fields.  

  • Career Psychic – When one is facing a dilemma with anything regarding their work and business, a career psychic will be able to show them the right path to choose. 
  • Love Psychic – The matters of the heart are not easy to decipher. Love psychics can help a person clear their head when it comes to loved ones and relationships. 
  • Pet Psychic – We all love our pets and consider them a part of our family. A pet psychic can communicate with one’s pet on their behalf and serve as a contact between both. 
  • Clairvoyant – A clairvoyant helps a user to tap into their inner potential and energies. They will sense things that are not recognized commonly and help one to perceive their goals. 

Psychic Source stands out when it comes to the selection of their psychics – they make sure to select only the best and most talented psychics, mediums, love psychics, and many others who have multiple specializations. The homepage of Psychic Source is calm and soothing; their layout is neat and helps one choose the perfect type of psychic for them conveniently. A user will be able to see a few psychics on the homepage and it showcases the particular psychic’s customer rating and the price they cost per minute. Many specific filters let a person narrow down to the most precise selection they want. Want to book a free psychic reading? Hurry up to Psychic Source now! 

Psychic Source also provides the user with a unique navigation tool. All they have to do is answer a few questions and it will guide them to the psychic who will be a perfect match for them! One can also get a free psychic reading on Psychic Source! Get the first three minutes of a psychic reading totally free when you are a new customer! A customer can also avail many offers and coupons and get up to a 75% discount on their online psychic reading. 

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California Psychics – Find Serenity And Happiness With The Most Reliable Psychics

Note-worthy Features: Hand-picked Psychics and Clairvoyants who create a deep connection with the user and provide them with the best solutions. 

Pros: Convenient packages that start from rates as low as $1/minute for new customers, daily horoscope to brighten up anyone’s day. 

Cons: There is no assurance for a refund of money in case the customer is not satisfied with the reading. 

California Psychics has been in this field for a long time – 25 long years have helped them to establish a reputed firm. The reason for their reputation is the quality of the psychics they partner with – California Psychics claim that they only select 2 out of every 100 applicants that apply to them, thus only choosing the best psychics. Certain coupons will even let a user have a free psychic reading! 

If a person is looking for an expert with whom they can discuss their personal affairs, their relationships, or their work-related concerns, then there is a high chance that they will find the right psychic with California Psychics. They offer a wide array of psychic readings – tarot readings, astrology readings, and many more. If the user wants to get in touch with a psychic medium to discuss their issues, they’ll be able to find the right one in California Psychics. This site also specializes in psychic readings by phone, so a customer can book readings with free psychics and connect via a call.  

One of the biggest perks that California Psychics offers is its unique pricing system that consists of three packages.  

  • Popular Psychic – At $1/minute for new customers, this package allows a person to contact California Psychics Certified psychics and mediums. It is an affordable package for people who are new to the concept of psychic reading online. 
  • Preferred Psychic – Priced at $2/minute for new customers and $6.50/minute for old ones, this pack connects a customer with a psychic who has had a minimum of 5 years of experience with California Psychics. These psychics have an average of 12,000 readings. 
  • Premier Psychic – A user can book a reading with these incredible psychics at a starting rate of $4/minute – that is a special offer for the new customers. The psychics who come under this package have worked an average of 7 years with California Psychics. 

On its homepage, California Psychics offers the user with its popular and active psychics who are ready for a booking. Along with their picture, basic information like the psychic’s status and the rate they collect are displayed. A person can also see a small description of the psychics and their specialties. There is also a special feature that allows a customer to like someone’s profile; this way, they can book a psychic reading online with this professional later. 

The website is immaculate – the filter option allows a user to narrow down the exact psychic they want. There are five bases on which a person can apply the filters -  

  • The price, 
  • The topics that they want to discuss,  
  • The special tools they will be using during the psychic reading, 
  • The ability of the psychic, like clairvoyance, dream analyzing, etc. and 
  • The style in which the psychic approaches the customer 

Another superior feature of California Psychics is that they keep the client-psychic interactions in perfect confidence. Over 6 million users have benefitted from this site and this has been possible only because of their devoted service to their customers. The customer service of the platform is active 24/7 on all days, including holidays. When a person is feeling tumultuous and indecisive, they will need the guidance of an expert. This expert will follow several methods and conduct a psychic reading, thus reading their future and helping them to make the right decision! Anyone can find many live psychics and phone psychics here and connect with them at any time of the day. With California Psychics, find the peace and serenity you deserve with the help of reputed specialists. 

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Online Psychic Readings And How They Work: 

The pandemic has rendered us all speechless and helpless. During these stressful times, we all need some consolation and positivity to look forward to. At some point in our lives, we all would have considered visiting a psychic. Now that the global pandemic has put a stop to that, anyone can easily find comfort by booking a free psychic reading online. Many people remain skeptical of online psychics – after all, how does one trust someone who they have just met on the internet and seek help?  

