Sonavel Review – Legit Hearing Support Formula or Scam Tinnitus Pills?


Aging comes with so many deficiencies and loss of activeness of so many organs in the body. Old people tend to suffer from eyesight issues, hearing issues, painful walks, amnesia due to a reduction in brain and memory health. 

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Many old people suffer from the inability to hear effectively or recall things, which is difficult and challenging most times for those who are left to take care of them. Recently, it is not just the old that suffers from hearing problems anymore. A large number of young people use devices like air pods and an earpiece that gradually damages the ear. Firstly, it will be advisable at this stage to control the use of these devices as well as the volume while in use. 

For people suffering from brain and hearing problems, there is a supplement that can aid and support the maintenance of brain and hearing health. This supplement is known as Sonavel. 

This review will be covering everything a prospective user needs to know about this amazing supplement called Sonavel. 

What is Sonavel? 

Sonavel is a 100% naturally formulated supplement that detoxifies and maintains brain and hearing health. The supplement is built with some very vital ingredients that aids in living a healthy lifestyle. 

Health maintenance requires a series of support and Sonavel is one of the supplements that was carefully made to enhance healthy living. Sonavel does not cure hearing deficiencies for those that suffer from it or make them hear better than they do. Rather the supplement helps prevent the problem from starting. 

The producers of the product, according to the official website, stated that the formulas used in the production of the supplement would help in boosting brain health through enhancing the communications of cells in the body. This will then help in controlling brain fatigue that might affect the brain. 

The supplement also focuses on curbing inflammation around the body because hearing loss can either be triggered by physical encounters like extreme loud noises that affect and leads to inflammation of the ear which in turn cause people to suffer from a reduction in their hearing ability. 

Sonavel is a supplement made with carefully selected ingredients that could aid adequate inflammation, which makes it easier for the ears to be active. The fascinating thing about this supplement is its ability to boost other cognitive problems attached to inflammation effectively. The supplement not only focuses on the ears but can also target brain inflammation to boost general cognition. 

This is a supplement that has been scientifically proven to aid brain and hearing health, not cure, and the supplement provides the users with needed vitamins and minerals that can boost the hearing organ, brain health, and the overall wellness of the body.  

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Ingredients Articulated to Make Sonavel Supplement  

For transparency and clarity, the supplement reveals the overall ingredients used in the production. Sonavel is said to contain four major ingredients that help the brain and hearing. These four key ingredients are combined with lots of vitamins and minerals to make it more efficient. 

The three main groups of Sonavel supplement ingredients are: 

  • Vitamins: vitamins are essential to body organs, and this amazing formula contains a mixture of vitamin B of carefully measured quantities of daily recommended doses. 
  • Minerals: the supplement also contains potassium and magnesium required for daily consumption in order to maintain a good healthy life. 
  • Plant Extracts: Sonavel supplement includes some herbal extracts like garlic, hibiscus flower, hawthorn berry, etc. that contain helpful substances that stand as a support system for normal inflammation in the body. 

The producers make use of brown rice flour to pinion all the formulas together and use gelatin to make the capsules. 

The following are a list of the complete ingredients used in producing Sonavel hearing support supplement: 

  • 800mcg of folate (Daily value of 200%) 
  • 200mg of garlic bulb extracted from the finest cloves of garlic 
  • 200mg of hawthorn berry 
  • 350mg of hibiscus flower 
  • 200mg of magnesium (Daily value of 48%) 
  • 200mg of potassium (Daily value of 48%) 
  • 1.2mg of riboflavin which is also known as vitamin B2 ( Daily value of 92%) 
  • 140mg of rosemary 
  • 1.7mgof vitamin B6 ( Daily value of 100%) 

These ingredients are essential and advantageous to the body, vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, magnesium that could help with hearing loss caused by noise. Research shows that vitamins contain antioxidants that combat inflammation and equilibrate free radicals. 

Sonavel does not contain vitamins A, C, or E, high in antioxidants. Rather, it contains Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), B6, and folate, which is another B vitamin because Vitamin Bs are known to aid brain health and are connected to boosting energy.   