This is where the websites that offer psychic reading online step in. The websites mentioned above are known for their authenticity and any customer can be guaranteed that all their data and the information they share during a psychic reading session will be kept in complete confidentiality. Thousands of users have been remarkably impressed with online psychic readings – these have been as effective as a reading that is held in person. Meeting a psychic online gives a person several advantages: they can easily learn about their experience and service by looking at their profile and customer ratings. Instead of forming a deep connection with someone they have just met in person, they can get to know these online psychics and then book a separate appointment for a free psychic reading. If you are looking to have a free psychic reading, then visit the websites that we have reviewed. 

When one is going for a psychic reading online, they get to experience the serenity of the reading in their personal space. This gives them the advantage of being at home, literally and metaphorically, and by doing so, the reading sessions will prove to be more effective. A user can connect with the psychic and have psychic phone readings by calling. If someone feels that they will not be comfortable contacting a psychic by a call on the first go, then they can find chat psychics and have a conversation with them. As one grows confident with them, they can even have a video session with them. 

Psychics are special, and this is because of their perception and the ability to sense a person’s aura. During a psychic reading, the psychic understands and explores the capabilities and capacities of the said person and offers them advice based on what they need. The internet plays a crucial role in this process – a local psychic might not possess a myriad of capabilities or all the tools required to do the type of reading you want. But with online psychics, one does not have this issue. If a person is not satisfied with one psychic, they can easily browse through a psychic website for another one and inspect their experience. This way, they will be able to find the best psychics in the country easily and book a free psychic reading with them by using the websites mentioned above. 

Perks Of Booking A Free Psychic Reading Online: 

  • Reputed and best psychics 

With the websites we have prescribed for you, you’ll be able to find hundreds of accomplished psychics who have had several years of experience in this field. 

  • Variety of services 

Your local psychic might only offer you one kind of psychic reading service. But when one searches online, they can easily access different types of psychic readers who are qualified in various psychic forms like tarot readings, love readings, astrology, etc. 

  • No need for travel 

As said before, an online psychic reading will give a user the comfort of staying at their home. They can be relaxed, thus making their minds calm. This will be beneficial for both the user and the psychic, and the reading will take place more effectively. 

  • Any time, anywhere 

Most psychic websites provide you with 24/7 online services, so it is easy to contact a psychic at any time of the day. A customer can also connect with them from anywhere – all they need is a good internet connection. 

  • Anonymity 

When a person books a free psychic reading online, they remain anonymous. Their information is kept secure; one need not worry about a data leak. 

  • First experience 

As your first reading is possibly going to cost you nothing, you’ll get a glimpse of how a psychic reading online works. So, hurry up and book your first free psychic reading with one of these websites today! 

Some Points To Remember When Booking A Free Psychic Reading: 

Even though several websites are known for their excellent and authentic customer service, there is still a chance that you could experience some discomfort or unsatisfactory readings. One can check the points given below and make sure that they get the best out of the free psychic reading they book on one of these websites. 

Customer Reviews 

Before booking a free psychic reading online on any website, make sure that the website has good customer feedback and reviews. The same applies to the psychic you are about to choose one great advantage of booking a psychic reading online is the customer rating – it lets you know about the reputation of the psychic and the type of service they offer. 

Secured Payments 

All the websites we have reviewed use safe payment methods that secure the personal data of the user who is paying. Always make sure that your bank details and card details are safe so that your details do not get leaked illegally. 


Do not go for a psychic just because the site deems them popular. Always explore a psychic’s profile and get to know the type of services they offer and the style of reading they do. Just because they are popular and have good ratings doesn’t mean that their style will fit your needs. So, value your needs and preferences, choose the right psychic for you and book a free psychic reading. This point is important because the outcome of a psychic reading depends on the strength of the connection one forms with the psychic. 


Before a customer proceeds to their reading, they should get ready with a bank of questions that they want to ask the psychic. By doing so, one can save a lot of time and money. 


Like any other experience, a free psychic reading online will also have its drawbacks. Do not expect instantaneous results and changes in your life. All good things take time. So follow the advice that the psychic has given you and have a positive mindset. 


Who is a psychic and what do they do? 

A psychic taps into a person’s hidden senses and recognizes energies that are not visible to everyone. This way, they help their customers to solve their past, present, and future. 

Are online psychic readings helpful? 

Yes. When a person connects with a psychic online, the psychic will be able to sense their aura and help them to find the solutions to their problems. Sometimes, online readings are more effective than readings that are conducted in person. 

How can I get my free psychic reading? 

Several websites like Kasamba and Keen Psychics offer you free psychic reading online. You can know more about the terms and conditions by reading our detailed review. 

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