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Benefits of Adding Sonavel as a Daily Health Supplement 

Some of the benefits of adding Sonavel as a daily supplement are: 

  • Ability to aid hearing: This supplement helps in maintaining hearing health as people grow older. It does not cure hearing inabilities. 
  • The supplement is 100% Natural: Sonavel is guaranteed to be 100% natural which automatically makes it healthy. The supplement does not contain any harmful artificial ingredients. 
  • The Supplement Improves Brain Health: Because this supplement contains ingredients that help revitalize the body and enhance communication among the cells in the body and curb brain fatigue, it benefits users. 
  • Overall activeness and Wellness: Sonavel helps boost vitality and energy needed throughout the body to carry out daily responsibility, which causes inflammation to body organs. Imagine being active, feeling energized daily with active hearing and thinking even while getting older. 

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How to use Sonavel Supplement? 

The daily dosage of this supplement is two (2) capsules daily which should be taken at one dose. The supplement should be taken 20-30 minutes before a meal and should be consumed with an adequate quantity of clean water for desired results. Users should not exceed the recommended dose. 

This supplement should be used by older adults and not at all for people below 18 years of age because they are the categories of persons who might be experiencing hearing loss and brain/cognitive problems as it is a natural phenomenon.  

According to the official website, Sonavel is not meant to treat, prevent or cure any disease, and pregnant or nursing mothers should consult their physicians before adding the supplement to their drug routine. 

How can Sonavel Supplement be purchased and how much is the supplement Sold? 

The only place to currently purchase this hearing supplement is on the official website. The prices are of different ranges that come with some discount and attached benefits that can only be enjoyed when the product is gotten within the period of the promo prices. 

The current prices per quantities are listed below: 

  • Try one 30 day supply: normal price – $176, discount price – $69 per bottle + Paid Shipping.  
  • Best Value 180 day supply at $49 per bottle: normal price – $1056, discount price – $294 + Free US Shipping. Saving up $762. 
  • Popular 90 day supply at $59 per bottle: normal price – $528, discount price $177 + Free US Shipping. Saving up $351. 

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Does Sonavel have any Money Back Guarantee? 

The answer to this question is yes! 

To ensure the comfort of the clients and the effectiveness of the products, buyers are secured with the 100% money-back guarantee, which will last for 60 days after the supplement is purchased. Users who feel that the product is not giving the desired results within the money-back period can return the product by easily dialing the toll-free number or sending an email. 

The money used in the purchase of the supplement will be refunded fully, and this will take a maximum of 48 hours to process from the time the product is returned. 

Sadly, there will be no refunds once the 60 days period elapses. 

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Some Frequently Asked Questions by users and Prospects 

Many people ask lots of questions before buying a supplement that is highly necessary and required because health issues are vital. Here are some FAQs by some prospects: 

Am I too old to take Sonavel Supplement 

The answer is no! After taking this product, clients who have given positive feedback are adults in their late 30s to early 40s down to 70s.  

How safe is Sonavel Supplement?  

Sonavel is very safe and healthy to consume, taking into cognizance all the 100% natural vitamins, minerals, and herbal extract used in producing the supplement, which is highly beneficial to the body. There are tons of feedback received from clients, and none is negative. 

It is a supplement produced in the USA under intensive supervision and approval. 

What is the duration of getting the supplement shipped? 

Supplements are shipped using the premium carrier, FedEx or UPS guarantees to ship to the US or Canada within 5 – 7 days from the day the product was ordered, and this is specifically during working days. International orders take about 8 to 15 days which will include customs clearance time. 

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Customer Testimonial 

Jennifer ~ Cracking up jokes and not understanding has bothered me a lot; it has affected my self-esteem. I am 48, and I was losing my hearing capabilities, and it was giving me stress and anxiety. I tried a lot of therapies, expensive hearing aids and medicines, but none worked. I was desperate, and then I got to know about Sonavel. It is a lifesaver. After consuming the capsules, I could tell the difference. I can hear without any difficulty, and Sonavel has treated me with getting rid of anxiety, stress and hearing loss. 

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Sonavel is not just any kind of supplement; it is a 100% natural supplement that aids vital organs in the body due to all the vitamins, minerals, herbal, and plant extracts used in producing the supplement. 

This supplement aids in enhancing the capabilities of the brain and supports hearing, it also contributes to the general wellness of the body. The product is highly recommended to be added to the daily supplement for health maintenance and support. 

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